Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For the past month, MM Pro Ulisses Jr. (L) has been coaching Simeon Panda (R) as he prepares for his stage debut next Sunday at MM Europe in Rome. "Ya, the guy's amazing, but I'm just trying to help him show all his strengths and hide any weaknesses," Ulisses says about Simeon. Both live in London, England, and also train together regularly.

The daily changes that Ty Ogedegbe keeps making are amazing! The 28 year old, London based financial account manager looks thicker yet leaner as MM Universe approaches in a few weeks. At 5'8", 198 lbs., Ty will be the the new kid on stage as he makes his MM Pro debut. Watch Ty and over 400 other amazing competitors LIVE from Miami Beach on www.musclemania.tv. - June 28-29.
Julian Zambrano, Fernando Valdez, and Ivan Estrada (L-R) were popular stars at last month's MM Mexico in Mexico City. Julian and Fernando are now preparing for Model Universe in Miami Beach later this month while Ivan is training his physique for MM Latino in November. www.musclemania.mx
Filipino Jawn Fajardo says he's on his way to America for the first time to compete at Musclemania® Universe in Miami Beach. The 27 year old government worker competed at '11 MM Philippines and explains he's bringing a new physique the stage. "I have been training for symmetry, not just size. I have focused on a classic, old school look because I know Musclemania® judges like it." At 5'7", 185 lbs., Jawn has a powerful yet symmetry physique which should catch the eyes of media, fans and judges alike at the show. MM Universe will broadcast LIVE worldwide on www.musclemania.tv
New MM Pro Rodderick Jackson walked into last month's MM Lone Star show and surprised everyone by beating some favorites. The 5'9", 170 lbs., 31 year old Louisiana trainer gets as heavy as 210 lbs. in the off-season but feels he may have over dieted for the show. Rodderick says he's now on a mission. "Since winning Musclemania® Lonestar and turning MM Pro, I have been hitting the gym hard," he explains. "I accept the challenge of becoming a MM Pro but I'm going to have to improve my stage presence, posing and hit the rim shop for some new wheels before I get on stage with the big boys." Rodderick says he's still undecided on his MM Pro debut, but he's proven that no one should overlook him. "They'll know when I'm on stage!"
Well, he says he's not competing and only preparing for magazine photo shoots. But, MM Pro Morris Mendez is looking more than studio ready. At 5'10", 210 lbs. and leaner than ever, the legendary natural star is training twice a day and has actually gained muscle throughout his 3 month diet. "I am eating a lot of clean food and keeping my carbs proportioned with daily cardio," Morris says. "It all seems to be working. I probably should have trained this year a long time ago."
New MM New Mexico Junior Champion Henry Padilla (L) and Musclemania Pro Law Payne (R) met backstage at the show following Henry's sweep of the Junior and Open LW Classes. The 17 year old college freshman has been training for a few years adding size and getting more conditioned. At 5'8", 149 lbs., Henry used ON 100% Whey Gold Standard, Quest Protein Bars, ON Casein Protein, Universal Animal Pak, Glutamine and BCAA to prepare for the show. His next show will be MM America in Las Vegas in November where he'll take on the Teenage Class.
MM Pro Ulisses Jr. with MM Britain stars Ty Oged-egbe and Simeon Panda (L-R) stormed the BodyPower Expo in Birmingham, England this weekend. They were the talk of the show with Uliisses and Simeon signing literally thousands of autographs and giving away full size posters to their fans. Says Ulisses, "It was incredible! I was there for for like a couple hours each day and was mobbed. It was crazy. Some of the exhibitors got peeved because we were taking attention from their booths. It was a blast!" Ulisses and Ty are getting ready for MM Universe in Miami Beach next month and Simeon's training for his stage debut at MM Europe in Rome. And, all three will be guest stars at MM Britain in London on September 14.

Canadian phenom Samuel Dixon has got 5 weeks until MM Universe in Miami Beach. Shot by fame fitness photographer Luis Rafael, the 6'1", 230 lbs., 24 year old recent college graduate will be making his MM Pro debut. "I am doing two-a-days 5 times a week and loading some serious nutrition," am says. "I know what I am up against and I have never been more focused on a journey. This show is going to be an upset." MM Universe will broadcast LIVE June 28-29 on www.musclemania.tv.
USAF SSgt. Robert Niter did the service proud last weekend winning the Model Lone Star Champion - ships in Galveston, Texas. But despite being a marketable model, the 5'10", 185 lbs. first time competitor has even more potential as a natural bodybuilder. Robert says, "I got into this stuff for the fun of it. But, I can see now what needs work - the wheels! When I'm back on stage, the legs will be ready."
With 21" guns, Kenyan bodybuilder Kevin Ochieng has developed an incredible natural physique and is regarded as a leader among the Nairobi sports scene. The 5'8", 185 lbs., 27 year old casino security guard is training for Musclemania® Africa in Uganda in September.

Italian natural sports model and bodybuilder Gabriele Belmonte is 10 lbs. heavier than his last MM show two years ago. The 27 year old trainer is just two weeks ago from MM Europe in Rome where he'll be competing in front of a home town crowd. At 5'7", 175 lbs. and classic shape and symmetry, Gabriele is a master of illusion!
'12 MM Europe HW Ben Radic kept checking out his image at his sponsor's Nutrend Nutrition booth at the recent FIBO in Germany. The 5'10", 230 lbs., Slovenian is training for MM Europe in Rome and MM Universe in Miami Beach, both next month.