Sunday, January 27, 2013

MM Pro Morris Mendez was a hit at the '05 MM China.  He spent 4 days signing autographs, touring different gyms & fitness centers, appearing on Chinese television and promoting the show. Walking around in the Forbidden City in Beijing, he attracted crowds and spent more time taking photos with undiscovered fans than he did sightseeing. 
Four bad ass dudes - Devin BrownReggie MilesLarry Camacho and John Limar - turned heads on South Beach, Florida. Devin (6'1", 190 lbs.) is an avid competitive wrestler and former Florida State Champion; Reggie (5'9", 195 lbs.) just started competing last year and is training for Musclemania Universe in June; Larry (5'7", 186 lbs.) is training for his Musclemania Pro debut in Miami Beach; and, John Limar (6'2", 260 lbs.) played high school football and trains to look good as a South Florida nightclub promoter. Imagine all of these guys on the same stage someday?!
MM Pro Chul Soon captured everyone's attention backstage at '12 MM World in Las Vegas. At 5'11", 195 lbs., he won the overall title! Chul actually weighed 2 lbs. lighter than the year before, but his muscle condition was much more mature and his physique looked dramatically larger. He will be the Team Korea Captain at MM Universe in Miami Beach in June.
Miami native Yasiel Fleitas hasn't competed but the 23 year old electrician says its time. "I have been training a long time and just like doing it," he explains. "I like the look n' feel. Its good for the parties, ya know. It's fun! But, I got a lot bigger last year, so I'm ready to compete. I think I can take on most of the guys in the gym, so why not at a show, too." At 5'8", 182 lbs., Yasiel is aiming for the Universe in Miami Beach in June where he'll line-up in the Novice Class.
MM Philippines HW star Levi Pangan (r) is already looking lean as he begins training for MM Universe in Miami Beach. The 5'6", 180 lbs., trainer has incredible muscle bellies and thickness with great symmetry. Levi lives in an agricultural area of the Philippines and has internet access only when he travels to the city about hour away from his village. But, despite the challenges, Levi is considered one of the country's best bodybuilders.
Big Ben Radic is living large! Taken a morning workout today, he is weighting an off-season 250 lbs. at 5'9". He ate an hour and half before training 1.5 cups of brown rice, 10 oz. of steak, spinach, MCT oil and a pre-workout supplement. Ben on the '12 MM Europe HW Class and is preparing for MM Europe in Rome and MM Universe in Miami Beach this spring when he plans on being on stage at 225+ lbs.
New '12 Musclemania Superbody Champion Tainue Urey(l) is congratulated by MM Pro Sanya Shaka (r). Tainue competed and won virtually every other natural show before entering MM. The 5'8", 185 lbs. computer network administrator played soccer before getting serious with bodybuilding. Sanya hasn't competed since winning the '09 MM World HW Class but is already on his diet for this season. At 5'11", 235 lbs., Sanya is a former Mr. Kenya and among the biggest natural in the sport.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Musclemania Pro Syed Fazli hasn't missed a training session for months and says he's on track for the competition season. "I am training like the show is next month. But, I don't know when I will compete - Miami, Las Vegas, not sure yet. I am keeping my diet clean and training heavy mixed with high reps." At 5'10", 205 lbs., Syed has developed one of the best natural physiques in the sport - big, thick, symmetrical and lean. He is a commercial star in Malaysia appearing in television shows, magazine advertisements, highway billboards, music videos, much more.
MM Pro Dewayne Malone has been hammering the weights and maintaining a thick, lean and rugged physique even coming off of the holiday cheat season. He is also producing a complete DVD training series and expanding his sports apparel line. "I want to grow commercially even more than competitively," Dewayne says. "I got a family and know that being on stage and beating the muscle boys doesn't pay the bills. But, I know it also establishes my brand in the sport and I want to take it all the way." And, brand building Dewayne will be doing at MM Universe in Miami Beach in June. "It's mine, baby!"
Tennessee sports model Tyler Mc Peak took the past few years to transformed himself. He made a big impression at the '07 Model Universe in Miami. Then, he was recruited for fashion modeling in New York and became over dieted and undernourished. "It wasn't for me," Tyler says. Now, after a 3 year regimen, his physique is now just "back" to where it was but even better. At 6'2", 210 lbs., Tyler's a popular Nashville personal trainer is looking amazing! Just back from an afternoon workout today, he says, "I had an awesome arm workout! They measured out at 18.5" flexed and pumped I want 19's. Now i'm going to lounge around and be lazy the rest of this rainy day." No doubt, the fitness media will soon come chasing Tyler again, soon.

Musclemania promoter Kalyango Zubael brings the natural bodybuilding brand to Africa every year. MM Africa has grown in popularity with competitors coming from as far as Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe and beyond. As a native of Uganda, Kalyango has an affinity for his country and the continent and especially an obligation to help those less fortunate. Following every show in Uganda and Kenya, he donates 10% of MM Africa show proceeds to the Agape Children's Home and Eldoret Children's Rescue Center, respectively. "I regularly visit Agape, play with the kids and buy them food stuffs whenever I can," Kalyango says. Once again, he will produce MM Africa in Kampala, Uganda, on September 28, and the kids at Agape will share in the success of the show.
He's competed in only one show, but Phoenix native Cody Savage rocked the house at the '12 Musclemania Arizona. Now, the 5'10", 185 lbs. says its showtime again. "It's about that time again brah's! The start of 2013 and time to get shredded. I'm gonna start doing my meal plans and workout routines - super cheap for you guys." It took a lot of convincing to get Cody on stage for the first time, but he's got the bug now and will be back later the spring. "I wanna be a lot bigger, but really on my definition. I will have it all together."
'12 MM Superbody Junior Champion Julian Navarro is looking lean and hard as he gains muscle for the season. "I am keeping strict to my diet and want to gain about 6-7 lbs. of muscle," he says. The 21 year old, 5'8", 180 lbs. college student and condo concierge has been training for 8 years and started competing when he was 17 years old. "I have changed a lot over that past couple of years because I keep learning more about my body and how it responds to the training and what nutrition works for me."
MM Florida star Reggie Miles was a stunner during his contest trip to Miami Beach last November. He credits his amazing lats to years of natural powerlifting and competitions. "I use to just train for strength, never really gave any thought to bodybuilding until a couple of years ago," Reggie says. At 5'10", 195 lbs., he's got incredible density and lean condition all season. "I never get out of shape. I train three times a day, really! Heavy stuff in the morning, reps in the afternoon and cardio at night. Then, I do a lot of running and sprinting a couple times a week. Its killer!" Reggie is making his return to the stage at MM Universe in Miami Beach in June.
Lifetime natural bodybuilder Greg Vong at '12 MM Universe but was disappointed with his placing. Since then, the French star has hunkered down and been training what many considered to be his weaknesses - triceps, legs and lats. Now, Greg says he's made a lot of improvement and will take his improved physique to MM Europe in Rome in June. "I took the lessons learned in Miami and did what I had to make my muscles more balanced," he says. At 5'8", 180 lbs., Greg stays lean all season and doesn't allow more than 8% body fat. "I will be ready in June and I hope the results will be much different."

South Carolina natural bodybuilding star Malcolm Sirmonswas a big hit at last year's Musclemania Universe in Miami finishing 2nd Open LHW Class right behind overall champion Sid Lindsey. The 24 year old college student, hospital orderly and personal trainer has been training for 10 years. At 5'11", 195 lbs., Malcolm is a lifetime natural bodybuilder and could become MM Pro this season if he continues serious development, especially lats, his only weakness.
Salman Ahmad is training for Musclemania Universe in Miami Beach. At 5'7", 205 lbs., the 22 year old Pakistani university student is regarded as the best junior bodybuilder in the country. But, he says its time move on and compete beyond the borders. "I have been training since I was 14 years old and  my dream is to compete in America," Salman says. "I have won all of my contests, so I really want a bigger challenge. I am really watching my diet, really serious. I only want to make muscle - not fat. I want to compete in America as the best junior ever." Hopefully, Salman will have his chance to prove it in June in Miami Beach.
Korean natural bodybuilder Pang Seung Hwee competed at '12 MM Universe for the first time. Although he was not a Top 5 Finalist, the 5'10", 173 lbs. college student says he has not deterred his passion for training and ambition to win Musclemania. "I just love this sport," Pang says. "I train because it makes me feel good and it has really changed my whole body. School comes first, but bodybuilding isn't a distant second."

Thursday, January 3, 2013

MM Pro Morris Mendez says he's in his best shape ever in the off-season. "I got some shoot coming up and I had to get ready early," he explains. Actually, at 5'10", 220 lbs. and lean, Morris is bigger and thicker than ever. "I have been eating to gain some solid muscle, but I still need to get diced for the shoots." Morris hasn't decided (or, isn't telling anyone) in what show(s) he'll be competing but with more size like his planning, he'll be tough to beat. He's '11 MM World condition was his best, so maybe we'll see a repeat performance this season.
In his latest photo, MM Pro Ulisses Jr. is looking insanely tight and incredible for off-season condition (if he even has one)! Currently at 5'11", 220 lbs., he's worked through the holidays and is training every day. "I am not taking time off. I want to hit every show I can this year, so I don't have time to waste," Ulisses states. "I am gaining just muscle, not fat, and really want to be stupid looking. Rome, Miami Beach, London, Paris and Las Vegas - wherever. I want to untouchable." Ulisses will make guest appearances at MM Europe, Britain, Superbody and others and will competing at MM Universe, World and others.

Musclemania Pro Kwesi Keller has been in the US Air Force for years, but the '12 MM Unverse HW Champion says as of next month, he will become a civilian once again. He explains, "I will be staying the Pacific Northwest and developing my new personal training company. My talents were picked up by The New Chrome PTC and I am the new Peak Performance trainer." Kwesi, who's a a former high school & collegiate football star says he'll be available to help young athletes, high performance athletes and and those who have "mental blocks" impeding their performance.
Model America star Ben Handsaker was popular among the media at the Las Vegas show and so much so that famed fitness shutterbug Alex Ardenti took notice. Ben says, "I set out in 2012 to shoot with the world's best photographers - job done. When I first met Alex I asked whether I should pump up? He said, 'Yes, of course. You don't want to look small and flat. LOL' When I heard that I knew we were on!" Ben place 7th among 24 amazing sports models in the Short Class but captured a 1st Place load publicity at the show.
New MM World Pro Champion Chul Soon is maintaining his shape and condition as he prepares for MM Universe in Miami Beach. The Korean television and commercial star has completely transformed his physique since first competing in 2009 including adding 30 lbs. of muscle and competed at 5'10", 190 lbs. last month. Chul appears on a weekly Korea television game and entertainment show, in over a dozen commercials this year and numerous magazine features and profiles.
Musclemania Pro Sid Lindsey looked insane when French photographer Tibo Norman shot him at MM Universe last June in Miami. At 5'10", 195 lbs., he won the LHW and Open title with crazy muscle thickness, density and symmetry. Now, the USAF Sgt. says he's adding even more muscle for his MM Pro debut next season. "I am holding around 240 lbs. right now and want to get to get it as hard and lean," Sid explains. Currently training on base in Germany, the South Carolina native will soon get transfered to South Korea and will be able to train with MM Pro Chul Soon.
Musclemania Pro Kwesi Keller won the '12 MM Universe HW in his first international stage appearance. At 5'10", 220 lbs., he surprised and amazed everyone. But, now as he prepares for next season, Kwesi reflects on his training with ever more scrutiny. "The off season's a time for reflection on your past mistakes in training and dieting," he explains. "But most importantly is recovery. After years of building muscle, I have lost much ROM (range of motion) in many body parts. Fortunately for me there is a strong team building around me to help me maintain body function while I pushing my body to new extremes. The team of Raymond J Sicilia Chiropractic and Chrome PTC will be pivotal in my successes at developing an incredible package for the 2013 Musclemania season."
Former MM World Junior Champion Ricardo Delgado Ruizsays he's training for his comeback next season. The 31 year old Mexico City gym owner made his mark on the scene when he was just 20 years old and won all of his competitions. "I want to be better than ever," Ricardo says. "I took off 7 years from competing, started a family, got my business going and now I and ready to get back into serious, hard training. I miss it so much!" At 5'11", 210 lbs., Ricardo carries classic shape and knows how to put on a show on stage. He will compete at MM Mexico in May and MM Universe in June.
MM Pro Morris Mendez (L) and Romanian star Iana Ionut (R) got the arms to show and they do it well.  Morris is continuing to pack on muscle on his symmetrical physique while keeping his condition while Iana is concentrating on blasting his legs to improve his symmetry. Morris won the '12 MM Universe but hasn't been on stage since.  Iana hasn't competed for two years but promises that when his legs match his arms, Morris and all of the natural phenoms should watch out because he's coming back.
Congraduations to '12 Model Europe & Model New York Champion David Costa who just landed a Remington shaver television spot. The trainer from Spain has appeared in many new commercials and magazine advertisements and is expanding his roles into the movies.  David is also schedule to shoot a new television action series.
He's never competed, but 18 year old Juan Ibarguen is hitting the gym everyday after school. At 5'10", 180 lbs., is training for the new Musclemania® Colombia in Medellin. "I am hitting all of my weak body parts and really want to be perfect for the show," Juan explains. "I train with my friends and they are into bodybuilding, too. It is hard to get the supplements here and the right nutrition, but I am learning and trying my best."
"El Camacho Macho" is making his comeback next season! Larry Camacho won the '08 MM World Junior Championships and then '11 MM Universe MW Class but he's yet to make his MM Pro debut. Well, according to him, that will happen in Miami Beach in June. "I've been busy at school and really couldn't get focused," Larry explains. "But, I have everything in my life in place and can focus, train intensely, all my nutrition's in place and a schedule that works. It couldn't be a better mix right now. I know what I will bring to the stage and I am excited." At 5'8", 185 lbs., Larry has one of the most symmetrical and classical physiques seen on any natural stage.
Storming into Las Vegas last month was Pj Lee, a 21 year old sales representative who won the MM America Junior Championships. At 5'4", 167 lbs., the 3x Junior Mr. Australia carried incredible muscle thickness, density and symmetry. PJ says, "I want to go Musclemania Pro. I will be back next year to make it happen." PJ is sponsored by Gen-tec Nutrition.
Musclemania Philippines star Levi Pangan says his contest training regimen will begin in two weeks. "I want to be incredible for the Universe!," he asserts. The 5'6", 175 lbs. phenom explains he will stay lean all season and just grow muscle as he prepares for the show. "I used to get real heavy in the off-season, but those days are over. I need to stay lean and let my body grow naturally. So, I won't blow up and then drop down. I will stay just 10 lbs. from contest shape all season." Levi's appearance at MM Universe in Florida in June will be his first time in America.
Kudos to '12 MM Florida LW Champion Nick Bennett who just graduated from University of South Florida with a BA in Health Science. But, training hasn't been far from his daily regimen. Nick says, "I've been hitting the gym hard doing a lot of 5 sets of 5 and then some high rep low weight burn outs. I'm really excited about next season and I'm hoping next year to clench my MM Pro plaque. I'm about 5'7", 163 lbs. right now and am going to continue to try and put on lean muscle mass this off season."
As one of the best natural bodybuilders in the sport, MM Pro Ricky Syamsuri has carried the mantle of drug free bodybuilding for over a decade. The 5'8", 185 lbs. Indonesian star host seminars, training camps and exhibitions in his country teaching new and veteran athletes the virtues of staying clean and developing a world class, all natural physique. Ricky won the '03 MM Superbody and has been a Top 5 MM Pro in every show since then.
Nigerian junior bodybuilder Edwin Matthew has won some local shows, but the 21 year old is training for MM Africa in Uganda next season. At 5'6", 165 lbs., he says, "I want to compete in Musclemania in America. That is my dream!" Edwin has gained nearly 15 lbs. over the past 6 months. "It is really hard here in Lagos, but I am getting help from sponsors for food and supplements. Bodybuilding just doesn't get a lot of interest, but I have always wanted to be a great bodybuilder."
Still just 21 years old, new MM Texas Junior Champion Fred Smith is aiming for MM Universe Junior in Miami Beach. Over a month after the show, he is 5'6", lean at 186 lbs. with just 6% bodyfat. "I am training my $!% off!," Fred says. "I want to gain at least 15 lbs. The show will be over before it starts." Fred trains with his older brother James who gives him no slack in the gym.
Unseen on stage since narrowly loosing the '11 MM America HW Class, Adrain Childers hasn't feared the gym. At 6'3", 260 lbs. and carrying 23" guns, the nutrition store manager has been following an intense regimen. Amazingly muscular, symmetrical and lean, Adrain is legendary in the natural scene carrying one of the most athletic and imposing physiques in the sport. Everyone is wondering if Adrain will make next season his comeback year? If he can just bring contest ready conditioning to the stage, the show of choice will be his.
Just in from MM Pro Ulisses Jr, he's already into contest training, growing and leaner than ever. "Next year is mine," he claims. "I will be so different than anytime before. My sights are set." At 5'11", Ulisses is weighing 220 lbs. with 6 months before show time.  He won the '10 MM World and now wants to take the MM Universe in Miami Beach and MM Superbody in Atlantic City.  "Why not?  I have been doing nothing but going balistic in the gym and its showing.  I am so focused.  I want a clean sweap next year!"
MM Pro Syed Fazli is in top shape nearly all year. The 10 year veteran is known for his classic shape, symmetry and condition and is always a threat on stage. The Malaysian media superstar is seen regularly on national television, magazines, advertisements, news shows, more. At 5'10", 205 lbs., Syed's condition never deviates more than 10 lbs. throughout the year. Photo Credit: Jason Mathis
MM Pro Dewayne J Malone was low key and stayed under the radar this season as he prepared for MM World Pro. With a LW Class win, the strategy worked for him. At 5'7", 185 lbs., Dewayne beat more boastful competitors like Musclemania Pro-Law Payne and Genaro Alvarado Tapia, both of whom expected to win the show. "Ya, I was a different guy this year," says Dewayne. "I kept to myself, did not show anyone what I looked like and just followed my planned." Dewayne is a popular Texas personal trainer and successful competition trainer.
Italian sports models Gabriele Belmonte is training for Musclemania® Europe in Rome and the Universe in Miami Beach two weeks later.  The 26 year old trainer started competing as sports model but having added nearly 20 lbs. of muscle in the past 4 years, he feels its time to move up to the bodybuilding stage.  "My body just keeps growing, so why fight it?," Gabriele says.  "I like spending time in the gym and it seems the photographers like what they're seeing, too.  The size seems to be helping."

MM Europe HW Champ- ion Benjamin Radic recently shot in the German woods as part of a adventure production. The 5'10", 230 lbs. personal trainer was selected by photographer Marc Spielberg who used a Canon EOS D5 Mark II camera. Ben says his training has been rigorous since the show as he maintains good condition for more magazine, feature and commercial shoots.
Musclemania Pro Law Payne may be disappointed by his placing at MM World Pro, but the respected 27 year old personal trainer looked amazing nonetheless. Truly in better condition weeks before the contest (photo) than when he took the stage in Las Vegas, Law will be certain to learn from the experience and be a whole different bodybuilder next season. Law has two masters degrees and spends much of his time coaching both his former high school and college wrestling teams.
USAF Sgt. Chris Wescott made his mark as a prominent natural junior bodybuilder. But the former champion hasn't competed for a couple of years because of military deployment and training obligations. Now the 6'2", 250 lbs. says he's coming back. "I was in Afica, isolated and really had nothing better to do than train. And, now back here in Texas, I only focused on AF schooling and training every afternoon. I got to say, I have never been heavier or leaner. I will bring a new body to the stage next year."
MM Pros and Korea stars Yoon Jong Muc (L) and Chul Soon (R) finished 4th and 1st, respectively, at the '12 MM World Pro HW in Las Vegas. Yoon Jong (5'11", 225 lbs.) is a respected Seoul personal trainer, won the '10 MM Korea and has competed as MM Pro for two years. Chul (5'10", 195 lbs.) started competing 4 years ago and has risen to become a Korean national media star. Now in his second year as a MM Pro, he continued to condition and mature his physique while his weight has actually dropped a couple of lbs.
As one of Britain's hottest new natural stars, Tyrone Ogendegbe is looking forward to shaking up the sport. At 5'8", 193 lbs., works as an investment analyst by day and an avid, hard core bodybuilder by nights and weekends. Blessed with massive arms, shoulders and chest, he's focused on bringing up his legs and calves. "I want to bring to Miami ('13 MM Universe) a lower body with the same kind of upper size", Ty says.
Model Universe star Tyler Mc Peak (2nd L) and MM ProMatt Liller (2nd R) have been training buddies for years. In this recent shot with Cris Edmonds (L) and Ben Bowles (R) after a 2 hour back workout, Tyler says, "Deads were done as the la st exercise. I pulled 500 lbs. for 2 and then did 315 lbs. for 25. Wish I could train with these guys all the time!" Tyler, a Tennessee personal trainer, has been on a 3 year regimen transforming his physique and Matt, a 3rd year West Virginia law school student, took 2nd at the '12 MM Universe in Miami.
On behalf of the Musclemania family, we want to offer our sincere condolences to the family of Kurt Tomlinson on his passing this week. From the very first time we saw him compete at the 2002 Musclemania Canada Championships in Toronto, we knew he would be a great natural bodybuilder. But more importantly, he went on to exceed his athletic prowess and proved to be a loyal representative of the sport of natural bodybuilding as exhibited with high personal character, integrity, honesty and a passion to teach those who aspired to and looked up to him. We are so sadden by the news of Kurt's passing and will forever remember his contributions to the sport of natural bodybuilding and leadership within the Musclemania family. Rest in peace with God, Kurt, and thank you for your loyalty and support.
MM Pro Rob Terry hasn't been on stage since the '08 MM World in Las Vegas. But the 6'4", 260 lbs. goliath is looking crazier than ever. Since winning the Junior Wales Champions at just 17 years of age, Rob has been a force in natural bodybuilding. Will he ever step on stage again, only time will tell.
'12 Musclemania® Superbody Junior Champion Julian Navarro was mind blowing on stage and even more incredible in the gym! At 5'8", 168 lbs., the 21 year old college student looks 20 lbs. heavier which he credits to clean eating all season and solid, well rounded supplement plan. Currently, Julian is training for the '13 MM Universe in Miami Beach.