Friday, October 24, 2014

Kansas City phenom Donte Franklin is prepping for the Musclemania® California and America shows next month. The 6′, 214 lbs., 23 year old heavyweight has been training since he was 11 years old! Donte won the ’13 MM Mid America HW Class last year. “I have focused on my legs and overall condition this year,” he explains. “I saw what it would take to be MM Pro and I’m been on it.”
Musclemania® Universe star Salman Ahmad got into extremely lean condition for the show in June. The 5’8″, 180 lbs., 23 year old student says he’s now training for more mass and better symmetry. “It was my first time at an international level and I see now what I have to do to win and not just place,” Salman explains. “I want to become MM Pro and I’m going to make it happen!” – Currently, Salman is training in Long Island, New York.
New Musclemania® Pro Kwame Duah is already lean and ready for MM World in Las Vegas. At 5’9″ and weighing an enormous 220 lbs., the 21 year old university student is the youngest MM Pro! “I’ve been eating real clean, but lots of calories and its keeping me full but still getting leaner by the day,” Kwame explains. He lead Team Australia into Las Vegas next month.
A skinny guy who was ignored and bullied decided to take control of his life and health. Mazher “Mazi” Hamlaanihas been relentlessly working out for years. Now at 28 years old, the Indian bodybuilder he’s at an impressive 5’8″, 150 lbs., 5% body fat and keeps getting fuller, thicker and more aesthetic each day. “When I started working out, it was to gain attention, but I soon realized that doing this to prove someone else wrong only gives them the power they always had over my mind”, Mazher says. “Instead, I embraced fitness as my passion and never looked back.I did it for me alone. Initially I faced financial issues while working out, as I was still a student. Then when I started working with an events agency, I faced major time constraints; since I had to travel for work and my working hours were almost never fixed. Round the clock reporting and ate night rigorous event setups took a toll on scheduling consistent training and food timings.” Mazi says. But this never stopped him. “When you want it that bad, you find a way around the obstacles. Over the years, I learned to work efficiently across various aspects of my life, be it work, workout, nutrition, or partying with friends. Sure, I never smoke or drink, but that doesn’t mean I ignore friends who do. It’s important to strike a balance between all. Having very supportive parents is my biggest strength. Especially my Mom. I would never have reached so far” he says. He doesn’t follow any star religiously but is a fan of Ulisses Jr, watches his workout videos and reads his material. Mazi says “Third time’s a charm. I did not place in both the Men’s Physique competitions I took part in this year. But that did not disappoint me. Instead, I took them as learning experiences. They only made me work harder and be more focused for Musclemania® India. I will bring my best form yet, and am pumped to kill it on stage!”. Mazi will be competing in Model and Physique India this December at the first Musclemania® India Championships.
From a superstar to a new one, Musclemania® Pro Chul Soon (L) was on hand to congratulate MM Asia Physique Tall Class Champion Terrence Teo.  He has been training for 8 years and competing in Malaysian shows until moving up to his appearance at MM Asia last month in Singapore.  The 6’1″, 195 lbs., 27 year old trainer says he’s already planning for next season.  “I am training to improve my symmetry – that means, calves, hamstrings and lats,” Terrance explains.  “Getting size is easy for me, but I just have to make this physique perfect.  I am changing my training with lots more isolation movements.”  Terrance will compete next season again at MM Asia and MM Universe in Florida.
His friends call him Anand Arnold for being an Arnold Schwarzenegger fanatic. But behind it all is an inspiring story of determination. “At the age of 15, my legs stopped functioning because of the effects of cancer,” Anand explains. “I had to wait three years after my cancer treatment to begin bodybuilding. Now, I am 25 and I continue working out and am one of India’s top bodybuilders beating men with fully functioning legs.” Anand has won several titles including Mr. India (two times), Mr. North India and Mr. Punjab (nine times). He’s lifetime natural and says he’s been waiting for an all natural competition in India. “The moment I heard about the world’s greatest competition Musclemania was coming to India, I was exhilarated and signed up immediately!” Anand works out hard thrice a week, eats clean and is continues to be an inspiration to Indian bodybuilders, natural or not.
Dutch natural bodybuilder Fridjof McAdam has been training for over 3 years. The 6’1″, 215 lbs., 21 year old student will be competing at Musclemania® Paris and Europe shows next month. Fridjof has been a competitive gymnast, martial artist and basketball player but the upcoming show will be his first bodybuilding competition. Currently, he works at Tavi Castro’s Body Engineers.
He did not win, but lifetime natural bodybuilder Luke Belcher made a big impact at last week’s Musclemania® Australia. The 5’10″, 215 lbs., 27 year old nutrition store manager has been competing for nearly 10 years and always in natural shows. “I train because I’m passionate about it,” Luke says. “There isn’t a day go by that I miss, I just love it!” Luke could have been a contender for the overall title if he’d been leaner. Surely he won’t make that mistake again.
As the reigning Model Universe Champion, Andre De Assis brings to the forefront a unique mix of commercial model and muscular athlete. The 6’1″, 200 lbs., real estate broker says he maintains a lean physique all year, so for shooting with photographers and advertising campaigns, he needs just a few days notice to drop some water. “When I started competing a few years ago, I leaned how to get into shape and have just keep it that way,” Andre says. “It’s just part of my lifestyle now.” Andre will be a guest host at Musclemania® Florida in Miami on November 1.
Musclemania® Pro Dewayne J Malone is ripped and ready for his appearance at MM Paris next weekend. The 5’7″, 190 lbs., Houston fitness star has been prepping for the show for 6 months. “Heck, I knew I wanted to do it, if for no other reason a great excuse to visit Paris!,” Dewayne admits. He appears weekly on one of Houston’s main television stations offer sports training tips and has a vast following for his professional and corporate services.
Egyptian sports fitness model Mostafa El Hodaiby recently competed at Musclemania® Britain in London. The 5’7″, 165 lbs., 26 year old was made an impression on everyone, but he says that’s not good enough. “My goal this year is to focus more on my physique with more muscle mass,” Mostafa explains. “I trained at home back in Cairo, but once I was here in England, I completed advance my routine and dedication.  The environment here gives me a change to really create something incredible.  I am looking forward to the next show, here or back home.”
Adika Njemanze won the Musclemania® Australia last week in Gold Coast. The 5’10″, 189 lbs., 18 year old high school student had already won all of the other major natural shows last year and decided he was ready to move up to MM. “I did not want to take on the best guys until I knew I could win,” Adika says. “Now I am back in the gym and going to hit the weights and eat like a pig so I can compete with the Open guys next year.” Adika will still be just 19 years old, but could still take on the the big boys.