Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Croatian sports model Adis Jakic is the reigning Model Europe Champion and a '11 Model America Top 5 Finalist in Las Vegas. The 28 year old businessman has been training for many years and was a national level sprinter before switching to serious bodybuilding. At 5'10", 185 lbs., Adis is currently training for Model Universe in Miami and Model Europe in Paris.

Monday, January 30, 2012

'06 Model America Champion Matus Valent & supermodel Diego Sebastian were caught hanging out last weekend. Both cover models have a super season planned including more magazine feature spread & cover shoots. Diego will also be hosting Musclemania & Model South America in Argentina in December.
‎'10 MM California Junior Champion Dani Youman is in training mode for MM America in Las Vegas. The 5'7", 190 lbs. college student trains in San Diego and will be making a guest performance at MM California in October.
Just in from '11 MM America Junior 2nd Place Nick Bennett, he says, "I'm hitting the weights hard trying to put on weight. Be on the lookout for my up and coming fan page, "Gym Without Nutrition". The 5'6", 165 lbs. college senior is preparing for MM Universe Junior Championships in Miami, June 15-16.
Natural Texas bodybuilder David Hicks is a bruiser on stage. The former NFL Kansas City Chiefs football player switched to bodybuilding after getting a herniated disc. The 6'2", 238 lbs. high school football coach appears in this month's Krave Fitness magazine. David made a big impact at the '11 MM Texas and is now training for MM Lone Star. "My training is functional and intense", he explains. "It's not the typical bodybuilders workout. I still run hills, do kettle bellworkouts, push cars, intervals, pull sleds and a lot of plyometrics, just like I'm playing football. The difference now is that there is a lot more concentration lifts rather than trying to be explosive or just 'get it up'. I do a lot of super sets and heavy lifting."
MM Pro Ricky Syamsuri is back into competition training. He says, "I took off a couple of months after Vegas (MM World in November). But, I am more motivated than ever! Getting so close and then not winning . . . I am taking it all next time." The Indonesian star is a lifetime natural and trains with Musclemania legend ADE RAI in Jakarta.
After winning the '10 Model Britain show, Mehmet Edip has been introducing himself to UK photographers and publications. The former gymnast will appear this month in Muscle & Fitness and has numerous other magazine spreads coming out soon.

Hard to believe that this guy's never competed, but Floridian Reggie Miles will be making his stage debut at MM Universe in June. The competitive powerlifter is lifetime natural and says he's beenm focused on the show since watching it last year. "I am so motivated to get on stage," Reggie says. "I am already training twice and day plus cardio. My family thinks I am but!" At 5'10", 198 lbs., with less than 5% bodyfat, he hopes to compete over 200 lbs.a
MM New Mexico star Jason Borrego, a work of art!
Louisiana junior Frederick Smith is preparing for his first show of the season, MM Lone Star in Galveston, TX. At the 5'6", 180 lbs., the 21 year old store stock clerk placed 2nd at '11 MM Texas Junior and is aiming to snatch the title next time and then, hopefully, on to MM Universe in Miami.a

Just in from MM Pro Griffin Datcher III who dominates a show when he walks in. At 6'3", he commands attention, but that doesn't mean anything if his physique isn't ready on the day. Apparently he knows it, too, as he prepares for MM Universe.

"I'm not playing this time around", Griffin asserts. "I'm coming for the top spot come June. I have new ideas and plans for my pro debut. I'm eating, sleeping and more eating for the Miami show. With my weight holding steady at 265 lbs., I am on target for my goal. The hardest part of course is feeding this big body what it needs to maintain and gain. On top of getting other competitors ready for shows and training over 20 clients for various goals, I keep my #1 goal - the Universe title!! Get ready because here I come! You can't build the house if you don't put in the labor. Special thanks to my fellow competitor Dewayne Malone for helping me through the process."

Surely we'll be hearing more from Griffin again, soon.
MM Pro Morris Mendez at '11 MM World in Las Vegas was a popular choice among all of the magazine photographers as much as the MM Pro Champion and muscle model. At 5'11", 205 lbs., he was bigger and in his tightest condition ever. Morris is now back into intense training at a new gym, with a new routine, supplement array and nutrition plan. He says, "I want to be even bigger this year!"
Just in from '11 MM Universe Teenage Champion Alex Ortiz who says he's weighing 180 lbs. and eating clean to maintain good off-season condition. The 19 years old is training for MM America in Las Vegas.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The New England Sports Network will broadcast '11 Fitness New England this Sunday, January 29, 6 PM ET. The repeat telecast features all divisions including Musclemania, Model, Fitness, Ms. Bikini and Figure. NESN is available in CT, ME, MA, NH, VT and RI.

The '12 Musclemania New England will be held on April 28 at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. Because of the popularity of the show, competitor entries will be cut-off at 200. Tickets go on-sale February 1. In each of the past two years, tickets have sold-out weeks before the show, so get yours early.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MM Philippines Junior Finalist Kenneth Cayat impressed a lot of people at the show. The 5'6', 160 lbs. trainer needed better condition and work on some symmetry issues, but is loaded with potential. Kenneth will soon be working with some veteran Pinoy bodybuilders whom will help with his training regimen and nutrition. The 21 year old college student is aiming for MM Philippines again on December 1.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A Frackville, Pennsylvania man has received a $1.5 million verdict from a Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania jury that accepted his claim that a Pottsville doctor improperly performed a calf implant operation in October 2002.

The jury deliberated four hours before deciding on Friday night, at the end of a five-day trial, that Brian W. Gaverick suffered permanent scarring and other damage from the operation by Dr. Robert M. Kimmel.

"Both Mr. Gaverick and I are very pleased and grateful that the jury was as attentive as it was. There was a lot of information and medical terminology for the jury to process over the course of a five-day trial," Sudhir R. Patel, Pottsville, Gaverick's lawyer, said Monday.

Gaverick filed the lawsuit on Oct. 13, 2004, alleging that Kimmel had improperly performed the operation on Oct. 18, 2002, and had not obtained his informed consent before performing it.

In its verdict, the jury ruled that Kimmel had obtained Gaverick's consent for the operation but did not timely diagnose and treat the compartment syndrome that resulted from it.

The jury awarded Gaverick, a former personal trainer who had participated in bodybuilding competitions, $550,000 for past and future lost earnings, $550,000 for past and future noneconomic losses and $400,000 for permanent scarring and disfigurement.

Judge Cyrus Palmer Dolbin presided over the trial.

Gaverick testified that he wanted the calf implants in order to improve his business and bodybuilding competition prospects.

"Genetically, I did not really have muscular calves," he said. "I was well aware that I was lacking in calf development. You want to look your best in order to attract customers."

However, he said he began experiencing severe pain within an hour of leaving the hospital after the operation.

Gaverick said he has permanent scars on his left leg, doesn't work, never wears shorts and seldom leaves the house due to embarrassment.

"I'm just not comfortable," he said.

Kimmel said he told Gaverick of all the possible risks of the operation, and that Gaverick did not complain of pain immediately after the surgery.

"I feel it was in keeping with the high standards of my profession in all respects," Kimmel said of his care of Gaverick.

Patel said the verdict was a good one but did not alter his client's future.

"Even with the jury's verdict, nothing changes the fact that Mr. Gaverick has suffered horribly and will endure a lifetime of permanent scarring, disfigurement and permanent nerve injury," he said.

Monday, January 23, 2012

MM Pro Logan Michaels has moved from the PT gym floor to the Toyota sales floor. The popular natural star is also the smoothest of talkers and is certain to be a top salesman. But, we must admit, it may take a while for people to get used to seeing Logan's new body suit!
Model Universe competitor Craig Davidson appears in the new Herbalife 24 Nutrition for the 24 Hour Athlete. The former US Marine now works out of Los Angeles and circulates the regional talent agencies for regular commercial work.
Belgium natural bodybuilder Ciro Credendino is training for MM Europe in Paris in October. The 32 year old personal trainer has competed in many organization events during his competitive career and all the while as a natural athlete. At 5'10", 185 lbs., Ciro brings an aesthetic mix of full muscle bellies, classic symmetry and lean condition.
Model Universe competitor Max Philisaire has started the Hollywood Body Club. The 5'11", 195 lbs. former US Army paratrooper uses his incredible physique to snatch commercial work in Los Angeles.
Congratulations '10 Model America Champion Kyle Clarke, this month's Muscle & Fitness cover model!
Just in from Jay Diaz is this photo after his evening workout. He won the '11 MM New York Juniors in his very first bodybuilding competition. The 5'10", 185 lbs. chiropractic student has been training for years but was encouraged by his sister who also competes to get serious and prepare for the stage. Jay's looking to parlay his win into a roll and is training for MM New England at Foxwoods in April.
‎'11 MM Pro World LW Champion Genaro Alvarado just sent this shot following his afternoon workout. The 5'4", 170 lbs. lifetime natural says, "I am back into heavy training and off-season nutrition. But I don't want to get out of shape since I will be guest posing this Spring." Genaro will make guest appearances at MM Maya, Mexico and Orange County, all in May.
Floridian Arlando Russell says he's been hammering the weights since last year's MM Universe MW Class, 4th Place finish. "I've been staying a lot leaner this year and plan to win next time," he explained. The 5'7", 180 lbs. trainer has incredible thickness and development, but admits that conditioning will be his MM Pro card ticket.
‎'10 MM Universe Junior Champion Kevin Blandon says he loves training and competitive bodybuilding. But, he explains, "I like fishing, skiing, going to movies, hanging out with friends and just screwing around, too." Kevin is also a full time college student and works two jobs. The 5'11", 210 lbs. trainer will compete at MM Universe Junior Division.
The 2011 Fitness New England show will be televised again on NESN - New England Sports Network - next Sunday night, January 29, 6 PM ET. Sponsored by Gaspari Nutrition and MRI Nutrition, the exciting, 1-hour repeat broadcast special was recorded live last April at Mohegan Sun in CT and features highlights of the Musclemania and Model New England Championships plus the Fitness, Ms. Bikini and Figure Divisions. NESN is available in CT, ME, MA, NH, RI & VT.

The 2012 Fitness New England will be held April 28 at Foxwoods Resort Casino in CT. Entries are available now and tickets on-sale beginning February 1
MM Pro Matt Liller updated his blog at www.musclemania.com yesterday. The 5'10", 220 lbs. law student is training for MM Universe in Miami in June and he does not intend to make his MM Pro debut just a showing. He explains below.

Time to Define My Goals

I recently took a course on leadership & achievement that had a series of guest speakers. Despite their different backgrounds and areas of expertise, there was one common theme: you must have defined goals. Heeding this advice, I shall not only define my goals, but make them very public.

Goal #1: Top Five Finish at MM Pro Universe

I'm certainly not dieting for 25 weeks to travel to Miami and get a "participation" award. I know that with the improvements I have made to my physique I'm capable of finishing in the top five. Also, although I certainly don't know the show's format at this time, there is a chance that only the top five will get to perform their posing routines. Getting to perform an individual routine on a pro stage is something I've dreamed about for a long time, and would mean a lot. Keep in mind that there could be 5 guys in the heavyweight pro division that have won pro shows before...I'm planning to step on some toes to accomplish this one.

Goal #2: Be The Most Conditioned Guy On Stage

For the most part, how big you are is out of your control (genetics mostly define this). However, your level of conditioning is completely in your control. My 25 week diet serves only to accomplish this purpose. If I am not the most conditioned man in the pro division (regardless of final placing), I will consider the entire journey a total failure.

Goal #3: Establish Myself As A Top Musclemania Pro

Largely, this will be done by accomplishing goals 1 and 2. If I finish in the top 5 and am the most conditioned on stage, that will establish me among the top in the sport. The caveat: this cannot be a one-time good performance...

There it is in black and white. Now there are no questions, and everyone will be able to know if I accomplish my goals this June.
It always amazes MM promoters how far the reach natural bodybuilding continues to grow. Here in a local town gym, the '10 MM Pakistan poster continues to hang (right side). The competition hosted nearly 300 bodybuilders (no women divisions allowed), over 2,000 audience and another 1,000 waiting outside trying to gain access to the show!
As the '11 MM Texas LHW Champion, Sam Laurent took the audience by surprise with his classically symmetrical physique and marketable looks. The 32 year old salesman has competed at earlier MM Delta shows, but took a sabbatical from competition to focus on his career. At 5'10", 195 lbs., Sam is training heavy for the 2012 season and is a big favorite at MM Universe in Miami.

Since competing in his first bodybuilding show last October, James Smith teamed up with MM Pro Dewayne Malone. "I've been training like an animal and really got my diet down," asserted James. The 5'11", 200 lbs. Louisiana native is transforming his physique by the day. "At the Musclemania show in Ft. Worth, I really was more excited than prepared for the show. Now, I got a much better concept of how to train in the off-season, growing, staying in shape. Malone knows what he's doing. I am going to be a new man on stage next time."
Just in from MM Pro Dickens Lambert as he begins his training regimen for the 2012 season and with his Bio3fitness Competition Team.

"The first month of the 2012 year is almost over. I have gradually started to increase the intensity of my workouts. My goal is to try to bring the same kind of package I brought last November. It will be a difficult task this second time around because I’m currently working countless hours trying to improve and expand my health and fitness business named BIO3. I have turned my passion into a business and I now find myself focusing more on the business and on my athletes than on myself. Nonetheless, I love to give back to an industry that has been good to me. However, my goal is not lose track of my ultimate objective: redefining my level of excellence. That being said, I have taken time to analyze my 2011 plan. I’m happy to say that my plan to improve my physique worked extremely well but I have decided to try to fine tune my strategy for the 2012 contest season. As a matter a fact, I have structured the same kind of plan for my bio3fitness athletes for the competition season to come. I can’t wait to see us all in action!"
He hasn't been on stage since 1998, but Peter San Nicolas says he's making a comeback later this season at MM California. The 6'1", 195 lbs. fitness center owner last competed when he was just 20 years old. Now, married with 3 children, Peter says, "If I can convince my wife to let me train and get bigger, I will be back on the stage again soon."
Central America model star Juan Meneses placed Top 5 at '11 Model Universe. It was his first international show and at 6'1", 180 lbs. Juan was striking and captured the judges eye. But, he says that to win, he will need to grow his physique. "I'm not concentrating on the numbers (weight, measures) but in the 'visual progress'," Juan says. "I'm sitting at 198 lbs. and have officially started my Model America prep this week! My schedules and everything for this 2012 is all set! I'll be sending a pic of my back and legs in next few days, they are getting there! I'm truly happy with the results in this past few months. And, with a good amount of time for the showtime, I'll be competing 10-12 lbs. heavier than at last year's Model Universe. I'm sure about that! I will have a fuller, thicker physique and more mature physique! I'm getting there i know!"
Florida natural bodybuilder Yasiel Fletias is training everyday for MM Universe in Florida. The 22 year old construction worker says he stays lean all year. "I am weighing only 172 lbs., but I keep my body real cut even in the off season," Yasiel says. He competed in the 2010 MM Universe and has added 10 lbs. since then.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MM Philippines HW competitor Paul O'Campo was easily the biggest physique on stage last year. Since then, the 6'2", 230 lbs. gym owner and commercial model has been in the gym. "I'm still training hard," says Paul. "I've been training all year round now but in the past years I only trained with weights 3 months each season. Now, I am also planning to train and compete in MMA for 9 months."
MM Pro Ulisses Jr. is preparing his 2012 season including appearances at many MM shows. The former MM Superbody and MM World Champion will meet his fans at MM Superbody, Europe, South America, Universe, World and others to be announced soon. In the meantime, Ulisses is slamming the weights everyday and tuning his diet. At 5'10", 210 lbs., he is staying lean which maintaining his symmetrical mass.
‎'11 Model Britain Champion Duquaine Brooks has been shooting for calendars and magazine spreads since winner last September. The 28 year old trainer is a especially popular sports model in his native Caribbean. Duquaine will be competing this season at Model Universe & Britain in Miami and London, respectively.
OK, so he hasn't won a MM show, yet. But Louisiana lifter Jose Ortiz carries a load of muscle thickness, classic shape and like most bodybuilders is constantly making changes in improving his natural physique. He says, "Since last year's MM Texas, I have been making adjustments in my diet. I plan to rotate my carbs year round and add grapefruit, the super fruit to my diet. Three days of low carbs and the fourth day high carbs, call it a cheat day. I did a bulk-up after the October show and got up to 194 lbs. My biceps peaked out at 18 3/4" after a pump." Jose says he plans to compete this season at MM Lone Star in Houston and MM Cajun in New Orleans.
MM bodybuilders are around the world and MM Pro Ricky Syamsuri from Indonesia has his own fitness cuisine creations. He says, "Here's my home made lunch. 250 gm. Cooked, salt-free with natural herbs. Grilled chicken breast with mixed vegetables and combined with my own peanut sauce (oven peanuts, brown sugar, fresh garlic and chilly)." Ricky and his beautiful wife Adi prepare incredible healthy fitness meals which will soon be posted at www.musclemania.com.
MM HW sensation Adrian Childers stormed off the '11 MM America stage after barely loosing out to fellow Texan Griffin Datcher. Both were towering at 6'3", over 230 lbs., but Griffin had better conditioning. No word from Adrain since the show. So much potential - size, symmetry, totally imposing. If he can walk on stage with condition, the HW Class would be his.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chilean natural bodybuilder Eduardo Navarette is preparing for MM South America in Argentina. The 5'8", 190 lbs. university senor has competed in a few national untested shows and says training naturally makes it a real challenge. "I do the local shows because it keeps me competitive", Eduardo says. "There aren't any natural shows here. My dream is to be at Musclemania. I can't wait for December."
MM Junior star Nick Bennett captured 2nd Place at his very first competition, the '11 MM America. The 5'6", 160 lbs. college senior just sent this new photo and says, "I am training hard for MM Universe since school scheduling is preventing me from doing MM New England. I'm weighing about 160 right now. My knee has been bugging me but i have been killing legs lately for better symmetry more pics to come. I will deal with it and see what happens."

Monday, January 16, 2012

MM Pro Ricky Syamsuri is hammering his lats and nearly all of his body parts as he prepares for the 2012 competition season. The '03 MM Superbody Champion was so ready for the '11 MM World Pro in Las Vegas, completely ripped and full 2-3 days before the show. But Ricky says he started going to the spa and changing his water level and it backfired. "I was so ripped and ready for the show. I just spilled over and looked smooth by stage time," he explained. Regardless, Ricky lost to Genaro Alvarado by less than 2 points! Ricky says, "That's not going to happen again."
‎'11 MM Philippines Champion Reynold Domalsin has been competing for years. At 5'7", 185 lbs., his muscle development is mature and conditioned. "I run my own fitness center, so I am able to train whenever I need which really helps when I prepare for contests." Reynold is just now getting back into off-season mode and will soon decide whether to make his MM Pro debut at MM Universe or MM World.

MM Pro Dewayne Malone just sent a message hoping to remind everyone who he is. "Hey, in case you forgot, I beat Gerald (MM Pro Pangan) and already beat Genaro (MM Pro Alvarado) twice! I am the top MM Pro LW to beat in Miami!" OK. Thanks, Dewayne.
‎'11 MM Universe Teenage Champ Alex Ortiz says he's been blasting his legs to balance his symmetry. The 5'6", 180 lbs., 19 year old college student is aiming toward a repeat performance in Miami this year but in the Junior Division. "I want to come in with another 10 lbs. of muscle and most of it on my legs", Alex says.
Shot just following his workout last night, MM Pro Sanya Amaya is looking enormous! He says he's weighing 240 lbs. and getting leaner by the day. "I am getting some whey protein isolate, glutamine and argenine next week, so that should help with my muscle recovery," he said. Sanya hasn't competed since winning the '09 MM World HW Class in Las Vegas and will be making his MM Pro comeback at MM Universe, June in Miami. He will also be making a guest appearance at MM New England on April 28 at Foxwoods in CT.

As one of New Zealand's finest, Sanjeev Narajav carries a symmetrical and aesthetic physique. At 5'10", 200 lbs., he made a big impression at the '07 MM World and is training for the show again in November. Last fall, Sanjeev opened a new sports nutrition store, so he obviously has plentiful access to all the supplements needed for his training.

Friday, January 13, 2012

MM Pro Morris Mendez (L) and sports apparel designer Aaron Ash (R) ran into each other at the '11 MM New York in Queens. Aaron owns Intimate Wear which designs and manufacturers athletic wear for active fitness customers. He will be exhibiting at MM New England at Foxwoods on April 28.
Driven to win MM Universe, MM Pro Dewayne Malone says he's pounding the weights more and heavier than ever before because he knows that beating Gerald Pangan, Genaro Alvarado and other LW stars will not be easy. Still five months before the show, he exclaims, "Hell, man. I am already doing twice a days !" In off-season shape, Dewayne is weighing 195 lbs. at 5'7".