Saturday, February 23, 2013

MM Pro Ulisses Jr. at 5'10", 220 lbs. (r) and new British natural sensation Simeon Panda at 6'1", 226 lbs. (l) caught an arm workout this morning in London. It was the first time that the two met and trained together. Ulisses said afterwards of Simeon, "The guy is going to kill everyone on stage!" Simeon said of Ulisses, "Today was a real eye opener! I'm gonna learn loads from him." Simeon will be making his stage debut this season at MM Europe in Rome and MM Universe Miami Beach while Ulisses will be taking on the MM Pros.
Tennessee sports model Tyler Mc Peak has been relentless in his pursuit to create a world class physique and ready for media once ahain. He says, "Ahhh, feels so good to be back in the gym this week. Trained arms today. Did all biceps first, then triceps afterward. I was running out of time, so I finished triceps with a tri-set: - Cambered bar skullcrushers - DB one arm overhead ext - Underhand cable pressdown Tyler's currently 6'1", 215 lbs. You can follow him as he gets ready for the 2013 season at and
Texas sports model Teagen Rose was an impressive site at last year's Model Lone Star show in Galveston. The 6'1", 195 lbs. personal trainer is a former track runner with state titles in high school and college. After a season of off-season bodybuilding training, Teagan says he's sticking with sports modeling. "It just fits my body better", he explains. "I like the lean look and I feel so much better. Not all stuffed and uncomfortable." Teagan will hit the stage next at Model Universe in Miami Beach in June.
MM Pro Chul Soon held his first Musclemania Fitness Academy last weekend in Seoul. First time bodybuilders from throughout Korea attended the two-day camp and were personally coached by Chul and some of his training partners about proper weight lifting movements, technique and regimens, muscle gaining nutrition and supplement programs. Future camps will teach advance training forms and methods, competition diets, posing and stage presence and much more.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Some are referring to Simeon Panda not only as the newest natural British star, but quite possibly the best bodybuilder ever to rise from London. Six years ago, the 6'1", 227 lbs., former rugby player set his sights on developing a world class physique and swore never to get on stage until both he and his body were ready. Simeon says, "I knew I had the potential to create something different and I think I 've done it. I did not want to go on stage until everything was complete." Simeon will soon make his stage debuts at MM Europe in Rome and MM Universe in Miami Beach.
Living the fast lifestyle, MM Pro Francisco Dominguezappears in a racy, new Audi A1 Limited Edition Quattro magazine and poster ad campaign in Europe. The 6', 225 lbs. fitness center owner was spotted by Audi's Spanish advertising agency after a major feature about his bodybuilding career in Spain's biggest newspaper. Francisco won the '12 MM World HW Class and is training for his MM Pro debut at MM Universe in Miami Beach, June 28-29.
Weighing a massive 265 lbs., MM HW star Aaron Reed says he's still filling out his hulking 6'7" frame. In this photo taken yesterday following a shoulder workout, the Florida personal trainer says, "I got work to do but will bring something crazy to the Universe!" Aaron will face the world's best natural bodybuilders in Miami Beach on June 28-29. For more, visit
Dutch natural bodybuilder Jenny Gaidoukevitch has been a Top 5 Finalists at MM Universe and World says she's training this season. "I will be in Miami (MM Universe) again and really want to win," she asserts. The Russian immigrant took up weight lifting late and also enjoys kickboxing, boxing, running marathons and salsa dancing. At 5'4", 145 lbs., Jenny keeps her muscular and attractive body in shape all season.
'04 MM World Open and '06 MM World Pro Champion David Whittaker dominates on any stage he walks. And, after a 6 year absence, the 6'4", 247 lbs. goliath says its comeback time! "Trust me, I will be ready for any show," Dave says. "I'm my only competition. I'm not worried about who's next to me or who won in the last six years. Remember that I said this - I'm gonna surprise everyone! Don't blink the champ is back." Whatever show Dave decides to compete, he will have to fend against some veterans like MM Pro Morris Mendez, Ulisses Jr., Dicken Lambert, Dewayne Malone and a lot of new, pretty incredible new bodies to the MM Pro scene like Chul Soon, Griffin Datcher III, Matthew Liller, Sid Lindsey, Kwesi Keller, Pro-Law Payne, Ty O-g and many others.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

MM Pro Samuel Dixon was shot by photographer Luis Rafael following '12 MM World in Las Vegas. The 6'1", 225 lbs. Canadian college student says he's currently weighing 250 lbs. still in off-season form. "I am training to bring up my lats and arms," Sam says. "I want to being a whole new physique this season - bigger and more complete." He will make his MM Pro debut and posedown against MM Pro's like Ulisses Jr., Morris Mendez, Dickens Lambert, Francisco Dominguez, Antony Bessala and other great natural heavyweights.
Mainly known for his killer dance moves and choreography,Mike Peele’s talent and inspiration is one that can’t be denied. As a choreographer, actor and artistic director, he's most definitely a triple-threat. He has recently shared the stage with the likes of Rihanna, Madonna and Nicki Minaj to name a few. Now, the Hollywood based commercial dancer is training for his first bodybuilding competition. "I want to get to 220 lbs., then I will start dieted," Mike says. His hip hop performances have always kept him lean, but only last year started a muscle gaining regimen. Look out soon for Mike Peele's routines to turn the Musclemania stage upside down!
'12 MM World Pro Champions - Lw Dewayne Malone (l) and HW and Overall Chul Soon (r) were clearly distinct from one another on stage. In the MM Pro posedown, Dewayne's posing and classic physique was unfortunately overshadowed by his choice tanning solution color. Whereas Chul, at 5'10", 195 lbs., delivered a powerfully athletic body which was just too much to beat. He snatched all 7 first place votes from the judges and traveled back to Korea with the biggest title of his 4 year competitive career.
Natural bodybuilder Juancho is training hardcore for MM Central America in Guatemala City. The 5'6", 160 lbs. professional translator has competed a few times before but says, "I am eating more than ever because I want to win this show. It is hard here to get the food and supplements I need to grow, but I have a lot of help from friends and family." Juancho lived in Los Angeles for a year and started training more seriously before returning home and says, "Now it is a real challenge because the gyms are as good here as in the US."
'12 MM Universe HW 2nd, Aaron Reed is hellbent on winning MM Universe in June. The 6'7" goliath is already into contest mode. Aaron said this morning after his workout, "My training is going great. I am staying pretty lean even though I have put weight on (261 lbs.) and I haven't been this strong in a while. I am doing 315 flat bench presses for 10 reps easy. I been doing pyramid work for my chest with presses. Then finishing with lots of reps and super sets for a big pump!"
Florida sports model Yasiel Fleitas is training for MM Universe in Miami Beach. The 23 year old, 5'7", 180 lbs. natural bodybuilder started training when he immigrated from Cuba 11 years ago. When he was 19, Yasiel competed at the '09 MM Universe but will be returning this year with an additional 20 lbs. developed over the past 4 years. "I have lifting crazy weights, like every day," he says. Yasiel will join a whole team of guys representing Porky's Gym in Miami at the show.
Last year, New Yorker Thomas Ho walked into Foxwoods Resort Casino as an unknown, rocked the house with a super conditioned physiqued and left as the MM New England Champion! The 5'8", 175 lbs. trainer is a US Marine Corps. Reserve Officer and was educated at SUNY Maritime. Currently, Thomas works for the New York City Staten Island Ferry as transportation specialist. The '13 MM New England will be April 27 once again at Foxwoods in Connecticut.
MM Pro Bradley Aubry is hammering the weights preparing for MM Universe in June. At 5'6", 190 lbs., he says about his training techniques, "I always believe in shocking the muscles by confusing it with different methods of exercises. It can be viewed as periodization training. I am not only changing on the rep/set schemes but the exercise style. I go from power lifting for about 3-4 weeks, then functional training for a few weeks, and so on. This has allowed me to see dramatic changes in my physique."

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thick, dense and ripped, Ty Ogedegbe blew-up the house on stage last year. But, the 5'8", 198 lbs. financial manager has only completed for two years in four shows and is already among the best naturals in Britain. Educated there at the University of Hull with a degree in business management, Ty does the bodybuilding game after work each day, training and on weekends and eats right all season. He says, "I am like 5 months before the Universe (in June) and want to be ready early. I am eating really clean, prepare my meals for work every morning and live the life!"
Florida phenom Aaron Reed says he's back into heavy duty training. At 6'7", 235 lbs., he made an impressive debut appearance at last year's MM Universe. Now, he's jacked up his training regimen to take home the gold in Miami Beach in June. Aaron says, "I am finally back in a good groove. Anyway I still want my MM Pro card! I am training hard and expecting big things this year!" He's a former collegiate basketball player and WWE wrestler turned bodybuilder and, now, bodybuilders. Last year, Aaron published his training book "SuperNatural LIfestyle" in which he explains, "Competing as a natural athlete my meals are everything. With a little time I learned how to manipulate food For an unfair advantage. The best part about is I eat sugar, fat and protein daily. To learn more about Aaron's unconventional training and contest prep nutrition plans, visit his website at You can meet Aaron in person at MM Universe -
Model Universe star Tyler Mc Peak is back! After emaciating himself for fashion modeling, the 6'1", 225 lbs. trainer took 3 years to gain back a lot of lost muscle and says it was a challenge. Tyler explains, "Physique goals can take years to accomplish. You have to be consistent with doing the correct things every day, be determined and stay focused on the big picture. I learned to find out what works for my body because I have to be happy and enjoy this lifestyle otherwise I won't last."
MM Texas Junior Champion Chris Chigbu is looking tough after an arm workout yesterday. He says, "For the past month, I switched from working each muscle group twice per week instead of once. One day is high volume, moderate weight with short rest periods, and the other is high intensity with heavier weights and longer rest periods. I haven't changed my diet up much, but I've been eating A LOT MORE CHICKEN . . . and it's definitely been helping! I'm cycling the carbs, but with much higher amounts than I do as I get closer to a show, so the gains I'm making are lean gains for the most part. Next show I do, I'll make sure that both my mass and conditioning is ridiculous, so I got a lot of work to do, but it will be done!" At 5'8", 205 lbs., Chris is a the 22 year old college student and GNC salesman, so his supplements are plentiful.
Haitian supernatural Mackenzi Philippeaux won the '07 MM New York. At 5'5", 167 lbs., trains in Port-au-Prince in makeshift gyms which are still being rebuild following the 2010 earthquake disaster. Mackenzi says he did not train for a year following the disaster because all of the gyms were destroyed. He hopes to make a Musclemania come back soon.