Saturday, May 31, 2014

Arm wrestling may not be part of their training regimen, but rest assured that Musclemania® Pros Hyung Seon Park (L) and Chul Soon are into competition mode. Hyung, who won the ’13 MM Physique America Championships, will make his MM Pro debut at MM Universe in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale. And, Chul is aiming to knock off Ulisses in the MM Pro Tall Class as loosing to him at MM World in Las Vegas. Both Hyung and Chul will lead Team Korea with over 12 competitors.
Donte Franklin stepped on to the contest stage last season for the first time and won the Musclemania Mid America HW Championships. But even with victory trophy on his mantel, the 6′, 210 lbs., 22 year old car salesman knew he had to work to do. “I never thought about competing, but everyone at the gym kept tell me to try it,” Donte explains. “I knew my physique was different, but after the show I realized just how incomplete it was. So, for the past 8 months, I have been working on the hams, calves and lats.” Despite his massive size, Donte swore he would not compete until his symmetry was show ready. And, has that decision been made yet? “I’ll make my mind up soon,” he says.
Cousins Lawrence & Drew De Coud (L & R) with Musclemania Pro Larry Camacho backstage at MM Orange County yesterday. At just 20 years old, Drew won the show while Lawrence also looked impressive and took 3rd Place. Larry made a guest posing appearance and looked just a few weeks out of competition shape.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Adnan Ali continues to improve his physique and is fast becoming one of SE Asia’s best natural stars! The 6′, 218 lbs., 24 year old trainer has taken on classic symmetry, thick and lean mass and says he follows a lean bulk, year round diet like a lot of Musclemania natural athletes. “I will start at MM Asia in September,” Adnan says of his competition plans this season. “Then, God willing, I will be able to compete on the World stage in Las Vegas, too.” Regardless of where or when he competes, Adnan is certain to be game changer.
Musclemania Pro Simeon Panda is one of the most intense trainers in the sport of bodybuilding. The 6’1″, 225 lbs., 27 year old superstar has been training for over 12 years and says, “I have missed just 4 days since I dedicated myself to bodybuilding when I just a kid. This is my life, my journey.”
The Musclemania India Seminars are a wrap and a smashing success! Hundreds of fans came out to meet MM Pros Ulisses and Simeon Panda along with Ms. Bikini America Jessica Vasquez – Athlete who fielded questions for nearly 4 hours during each of the two-day event. Then, a near frenzy occurred when the three superstars took photos with everyone and signed autographs for 2 hours each day. “It was a blast,” said Simeon. “The crowd was so receptive and shot off so many inquisitive questions about everything to do with natural bodybuilding.” Musclemania India will be in three month and if expected to host thousands of fans and competitors.
Florida natural bodybuilder Gerardo Gabriel has been slamming the weights preparing for Musclemania® Physique Universe in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale next month. The 5’6″, 175 lbs., 24 year old college student has insane symmetry and truly classic upper body shape. Gerardo is a former US Marine and appears this week on the popularity Spanish television game show, 100 Latinos Dijeros where he and other MM stars compete for over $25,000 in cash prizes! Watch Team Musclemania Latinos throughout the week on Mundo Fox network.
’13 Musclemania Europe Champion Medhi Larijani is training for his MM Pro debut in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale next month. The 5’11″, 27 year old, Iranian bodybuilder says, “I know my reputation back home is on the line at this show. I chose MM shows a long time ago because I have always lifted natural, no drugs. So, it will be a great challenge for me to compete to with the great guys like Ulisses and Chul Soon”. Medhi is currently training in Norfolk, VA during his 3 month stay in the US.
Training for his first contest season, Romuald Roi says he’s almost ready for Musclemania Africa. The 6’2, 200 lbs., 22 year old natural bodybuilder lives in Sierra Leone. “I love bodybuilding,” Romuald explains. “This is something I started when I was young and I want to make it my life,”
Musclemania Pros (L-R) Chul Soon & Burkley Goss – Musclemania Pro were on hand at MM Korea held this week in Seoul. Over 400 competitors participated making it the largest natural show held in the country. Burley gave a masterful guest posing performance and the crowd went wild. Chul will be competing at MM Universe next month and Burkley is waiting for MM Paris and MM World this fall.
Adnan Ali has transformed his physique from a bulky bodybuilder into a lean physique star. “I tried competing at Musclemania® Pakistan last year, but it was not a good experience for me,” he explains. “I thought I knew what I had to look like to recognized by the the judges, but I did not make the top cut.” Adnan stands at an impressive 6′, 215 lbs. and has been training for 7 years. Now, he is ready for redemption and training for MM Asia in Singapore in September. “Since the last show, I have completely changed my training and nutrition regimen. I have gotten so lean and never seen my physique look like this before. All that fat and water is gone and just love this lean look. Yeah, my weight has dropped, but I look bigger and so hard. I will be ready for Singapore. I will be a whole new bodybuilder.”
Alexander Rendon Fitness Model continues to slowly develop and improve his physique as he prepares for his first competition in September. The 5’10″, 191 lbs, 20 year old is holding at 7% body fat, getting leaner yet still developing more muscle. “This is the first time I have done this, so I am experimenting every day,” Alex explains. “It is exciting to see the changes everyday.
Nathan Mozango – Road to Aesthetics and Musclemania® Paris in October where he’ll be competing for the first time! The 5’8″, 180 lbs., 19 year old natural bodybuilder has been lifting for 2 years. “I have kept it all lean the whole time,” Nathan explains. “I never wanted to just get big and loose my shape. I want to look good all the time, not during contest time.” Nathan will be in Paris on October 12 and also attend Ulisses and Simeon Panda Muscle Camp Tour.
Musclemania® America Teenage Champion Brandon Flihan is looking bigger, leaner and more symmetrical than when he stood on stage in Las Vegas and stoled the show. The 5’11″, 195 lbs., 19 year old lifter says, “I am learning more and more about how my body responds to certain foods and how to stay lean year round, yet still continue to grow. I’ve got it down to a T!” Brandon will soon team up with MM Pro LARRY CAMACHO to host monthly MM Camps in California and Nevada. Camp schedule and locations will be announced soon.
Musclemania® Pro Ben Radic  says he works his calves relentlessly. “They use to tell me arms were weak,” he professes. “They don’t any more. Then, they used to tell me my back and chest were too small for my arms. No more. Now, they’re tell me my calves don’t match my legs. Soon, no more.” The 5’9″, 225 lbs., Slovenia fitness center owner will be coming to America for the first time and making his MM Pro debut at the Universe in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale.
Maryland’s Joe Neil has been training for years through high school and college for sports but never for bodybuilding competitions. But, now the 5’10″, 202 lbs., 30 year old trainer says he’s ready to talk his lifetime natural physique to the next level. “I have thought about it, but never really gave it serious effort,” Joe says. “I’ve been training forever and can’t miss a day from the gym.” Joe’s been an active and competitive wrestler, football player, track runner and boxer. “The descipline is not a problem for me, so now I am focused on dieting and conditioning for the show.” Joe will be competing this spring.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Team Musclemania® did well on the popular Mundo Fox network television game show, 100 Latinos Dijeros. From the first show in the elimination, tournament event, (L-R) Alan ValdezLarry CamachoHector Ruiz,Jose Rodriquez and Gerardo Gabriel were among the favorites. The shows will broadcast nationally in the US, Mexico and throughout Latin America during the week of May 12 – 16. Watch all 3 shows to see the big surprise and how well Team MM did against the other 7 teams. – www.musclemania.comTeam Musclemania® did well on the popular Mundo Fox network television game show, 100 Latinos Dijeros. From the first show in the elimination, tournament event, (L-R) Alan Valdez, Larry Camacho, Hector Ruiz, Jose Rodriquez and Gerardo Gabriel were among the favorites. The shows will broadcast nationally in the US, Mexico and throughout Latin America during the week of May 12 – 16. Watch all 3 shows to see the big surprise and how well Team MM did against the other 7 teams.
Kenyan natural bodybuilder Kevin Kimongoi is among the country’s best athletes and will be competing at Musclemania Africa in Nairobi on August 9. The thickly muscled, 5’7″, 190 lbs. trainer has added 20 lbs. since his last competition 2 years ago and expects to be lean and ready by show time.
Last month, Musclemania® Pros (L-R) Simeon PandaSasho Ognenovski and Ulisses were together at the Muscle Camp Australia held at Sasho’s gym in Sydney. Simeon is training for MM World in Las Vegas in November while Sasho and Ulisses will flex off at MM Universe in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale in June.
New Colombia bodybuilder Alexander Rendon Fitness Model keeps growing and says he won’t compete until its complete. “I have been training a long time and really can’t think about competing until I am happy with my whole physique,” he says. At 5’10″, 185 lbs. and just 20 years old, Alex’s got good thickness but wants to balance his symmetry. “I see the photos of all of the guys I would be competing against and won’t stand against them until I know I can win!
Musclemania Pro Larry Camacho hasn’t said when he’s competing again, but the 5’7″, 185 lbs., former MM California Champion looks like he could complete soon. “I just like lifting and take every workout to the max,” says Larry. “I’ve been competing for 8 years and, yeah, I like it. But it’s the lifting that keeps me motivated.” Larry was a Top 5 Finalist at his MM Pro debut in Las Vegas last year.

Friday, May 2, 2014

In the tradition of Musclemania® classic style physiques, Florida natural bodybuilder Gerardo Gabriel has developed it all – size, symmetry and condition. The 23 year old, former US Marine is training with military discipline for MM Universe in two months. “I just wrapped up an amazing workout,” Gerardo explains. “Getting my diet tighter and tighter everyday as I soon start to prep to go to work. I am about 178 lbs right now. I have been average, and I have been aesthetic. I chose aesthetic every dam time.”
He may be just 17 years old, but Mexican student Angel Gallegos has been lifting for 3 years and uses his budding development on a weekly Telemundo Tijuana dance show performances. “Its kind of cool to have muscles on TV,” Angel says. The 5’8″, 180 lbs. high school student is an honor student and trains daily in the gym. Angel will be competing at Musclemania® California in San Diego and MM America in Las Vegas, both in November.
As the reigning Musclemania® America Teenage Champion, Brandon Flihan says he’s learning more about his body, training and nutrition everyday. “I am training and dieting with a lot more knowledge under my belt this year,” he explains. “Over the past month, I have was 210 pounds, and now I dropped down to about 195. I’ve realized that it’s just unnecessary to carry all that extra fat and water weight around. I got a much better look now, so I am staying on this plan.” Brandon says he is training for MM America in Las Vegas, but wants to move up into the Open Class.
After training for over a year for his first Musclemania® show, Pakistani Salman Ahmad says he’s ready. “I have dedicated everything for this show, my family, school, work – everything!,” he professes. At 5’8″, 182 lbs., 22 years old, Salman will travel to America for the first time and step on the MM Universe stage in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale. “It has been my dream and its finally going to happen!”
Some words of wisdom from a youthful Adnan Ali of Pakistan who’s training for Musclemania® Asia in Singapore. “I remember when my mother used to tell me that, “If you don’t take time by the forelock, you’ll be a ruined man.” Avoiding delay, catching every available opportunity is what makes a man realize how important time is. An opportunity shows up, you miss it, you’ll miss it forever because that opportunity was fixed for that time. And time’s gone now. It’s another thing when one says, “Time repeats itself.” But in my opinion only clock repeats itself because in repetition things do not remain the same. What you were once at that time might be long changed!”
’12 Model Universe Champion Alan Valdez has transcended being a fitness model into a popular sport fitness brand, especially in Latin America. The 5’11″, 190 lbs., 27 year old has appeared in numerous magazines and 3 covers last year. Alan will make guest appearances at Musclemania® Colombia, Mexico, Europe, Universe and other events this season.