Sunday, January 19, 2014

Musclemania®  Las Vegas star Rico Elbaz has been competing for over ten years and is a living example of the natural lifestyle. In addition to bodybuilding training, the 5’10″, 200 lbs., personal trainer and dancer holds a black belt in multiple martial art disciplines and includes it as part of his year round conditioning. Rico received his first regimen training as an Israeli commando.
Some of his own fans may not recognize him, but ’13 Musclemania®  Physique America Champion Hyuang Seong Park is among Korea’s most popular sports models – with black or snow white hair. The 5’10″, 180 lbs., 24 year old college student appears regularly in commercials, magazine advertisement, apparel campaigns and more. Seong was part of an impressive Team Korea at the ’13 Fitness America Weekend.
Teenage college student Nico Scipione has never competed, but the 5’11″, 170 lbs. bodybuilder says he’s been inspired by two Musclemania®  Championships – Julian Navarro (’13 MM Universe) and Nick Morrell (’13 MM Superbody Physique). The Philadelphia native gets to train with both bodybuilders and is learning his faster without making the same mistakes that other kids his age have to learn my trial and error. Nico says, “I am training smarter with more mind and muscle connection. I like super high volumes with crazy intensity! It really jacks the muscle for me.” Nico hasn’t yet decided when/where to compete, but he says, “I want to keep it close to home. I want my family and friends to see me on stage and for what all the sacrifices are for.” – Photo Credit Jimmy Murtaugh.
’10 Model Britain Champion Mehmet Edip has relocated to Los Angeles and says he’s canvassing the agency scene. “I am working it and learning how this industry works,” Mehmet explains. “I did pretty well in London and now am determined to make it here in Hollywood, too.” The 5’8″, 180 lbs., 28 year old appears in a spread in this month in MuscleMag. No doubt lots more coming from Mehmet.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

All eyes were on Musclemania™ Pro Simeon Panda when he crashed Muscle Beach last November after competing at MM World in Las Vegas. Now by popular demand, the 6’1″, 230 lbs., 27 year old natural sensation is returning next week for a six week publicity tour.
The guy may not have won his past few competition, but Musclemania Pro Antwaun Smith looks in contest shape all season. At 5’10″, 225 lbs., the electrician and personal trainer has the size and symmetry among the best in the sport. Currently living in Phoenix, Antwaun is a major shaker on stage, the street or anywhere in public.
Colombian natural bodybuilder Alex Rendon hasn’t stepped on a competition stage, yet the 5’8″, 190 lbs., 20 year old is capturing a lot of attention. “I started training a couple of years ago,” Alex says. “I really just wanted to have model look, the abs, chest arms, you know. But, as I started getting bigger, I realized that I had good bodybuilding potential. I am still learning and just begun to do that ‘lean bulk’ that everyone’s talking about now.” Alex trains in a small town gym that he says have everything he needs. “Its not fancy like the city gyms, but it works for me.” He says he’s training for Musclemania™ Colombia in July and hopefully then to MM America in Las Vegas.
At the ’13 Musclemania Physique Paris, Swiss native Stan De Longeaux competed for the first time and captured a Top 5 placing. Then, a month later he competed at the Model America™ Championships in Las Vegas and also claimed a Top 5 placing. The 5’10″, 180 lbs., 25 year old hospitality management college major is a member of the Swiss selection basketball team “Vaud” and has won many championships on other teams. Stan has also lived in Nigeria and Paris and speaks 4 languages. Currently, he is living and training in Los Angeles and seeking agency commercial agency representation.

Friday, January 10, 2014

The new season for Musclemania® Pro Chul Soon has started shooting a some new sports, fashion & commercial campaigns. The 5’9″, 195 lbs., 30 year old model is also schedule to start a couple of new television shows, too. Chul will be making some special guest appearances this season including MM Asia, MM India & MM Philippines.
’13 Musclemania World Pro Champion Ulisses says he’s in “Shredded Motivation!” “I’m shooting my ‘Get Mass’ video this weekend for my fans,” he promises. “I’ll have some exclusive behind the scene footage for everyone.” At 5’10″, 210 lbs., Ulisses is keeping his physique in near competition shape all season. “I am just going to keep growing but in sick shape,” he explains. Ulisses will soon announce his new training camp series throughout England and Europe. Also, his appearance schedule will be posted soon.
’13 Musclemania® Junior Champion Kwame Jack-Duah was a surprise entry who traveled from Australia to compete in Las Vegas. The 5’9″, 185 lbs., 20 year old university student has only been training a couple of years and got into lifting for sports. In that time, Kwane has developed one of the most amazing natural junior physiques seen on stage.
’13 Musclemania Mid America HW Champion Donte Franklin is one bad dude. The 6′, 215 lbs., 22 year old Kansas City native was a favorite to win the ’13 MM America Junior America but was beat out by a better conditioned and more symmetrical Kwame Jack-Duah. But, according to Donte, that’s history. “Weaknesses are first on my list!,” he says. “I’m not losing again to someone who’s average. I will have a complete physique. I wanna have everything – nothing missing. So you bet I’m working weaknessess!” Donte hasn’t decided which shows, yet, but no doubt he will be something new different the next time he competes.
New Musclemania® Physique star Cameron Osbourne pumps-up backstage in Las Vegas last year. The 6’3″, 195 lbs., 19 year old former high school sports star was a big hit at the show despite not being a Top 10 Finalist. Cameron says, “That’s not going to happen again. I’m training like a mad man and gonna bring something stupid looking on stage.”
’12 Musclemania® Universe Champion Julian Navarro weeks before the show looked insane! At 5’7″, 175 lbs., he looked ripped, full and 20 lbs. bigger. “That was nothing,” says Julian. “I am hanging about 195 right now and keeping it lean. I am training heavy with tons of energy and strength, so I expect some big changes come Miami (MM Universe in June).” At just 23 years old, the show will be Julian’s MM Pro debut and he knows he’ll be up against some major competition.
Musclemania Pro Larry Camacho is training heavy and looking tight. “This will be the first, full season of lifting I have had in 4 years,” he explains. “I had a lot of work and school issues, so I wasn’t able to be 100% committed. Now, coming off the show (’13 MM World), I’ve been eating pretty clean. I want to grow lean all year and then see what I look like before deciding where to compete next.” The 5’7″, 185 lbs., 26 year old trainer started competing when he 19 years old and has developed into one of the most popular natural bodybuilders and MM Pros with his classic and aesthetic physique.
’13 Musclemania® Physique America Champion Hyang Park & Greg Bryant (L-R), Short & Tall Class, respectively. Hyang is a college student from Seoul, Korea who was part of the 20 member strong Team Korea. Greg is an aspiring sports and commercial model from Kansas City with many commercial, print and television credits to his portfolio already.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Musclemania® Pro Simeon Panda is preparing for a 6 week publicity trip to Hollywood. During his week long trip there after competing at MM World in Las Vegas, the 6’1″, 230 lbs., natural phenom was a major hit! This time, Simeon will be meeting with talent and casting agents, doing auditions, shooting for some magazines, attending premieres and much more. He says, “I got so much response back in November, I’ve decided to pursue all of the opportunities and see what goes of it.”
Natural bodybuilder Alex Rendon has never been on stage, but the 5’8″, 195 lbs., 20 year old Colombian plans to hit the competition scene this season. “I just went to see my first show last year and everyone kept telling me that should compete,” Alex says. Incredibly, he trains in spartan facilities including a gym with a thatched roof made of palm tree leaves. “The place is great for me,” Alex explains. “I don’t need anything fancy. It’s all about heavy duty, hard core training no matter where you lift.” Alex says he hopes to be ready for MM Colombia in July, then MM Latino in Mexico City and, possibly, MM America in the fall.
Belgian natural bodybuilder and sports model Erko Jun is one tough dude. Originally from Croatia, 5’10″, 185 lbs., 21 year old was a ’12 Model Universe™ Championships Top 5 Finalist last June in Miami. Erko credits lifting and the gym for changing his life. “As a youngster I was always on the streets and enjoying the nightlife in a bad way,” he admits. “Because of my mentor, I learned to lose my aggression in the gym while working out and keep myself on the right track. This is my second home. The gym that changed my life!” Erko says he’s training for Musclemania® Universe and Paris this season.
National Powerlifting Natural Champion Reggie Miles always looks great even in the off-season. The 5’10″, 195 lbs., Florida star says he needs to get through a couple upper body injuries and in the meantime is working his legs and calves. ”In disguise this has forced me to blast my legs,” Reggie says. “I want to get back on stage this year, so legs needs to be ready. Lots of hacks, curls, lunges and all sorts of calve work.”
Never missing a workout, Musclemania® Pro Ricky Syamsuri was in the gym this morning starting off the New Year blasting his arms! “Its my life, man,” Ricky says. “I love it!” The Indonesian superstar is a true representative of natural bodybuilding and promotes a clean lifestyle throughout doing seminars throughout the country every year.

Musclemania® Pro Samuel Dixon is still looking thick and lean one month after MM World Pro Championships. The 6′, 220 lbs., 25 year old Canadian star already brings classic shape to the stage, but just needs to hone his condition. Most judges say that once Sam get as lean as he’s big and thick, any show is his for the taking.
Musclemania® World Pro Champion Ulisses is still looking insane even a month after the show! The 5’10″, 210 lbs. natural legend is 10 lbs. fuller than when he won in Las Vegas. Ulisses is currently visiting family in Africa for two weeks and found a local gym to train every day. “It’s so hot here compared to London, but I had to train,” Ulisses says. “So I am staying really lean and loosing lots of water.”
’12 Musclemania® Europe Junior & ’12 Model America Champion Tavi Castro has exploded in popularity worldwide. Now, the 5’7″, 196 lbs., 23 year old has transformed his physique over the past year. Laying low and away from the competition stage this season, Tavi says he’s preparing for a major score next year. He explains, “After finishing my degree this year and getting Body Engineers launched worldwide I have had even more time to train. I am currently lean bulking until prep starts for either a MM Universe or MM America debut.”
Musclemania® Pro Francisco Dominguez did not compete this season, but the popular Spanish sports model and fitness center owner says his head been 100% into training. “I took off the year and just worked on my weaknesses,” he promised. “If I’m going to make it on the MM Pro stage, I got to be complete and I think I’ll be ready next year.” At 6′, 210 lbs., Francisco is thick and lean. He appears in advertising campaigns, television commercials and magazine spreads in Spain regularly.
Musclemania® Universe Champion Julian Navarro is redefining the mean of off-season training with his version of “Lean Bulk.” The 5’7″, 185 lbs., 22 year old explains, “Overall my chest is not where I want it to be but I can see the added thickness in my entire pec. For this reason I am content with my gains for now. We all need to realize that these changes don’t just happen overnight. It takes time and dedication, be happy that each day your able to do a little more, it’ll all add up in the end.” Julian is training for MM Universe next June when he’ll make his MM Pro debut!
Belgium teenager bodybuilder Nathan Mozango has never competed but says he’s training for Musclemania® Paris in October as his first show. “I am around 78 kgs. (172 lbs.) and want to compete at 85 kgs. in the next 10 months,” Nathan explains. The University of Brussels student is dedicated to his training daily both before and after classees. Nathan speaks French, Dutch, English, German and Latin.
As one of Las Vegas’ top personal trainers, Musclemania® Pro Markus Reinhardt has earned quite a reputation. The 42 year old natural bodybuilder has been competing for over 20 years and still has the passion. “I have always loved getting to the gym,” Markus explains. “I started when I was teenager in Germany and it just continued here in America. And, getting on stage just makes it all the sweeter. It’s my life!” Markus was a Top 5 Finalist at MM World Pro last month which he says has rejuvenated his urge to compete.
Moroccan brothers RadwanKamal & Soufiane Ambroche (L-R) are all into bodybuilding training. Kamal won Model Europe in Rome last June and was a Top 5 Finalist at Model America last month in Las Vegas. Radwan and Soufiane are working to start compete next season. Radwan has developed the most muscle and fastest yet at 6’1″ yet still weighs just 180 lbs. Soufiane will appear at Model Europe in Spain in September.