Friday, July 25, 2014

Ovi Diu says, “Motivated? I’m utterly f’ing obsessed. Motivation would be a step down! The 5’6″, 180 lbs., 22 year old, Musclemania® Europe Junior Champion is training for the fall contest season. Ovi has been training for 5 years and just started competing last season.  “I see that the longer I train, my condition is getting better,” he explains.  “The more I compete, the leaner I look after the show.  My weight isn’t changing much but the muscle size and shape is looking crazier. So, I rarely check the scale any more.”
Axle and crank shaft squats are building quads in this region of Ghana, Africa. Kulbila Agyarko Samuel has popularized home made muscle using scrap automotive parts and building his own backyard gym. “We make due with what we have here,” he asserts. “Hopefully we will get to compete at Musclemania® Africa and show what passion can do for a body.” Sam has been training at home for just a couple of years and has already built a competitive physique.
Nathan Mozango has 3 months until Musclemania® Paris which will be his bodybuilding show debut. The 5’7″, 185 lbs., 19 year old university student says he’s waiting until his physique is ready. “I’ve been training for 3 years, but I never want to get on stage until I was big enough and in super lean,” Nathan explains. “This is my year, I am ready, now.” He will compete among the best natural teenage bodybuilders throughout Europe on October 11.
’13 Musclemania® Superbody™ Physique Champion Nick Morrell is looking crazy this season. “I’m keeping things real clean with my diet,” he says. “I’m gaining slow, but everything is super lean and tight. I don’t want to go back to bulking.” Nick will be competing next month at Superbody™ where he wants to earn his MM Pro card.
With 4 months out, Matthew Corso says he’s ready to start his diet for Musclemania® America. The 5’5″, 154 lbs., 24 year old management trainee is well heeled in fitness with both his mother and sister who are also MM natural bodybuilders. “Yeah, its in the blood,” Matt confirms. He’s been competing in MM shows since a teenager and well seasoned on stage. More updates about Matt as he transforms his physique for Las Vegas.
Musclemania® Universe Champion Henry Adell is not slacking and already back into true form. He says, “Part of building a great physique is not allowing the common bodybuilder mentality of “I’m not big enough” to overtake attention to detail and perfect symmetry. My goals are to build my arms and calves in proportion to each other and the rest of my body for my pro debut at Musclemania® World in Las Vegas. While I am looking to gain size in these muscle groups, I also include exercises in my routine for definition.”
Musclemania® Pro Ty Ogedegbe says he just made a guest appearance at an all women’s show. “Its was a very good way to practice my stage presence and posing skills in preparation for MM World in November,” Ty explains. “The symmetry is coming together, but I’m still fine tuning a few parts. I’ve been loading up on Whey protein all week round and then carbohydrates only twice a week. It’s all helping me maintain a lean physique all year round and heavier weights for my weak areas.” Ty will soon announce his new MM Britain Prep Camps in London, England, for beginner and novice competitors.

Friday, July 11, 2014

’13 Musclemania® Mid America HW Champion Donte Franklin is tightening up for his guest appearance at the same show in Kansas City this season. The 6′, 210 lbs., 23 year old car salesman is packed with muscle and will compete at MM Superbody in Atlantic City on August 30. “I’ve been working on symmetry – calves and abs especially,” Donte says. “This year has really been a learning experience for me, especially on diet and conditioning.”
Not missing a beat, Musclemania® Pro Julian King Navarro was already crunching curls having decided to train for MM World Pro in Las Vegas in November. “I am back at it and not letting anything stopping me,” he says. “Third place is not for me. I am out to win it. So, I messed up my carb loading, who cares! None of it’s going to happen again.” The 5’7″, 180 lbs., 23 year old powerhouse said he was 10-15 lbs lighter than planed for MM Universe last weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, but expects to be at least 190 lbs. on stage in November. “Those boys better be ready!”
Back into true training form, Musclemania® Pro Syed Fazli is hitting twice a day preparing for MM World Pro in Las Vegas. The 5’10″, 200 lbs. Malaysian star is looking better at any time in his career. “I promise to bring a new physique to the stage in November,” Syed says. We’ll get a preview of his new physique when Syed makes a special guest appearance at MM Asia on September 6 in Singapore.
Musclemania® Universe 2nd Place Salman Ahmad says his super lean condition came from a 6 month diet, solid nutrition, 2x day training and a serious, year round focus on conditioning. “I knew MM bodybuilders are always in shape,” he explains. “Here in Pakistan, diet doesn’t matter as much – its all about size on stage. But at MM, its the complete body and super lean. Illusion shadows sheer size!” At 5’8″, 172 lbs., Salman says he was shape 2 months before the show. His next competition will be MM World in Las Vegas.
With soaring wings, Musclemania Pro Joe Parsee hit this shot today after a killer back workout. He says, “I hit different angles with varying grips which is an important training tool for back size and sculpting. I did vertical & horizontal pulls hitting almost every angle inbetween. Always beginning and ending with pullups.” The 5’8″, 210 lbs., ’12 MM California Champion has been training all season for MM World Pro in November. Joe nearly won the ’13 MM Universe Pro Short Class which was his MM Pro debut, so he is a threat to take it all in Las Vegas.
He’s done a bunch of untested shows and always a Top 3 Finalist. But, now Daniel Babcock says he’s had enough. “I’ve always been natural, 100% clean,” he professes. “I can’t compete with those guys unless I use stuff. Hey, that’s not me!” So, the 6’2″, 197 lbs., 26 year old, computer network infrastructure engineer has decided to train for his first Musclemania® show. “I’ve talked with some of the competitors and I’m pretty pumped for the show. I got a month or two more of clean bulking to bring up some body parts before I start to dial down hard for the show. I’m keeping my power hypertrophy program going. I do my own approach to stay lean and continue to gain. I plan on bringing my a game.”
Musclemania Pros (L-R) Chul Soon Soon (Medium), Ulisses (Tall) and Bernard Issogola Amaya (Short) were winners at MM Universe last month in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Ulisses was the first person to have won both MM World and MM Universe back-to-back.  Chul has risen from being the Model Korea Champion into one of the best natural bodybuilders in the world.  And, Bernard has one of the most classic physique on the scene and always wins with chiseled, lean muscle maturity.
New Musclemania® Physique Universe Champion Gerardo Gabriel swept the competition in his debut appearance. With just 2 years of serious competition training, the 5’7″, 175 lbs., 24 year old college student has exploded on the fitness scene. Gerardo is a former US Marine and is as disciplined in his training, nutrition and daily regimen as he was on military deployment.
Musclemania® Pros Simeon Panda (L) and Ulisses (R) with Chris Francis at Muscle Camp Tour Florida last Sunday. The exclusive 3 hour seminar was held at The Gym at Ft. Lauderdale Beach. More camps will be held soon this season including Dubai, Kuwait, Cairo, Mexico City, Guatemala, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Long Beach & Philadelphia.
With 3 months to go, Belgium natural teenage bodybuilder Nathan Mozango is looking incredible. The 5’7″, 185 lbs., 19 year old university student will make Musclemania® Paris his debut show. “I am still training heavy and adding mass,” Nathan says. “I have been eating clean for almost 5 months, so I am able to gain quality muscle with no fat. I never thought I could get this heavy and still be in shape. I can’t wait for the Paris show.”
Musclemania® Pro @Griffin Griffith Datcher reminded us today that, “I’m still in the scene and hitting hit harder than ever.” The 6’4″, 260 lbs., Texas star continues, “I haven’t stopped my pursuit of winning an overall championship and won’t until I get it. I’m maintaining a much lower body fat percentage than ever before. I want to allow my body to get used to a lower level and then make minor changes before a show. The old days of getting heavy to get some size and then trimming it down is all a myth. You can and will gain size while staying lean all year round. At my next show I will prove it. I’ll let the fans know which show I’ll hit.”
Musclemania® Pro Julian King Navarro shot with popular photographer Ernesto Sempoll in Florida last week just before MM Universe. The 5’7″, 185 lbs., 23 year old star took 3rd Short Class.  “I sort of over dieted and then couldn’t get the size back when I carb loaded,” Julian explains.  “I did it all wrong and really should have know better.  But, I’ll be ready for Vegas.  You’re going to see me 10 lbs., bigger and leaner.”
Lifetime natural bodybuilder David Higuera has only competed once, at the ’06 Musclemania® World in Hollywood. Now, the 5’8″, 187 lbs., 27 year old culinary student says he’s once again training for MM World. “I have been boxing for the past 6-7 years,” David explains. “But, I am back in the gym and hitting it harder than ever. I have been at it for a year now and want to be about 200 lbs. on stage in Las Vegas. I am eating clean, taking a bunch of supplements and and training everyday. All that boxing has really helped me with my conditioning, so its been more of a lifestyle for me this time than a just disciplined competition training. I am really enjoying it.” David will compete at MM Latino in October and then on to Las Vegas.