Saturday, December 20, 2014

Musclemania® Pro Simeon Panda on achieving your dream physique. He says, “I train 7 days a week, workouts no longer than 1.5 hours (don’t really need much more than that). I’ve been training for around 13 years. It’s part of my career now but was built while going through schooling and a 9-5 job just like everyone else. Why am I telling you this? So you know your dream physique is completely achievable if you invest the time required to build it.”
“When I say ‘your’ dream physique I truly mean the best of your unique structure. We all have to work with what we have. Aspiring to the zeal and ambition of others is fine but we cannot all look alike we are individuals. Look in the mirror, that is the champion. That is the winner. Make it happen!”
At 6′, 210 lbs., Adnan Ali says he’s trained for symmetry for the past 5 years. The 25 year old Pakistani trainer continues his journey and is training for Musclemania® Asia next season.  He’s qualified to compete at MM Universe and MM World in Miami and Las Vegas, respectively, but he’s been denied a US visa 3 times. “I’m not giving up,” Adnan asserts.  “It’s my dream to compete in America.”  But for now, expect to see Adnan on stage in Singapore in September.
Greek natural bodybuilder Kwnstantinos Badidos has won both of his two competitions. The 5’8″, 195 lbs., 25 year old, former National Swimming Champion says its where he got his training discipline. “I swam for 16 years, nearly everyday,” Kwnstantinos explains. “I Ioved it and was really competitive. Now, I am putting the same drive and ambition into bodybuilding.” Kwanstantinos works in a sports nutrition store in Athens and says he uses whey protein, BCAA,pre-workout, omega-3, fat burners, CLA, multi-vitamins and glutamine. “I am completely drug free and never used any steroids or GH. I am crazed with natural bodybuilding and want to compete at Musclemania® shows in Europe and America.”
New Musclemania® America Physique Champion Dong Yeob Jo created a new definition for “lean”. The 5’11″, 195 lbs., 25 year old, Korean personal trainer’s weight has not changed over the past 2 years of competing but his condition has improved in every appearance.
The United States Congress just passed the Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act (DASCA) of 2014. President Obama is expected to sign DASCA into law after a House version of the legislation was passed last Thursday on the Senate floor by unanimous consent. The legislation empowers the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to crack down on dangerous substances that resemble anabolic steroids on DEA’s current list of controlled substances and that have been marketed as dietary supplements.
DASCA will place 25 known designer anabolic steroids on DEA’s list of controlled substances and grants the U.S. Attorney General authority to temporarily schedule new designer anabolic steroids on the same list. The legislation also creates new penalties for distributing, importing or manufacturing anabolic steroids under false labels, lawmakers said.
DEA assisted in crafting the bill, including identifying the 25 new substances on the list. Although the performance-enhancing substances will fall under Schedule III of the Controlled Substances Act, none of them have medicinal benefits, a DEA spokesperson said.
A Senate bill was sponsored by Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah). Reps. Frank Pallone (D-New Jersey) and Joe Pitts (R-Pennsylvania) introduced legislation in the House. The Senate passed H.R. 4771 on Thursday, Dec. 11.
Hatch and Whitehouse have said anabolic steroids are made by reverse engineering illegal steroids and slightly changing their chemical composition, avoiding placement on DEA’s list of controlled substances.
“The world’s top athletes are subject to strict guidelines and rigorous testing to prevent the use of steroids, as they should be,” Whitehouse said Friday in a statement. “At the same time, many American citizens may be unknowingly dosing themselves with these harmful substances.”
DEA has authority to place steroids and other substances on its list of controlled substances, but it must go through an arduous and potentially years-long process that requires the consent of the U.S. Department of Human Health and Services (HHS) through FDA. For instance, DEA this year moved hydrocodone combination products from Schedule III to Schedule II after receiving the recommendation of HHS. But that rule was published 15 years after a physician filed a petition with DEA requesting reclassification, citing the potential for abuse of the products.
DASCA grants the Attorney General authority to temporarily schedule additional anabolic steroids that have recently emerged if he makes certain findings. DEA must notify HHS of such an order. The Attorney General also has authority to publish a list of products that he has determined contain an anabolic steroid and are not labeled in accordance with federal law.
That section narrowly defines anabolic steroids, homing in on products that are marketed to promote muscle growth or a pharmacological effect similar to testosterone. A substance that is not on the controlled substances list is excluded from the definition of anabolic steroids if it is an herb or other botanical, the substance is a dietary ingredient under the Federal, Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C), and it is not anabolic or androgenic. But a company that claims an exemption bears the burden of proof claiming it.
Former Musclemania® World Champion Genaro Alvarado was one of the best natural bodybuilders ever to step on stage. The 5’5″, 170 lbs., Mexican native was introduced to bodybuilding by his 7 older brothers, all of whom were active weight lifters. Genado develop a heavily muscled and perfectly symmetrical physique but, unfortunately, retired from competitive bodybuilding 2 years ago.
Musclemania® Pro Julian Navarro holding his own 3 weeks after competing at MM World Pro. The 5’7″, 185 lbs., 24 year old lifetime natural athlete says, “So far a productive offseason. The gains are coming and I am still able to see great detail in my obliques. My abs not so much. But as long as I can see detail in either one, I am happy!”
Musclemania® Pro Burkley Goss looking fuller, leaner and contest ready . . . but his show was 3 weeks ago! The 5’8″, 211 lbs., South African natural bodybuilder says, “I am so much leaner than the show. I’ve stuck to my diet but kept eating, clean of course. Me and Henry Adell agreed we should diet all the way down. My training is twice a day. I’m focused on heavy compound movements. My diet is higher protein with carbs fluctuating, carb cycling but more like macro cycling.”
Musclemania® Paris Physique Short Class Champion Raquieb Balaydin has stayed super lean since the October show. The 5’7″, 180 lbs., Dutch trainer says, “I am keeping it tight. I haven’t let up on my diet because its really part of my life. Eating clean has become easy, it just is.” Raquieb says he’s plans for next season include the Universe in June in Florida.
He’s been competing since he was 17 years old, but Jesus Villanueva plans to come into his own next season. The 5’11″, 190 lbs., 20 year old student has consistently added size and conditioned his muscle. “I’ve been eating a lot more disciplined and it shows,” Jesus says. “Supplements are expensive here in Mexico, so I focus more on eating right and it works.” Jesus will be in stage at Musclemania® Mexico in May
Musclemania® America Physique Top 5 Finalist Osei Bonsu barreled into the show with the energy of a first timer. The 6′, 185 lbs., 28 year old US Navy sailor got hooked in the gym from his dad who he calls a “Gym Rat Father.” Osei is working on his bachelors degree but that will on a temporary hold as he’s being deployed in a couple of weeks.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

With just three shows experience, Musclemania® America Physique Champion Perry Hoskin is shaking up the sports model muscle scene. The 5’11″, 185 lbs. barber says its become his new passion. “I have a couple of entrepreneur endeavors which all have taken a back seat to my training. I really want to enter the fitness field. I’ve stopped personal training to work on me for no pay. But it’s my passion for sure. I played amateur and semi pro football for years then left to play arena football in Salt Lake City and cracked my sacrum before the season even started. So I came home to Texas and working out took the place of my football games.”
Raghu Ramappa is a popular figure in the Bangalore, India film industry and won Musclemania® India LW Championships last weekend. He says “I was always a hardcore enthusiast of bodybuilding. My Dad was a competitive bodybuilder and I wanted to follow his footsteps. I was in the industry and competing for four years, until 2006. But being natural and trying to win shows where ‘enhanced’ freaks competer is was close to impossible. I was distraught and gave up on competing. But when I recently learned about MM and natural bodybuilding was coming to India, it gave me hope. I’ve been training harder than ever to get back into prime form. And thanks to my Dad, my biggest inspiration, who at 62 years recently won a local competition, I’ve managed to win my first show after 8 years! My Dad is still in the reality television show ‘Big Boss’ (in India) and we haven’t spoken in months. He doesn’t even know the result yet. When he asked the television crew to call me, they refused and the entire state of Karnataka was shocked to see him break down on live television. He was always known to be a strong person, so this came as a shock and I couldn’t sleep all night. The ZEE TV network said it was to surprise him later when we get my pictures and complete posing routines. I hope to get them soon so he can celebrate my victory.”
Just a week after returning from Los Angeles, Musclemania® Pro Ulisses is looking like he’s ready for another show. The 5’11″, 195 lbs., London based legend will start the New Year endorsing Isolabs Nutrition. Ulisses will also make appearances at FIBO, Rimini Wellness and other European sports expos.
Musclemania® Paris Junior & Overall Champion Deelan Duriez (R) was a complete surprise to everyone at the show. Seen here being congratulated by MM Pro Simeon Panda (L), the 5’9″, 185 lbs., 20 year old student competed in the show last year, but did not crack the Top 5. “I went home and started planning to return as new bodybuilder,” Deelan says. “I changed my diet, trained twice a day, concentrated on my symmetry, a lot of things were different this year.” Although Deeland technically qualifies as a MM Pro, he’s opted to return to the open ranks next year and will compete at MM Universe in June. “I may have won the Paris show, but I am just 20 and just don’t think I am ready for the Pros,” he explains.
He didn’t win or even make the Top 5. But, the 6’2″, 230 lbs., heavyweight Daniel Babcock says he depleted too much for Musclemania® America in Las Vegas last month. “I had photo shoots the week before the show and just didn’t time it out very well. Thick, lean and symmetrical, Daniel has impressive potential, especial for a tall HW. He explains, “It’s pretty amazing how the body over compensates and taken in everything after being on an extended diet. Any bit of nutrients it gets goes straight to use and your muscles become beyond full.” Daniel isn’t sure in what show and where he’ll compete next, but wherever it is, no one should take their off this guy. He’s going to be a threat.
The inaugural Musclemania® India took place today with over 100 of the country’s top natural competitors! Introducing natural bodybuilding into the country was a challenge since there had never been any such show before. Said promoter Tharun Sholarajan, “We started getting so many guys wanting to jump into the show that we initiated an application process. It was real simple – we had them send in photos and if they were obviously on juice, we directed them to another show happening in Mumbai today which was an open to anyone. It thinned the ranks a bit, but we had a pretty clean show off the top. Then, we had urinalysis testing conducted before the start of the show today. We should get the results back within a week or two. I was real proud that stuck to the MM tradition and ran a tight show, nice and clean. And especially since it was the first natural show in the country!” Next season, MM will expand in India with shows in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Daniel Roman says he’ll be competing at Musclemania® Colombia in February. The popular 5’6″, 183 lbs., 21 year old college student stays in contest shape all year, so he says competing will be nothing more than dropping a little water. “I always eat clean,” Daniel claims. “When I eat any junk, I feel like crap. I just can’t eat outside my diet even if I want to! I train super heavy and eat just enough carbs to get the energy I need, but nothing more.”
For whatever anyone says about Musclemania® Pro Simeon Panda, the guy is natural and a leader among drug free bodybuilding. He says, “Firstly, anyone who chooses to go the non-natural route is within their rights to make their own decisions, I hold no negative feelings towards them. However, if you are in the early stages of building your physique (male or female) I would like to encourage and enlighten you that you are naturally capable of building an amazing physique (relative to your genetic make up) if you exercise the discipline and invest the extensive time required to do so. I’ve been training for around 13yrs now and I am still very excited about the future in regards to progress with my physique. It’s a long but enjoyable process for me; I mean I get to enjoy my workouts daily, whilst in the long run, reap the rewards of my efforts as I watch my physique improve year after year.”
Looking insane, Colombian bodybuilder Julian Tanaka stays in this lean shape all season. The 5’8″, 185 lbs., 27 year old will make his Musclemania® debut next season. Julian just earned his MBA in Micro Business and works in his family farm business.
Musclemania® Middle East Junior athlete Mohammed is lifetime natural with a passion for bodybuilding. “My parents want me to become an architect, so I am studying in the university for it,” he explains. “But my heart is too much into fitness and everything about it. I just love eating right, training everyday and looking great.” Right now, Mohammed is off-season training but he explains, “My idea of bulking isn’t so much like other people’s. I don’t believe in bulking to the point were you just become a big fat power lifter. I believe in bulking with proper strict dieting and good nutritious food.” So, like many other MM athletes, Mohammed follows the “lean bulk” regimen. He will be competing again next season and aiming to win MM in Cairo.
Musclemania® Pro Ty Ogedegbe says he’s still on a game day training regimen. “I lost my class by just 1 point!,” he exclaims referring to MM World Pro last month in Las Vegas. The London based, lifetime natural bodybuilder says, “I can’t believe it. I won’t let that happen, again. I’m staying on my contest gym workouts and nutrition and am going to bring a different look in Miami (MM Universe).” At 5’9″, 210 lbs., Ty is one of the thickest natural guys in the sport with trophies like MM Britain and MM Universe on his mantel.
Best buddies Simeon Panda (L) and Ulisses just wrapped up their 5 day California video shoot following their appearance at Musclemania® in Las Vegas. Both will soon post a new video feature about the trip on their respective Youtube pages.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Hard to believe this kid’s just 21 years old, but Daniel Roman has been training for 6 years. He’s preparing for his first Musclemania® show next season. The 5’7″, 180 lb., lifetime natural says, “I want to wait until I am ready. I’ve been at this for a long time and when I get to the show, I want to bring the perfect physique.” Daniel is a popular Colombian sports model and personal trainer.
Musclemania Pro Dewayne Malone is in probably the shape and size of his life. The 5’7″, 185 lbs., Texan is heavier and leaner than last season. “I ate more calories and didn’t sacrifice mass this time,” Dewayne says. He will be at MM World next weekend and bring to the stage his new physique. Dewayne appears weekly on Houston television shows and newspapers and built an impressive training service.
Congratulations to Julian Tanaka who will graduate next week with an MBA in Nuro Business! The 5’8″, 195 lbs., 27 year old bodybuilder mixed his training with school while also working for his family businesses. Julian will make his Musclemania® debut next season. “I keep a super lean 5% physique all season, so contest prep won’t be more than loosing a bit of water,” he explains.
’13 Musclemania® Paris Physique Champion Julien Quaglierini keeps transforming his physique and promises to bring a new package to the stage next week. The 5’11″, 185 lbs., sports model has also developed a popular on-line training program for both competitors and recreational trainers. “I came from a martial arts background, so bodybuilding was something new for me,” Julien explains. “I help the new guys coming on the scene with personal experience about how to get into serious training and develop a serious physique.”
In his first show, Model Britain Champion Ashley Lewis was an easy choice for the judges. The 5’7″, 175 lbs., London trainer was a life long martial artist, so bodybuilding was sharp contrast. “It was a something new for me, but I wanted to take my body to new levels,” Ash says. “I was always in shape, had to be for fighting. But, adding muscle and conditioning continues to a learning process for me.” Ash says he wants to try MM Physique next season. “I am gaining too much muscle for modeling. My body is going to be a bigger version next year.”
Still just 19 years old, Onome Egger is holding out for his first Musclemania® until next year. The 6’2″, 230 lbs., high school senior says, “I know I got some work to do on my legs and I really don’t want to get on stage until everything’s ready.” Ono trains everyday after school during the week and before work on the weekends. “My parents help me out with the stuff and stuff, so I am ready thankful. I will shock everyone next year that all this hard work is worth it.”
To say that Musclemania® Paris Pro Champion Fred Mompo is a French legend is an understatement. As a celebrity Parisian personal trainer, the 5’8″, 180 lbs., 42 year old trains many of the country’s top television and movie stars, appears on a daily television show and is a Reebok Ambassador. As a seasoned, 20 year natural bodybuilder, Fred has learned and applied exactly what it takes create a world class natural physique. So, when in 2008 he experienced a near death motorcycle accident, he did not let is bring him down. “The doctor and my physical therapist said it was doubtful I would walk again,” Fred says. “But, I was not going to let it stop me. I put the same discipline I always used into my training into my rehabilitation.” A few years later, Fred achieve his dream and returned to the competition stage. Fred’s next challenge will be next weekend at MM World Pro in Las Vegas. He will be part of a 12 member strong Team France.
French Musclemania® star Greg Vong is seemingly always in shape. Just off his appearance at MM Paris last month, the 5’8″, 175 lbs. trainer looked like he’s contest ready this morning. “I’m staying shape all year,” Greg says. “This dieting and training is so part of my everyday life. My family knows what to expect, so as long as I’m disciplined, its no problem.”

Friday, November 14, 2014

Before his workout this afternoon, Musclemania® Pro Simeon Panda was primed and ready to attack arms. At 6’1″, 230 lbs., he is already in ripped shape for MM World Pro in Las Vegas in two weeks. “I don’t need to diet for the show,” Simeon says. “I’m just going to drop a little water and should be ready.” Watch Simeon and over 500 natural competitors from around the world LIVE from Las Vegas on – Saturday, November 22.
French natural star Greg Vong is still looking insanely shredded nearly a month after Musclemania® Paris. The 5’8″, 175 lbs., hospital orderly has remained lean all season. “I learned that staying in shape makes it easier for shows,” Greg says. “Besides, I like being in shape, eating clean and looking good all year. Why not? Its easier and looks better!”
Former Musclemania® Mexico Teenage Champion Jose Luis Montes says he’s training for next season. The 5’11″, 210 lbs., 21 year old has grown nearly 20 lbs. over the past couple of years and says he’s taken to lean bulk dieting. “I’ve been trying and its working great,” Jose Luis professes. “Here in Mexico, this kind of routine is new and most of the natural bodybuilders are beginning to try it, too.” Jose Luis has great thickness, especially for his age, so the new diet will help to transform the physique and get ready to win on the Junior stage.
Colombian physique star Julian Tanaka may work on his family’s ranch, but the 5’8″, 195 lbs., 27 year old makes it to the gym everyday without any excuses. “I live and breathe this stuff,” he says. Always lean and yet still growing, Julian has only competed once, but he will make his Musclemania® debut next season.
Egyptian Khaled Fathy says he’s training for the 2015 season after winning the Musclemania® Middle East Physique Championships (Tall Class). The 5’11″, 210 lbs., 27 year old trains in his father’s gym and has hitting the weights since he was 12 years old. “My father used to compete, so I was always about weights,” Khaled says. “The gym was and still is part of my life. And at home, my mother always cooked right for bodybuilding..” MM will begin monthly natural bodybuilding training camps in Egypt beginning in January.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

At just 20 years of age, Deelan won Musclemania® Paris with an incredible 5'9", 185 lbs., lean and classic physique. The personal trainer and college student beat out all of the veteran competitors. Deelan says he maintained a comfortable 10-12% bodyfat all season which he credits to helping to develop lean muscle. "Next year, I want to keep it around 8% and get bigger and leaner at the same time," Deeland explains. Although he earned MM Pro status, he says he will compete at MM Universe next June in the Open Class. "I know I won, but I am not ready for those guys like Ulisses. I need another year or two to challenge them."
As France’s #1 natural LW bodybuilder, Bertrand Lim amazed everyone at the recent Musclemania® Paris. The 5’6″, 165 lbs., Parisian brought incredible shape, symmetry and condition. “I didn’t plan on competing in Paris, but jumped in at the last minute to warm up for MM in Las Vegas,” explains Bertrand. The computer programmer and network manager promises to be in even better shape next month and is certain to be a major force at MM World.
Reggie Valera says he’ll will be competing in this first Musclemania® show next season. The 5’11″, 190 lbs., 21 year old former soccer player has been bodybuilding for four years. “I got into this because my friend started lifting and would go to the gym with him,” Reggie says. “I guess it just got me and I haven’t stopped. I hit the gym every day, now.” Reggie will be on stage at MM Universe next June in Ft. Lauderdale.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Kansas City phenom Donte Franklin is prepping for the Musclemania® California and America shows next month. The 6′, 214 lbs., 23 year old heavyweight has been training since he was 11 years old! Donte won the ’13 MM Mid America HW Class last year. “I have focused on my legs and overall condition this year,” he explains. “I saw what it would take to be MM Pro and I’m been on it.”
Musclemania® Universe star Salman Ahmad got into extremely lean condition for the show in June. The 5’8″, 180 lbs., 23 year old student says he’s now training for more mass and better symmetry. “It was my first time at an international level and I see now what I have to do to win and not just place,” Salman explains. “I want to become MM Pro and I’m going to make it happen!” – Currently, Salman is training in Long Island, New York.
New Musclemania® Pro Kwame Duah is already lean and ready for MM World in Las Vegas. At 5’9″ and weighing an enormous 220 lbs., the 21 year old university student is the youngest MM Pro! “I’ve been eating real clean, but lots of calories and its keeping me full but still getting leaner by the day,” Kwame explains. He lead Team Australia into Las Vegas next month.
A skinny guy who was ignored and bullied decided to take control of his life and health. Mazher “Mazi” Hamlaanihas been relentlessly working out for years. Now at 28 years old, the Indian bodybuilder he’s at an impressive 5’8″, 150 lbs., 5% body fat and keeps getting fuller, thicker and more aesthetic each day. “When I started working out, it was to gain attention, but I soon realized that doing this to prove someone else wrong only gives them the power they always had over my mind”, Mazher says. “Instead, I embraced fitness as my passion and never looked back.I did it for me alone. Initially I faced financial issues while working out, as I was still a student. Then when I started working with an events agency, I faced major time constraints; since I had to travel for work and my working hours were almost never fixed. Round the clock reporting and ate night rigorous event setups took a toll on scheduling consistent training and food timings.” Mazi says. But this never stopped him. “When you want it that bad, you find a way around the obstacles. Over the years, I learned to work efficiently across various aspects of my life, be it work, workout, nutrition, or partying with friends. Sure, I never smoke or drink, but that doesn’t mean I ignore friends who do. It’s important to strike a balance between all. Having very supportive parents is my biggest strength. Especially my Mom. I would never have reached so far” he says. He doesn’t follow any star religiously but is a fan of Ulisses Jr, watches his workout videos and reads his material. Mazi says “Third time’s a charm. I did not place in both the Men’s Physique competitions I took part in this year. But that did not disappoint me. Instead, I took them as learning experiences. They only made me work harder and be more focused for Musclemania® India. I will bring my best form yet, and am pumped to kill it on stage!”. Mazi will be competing in Model and Physique India this December at the first Musclemania® India Championships.
From a superstar to a new one, Musclemania® Pro Chul Soon (L) was on hand to congratulate MM Asia Physique Tall Class Champion Terrence Teo.  He has been training for 8 years and competing in Malaysian shows until moving up to his appearance at MM Asia last month in Singapore.  The 6’1″, 195 lbs., 27 year old trainer says he’s already planning for next season.  “I am training to improve my symmetry – that means, calves, hamstrings and lats,” Terrance explains.  “Getting size is easy for me, but I just have to make this physique perfect.  I am changing my training with lots more isolation movements.”  Terrance will compete next season again at MM Asia and MM Universe in Florida.
His friends call him Anand Arnold for being an Arnold Schwarzenegger fanatic. But behind it all is an inspiring story of determination. “At the age of 15, my legs stopped functioning because of the effects of cancer,” Anand explains. “I had to wait three years after my cancer treatment to begin bodybuilding. Now, I am 25 and I continue working out and am one of India’s top bodybuilders beating men with fully functioning legs.” Anand has won several titles including Mr. India (two times), Mr. North India and Mr. Punjab (nine times). He’s lifetime natural and says he’s been waiting for an all natural competition in India. “The moment I heard about the world’s greatest competition Musclemania was coming to India, I was exhilarated and signed up immediately!” Anand works out hard thrice a week, eats clean and is continues to be an inspiration to Indian bodybuilders, natural or not.
Dutch natural bodybuilder Fridjof McAdam has been training for over 3 years. The 6’1″, 215 lbs., 21 year old student will be competing at Musclemania® Paris and Europe shows next month. Fridjof has been a competitive gymnast, martial artist and basketball player but the upcoming show will be his first bodybuilding competition. Currently, he works at Tavi Castro’s Body Engineers.
He did not win, but lifetime natural bodybuilder Luke Belcher made a big impact at last week’s Musclemania® Australia. The 5’10″, 215 lbs., 27 year old nutrition store manager has been competing for nearly 10 years and always in natural shows. “I train because I’m passionate about it,” Luke says. “There isn’t a day go by that I miss, I just love it!” Luke could have been a contender for the overall title if he’d been leaner. Surely he won’t make that mistake again.
As the reigning Model Universe Champion, Andre De Assis brings to the forefront a unique mix of commercial model and muscular athlete. The 6’1″, 200 lbs., real estate broker says he maintains a lean physique all year, so for shooting with photographers and advertising campaigns, he needs just a few days notice to drop some water. “When I started competing a few years ago, I leaned how to get into shape and have just keep it that way,” Andre says. “It’s just part of my lifestyle now.” Andre will be a guest host at Musclemania® Florida in Miami on November 1.
Musclemania® Pro Dewayne J Malone is ripped and ready for his appearance at MM Paris next weekend. The 5’7″, 190 lbs., Houston fitness star has been prepping for the show for 6 months. “Heck, I knew I wanted to do it, if for no other reason a great excuse to visit Paris!,” Dewayne admits. He appears weekly on one of Houston’s main television stations offer sports training tips and has a vast following for his professional and corporate services.
Egyptian sports fitness model Mostafa El Hodaiby recently competed at Musclemania® Britain in London. The 5’7″, 165 lbs., 26 year old was made an impression on everyone, but he says that’s not good enough. “My goal this year is to focus more on my physique with more muscle mass,” Mostafa explains. “I trained at home back in Cairo, but once I was here in England, I completed advance my routine and dedication.  The environment here gives me a change to really create something incredible.  I am looking forward to the next show, here or back home.”