Friday, April 10, 2015

Musclemania® Colombia Champion Daniel Roman swept the competition at his first time on a national level stage. Now the 5'7", 182 lbs., 21 year old says he training for MM Universe in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale. "I'm not wasting time. I know the show will be much bigger and better guys, so I am training harder than ever. I am especially working on my weaknesses like calves and hams." Daniel is sponsored by Megaplus Nutrition, a major Colombian brand.
Musclemania® Central America Alex Rendon (R) at his biggest ever! The 5'10", 205 lbs., 23 year old lifetime natural says he's growing at a slow but quality pace. "I have steadily gaining about 1 lbs. of muscle a month and keeping my physique lean," Alex says. "I am eating clean for 13 days and allowing myself a cheat meal once every two weeks. It seems to be working for me. I am maintain some cardio, too." Alex has about 6 months to keep growing until he competes at MM Latino in Mexico City and MM America in Las Vegas.
Just in the US for 3 months, Brian Andraos says he's transforming his physique for Musclemania® Universe Physique in June. "I am training hard, eating more and lots of cardio to grow while getting into shape," Brian says. The 5'11", 215 lbs., 28 year old has never competed. "I want to walk on the Miami stage and make sure know Brian's arrived! It will be a show."
Natural bodybuilder Jose Marmolejos was just back from training this morning when sending this update. At 5'10", 185 lbs., he says, "I love working out at 4:30 in the morning. I can focus and concentrate on my workout more in an empty gym as I prepare for my Musclemania® debut." Jose will be on stage at MM New Mexico next month in Alburquerque.
"Lazer Mazher" Hamlaani is ripped year round! The 5'8", 175 lbs., Musclemania India Physique Champion was spotted as being one of the best new talent in the show last season. "I've been lifting for years," Maher says. "But, I never wanted to compete in those drug shows. So, when MM India was announced, I signed up and started training for the show." Mazher is an event logistic manager and trains in Mumbai. Currently, he is training for MM Universe in June.
At 5'9", 224 lbs., Musclemania® Pro Ben Radic is a lot tighter than last month. The Slovenia fitness center owner says, "I'm doing cardio 6 times per week in the morning and weights in the evening. I'm eating 6 basic meals per day and getting lean and losing fat fast! Next week, I'll be at FIBO Germany and MM Universe in June."
As a NCAA Division II Basketball All-American, Dwayne Michael knows about athletic training and the discipline that goes along with it. Now the 6'3". 205 lbs., 28 year old is making forays into sports modeling and getting a lot of attention. And, now Dewayne is training with super intensity preparing for his competition debut at Musclemania® Physique & Model Lone Star next month in Texas. "I am doing everything in my power to make it in the business and mixing training, sports modeling, media and competitions is all part of it," he explains.
At 6', 235 lbs. Musclemania® Pro Logan Michaels says, "I am off season now, so I'm eating everything." The veteran bodybuilder is a big believer in the basics. "I usually stick to high protein and low carb intake at 7 meals a day. I train heavy and basic with compound movements and incorporate functional exercises as well. I'm at it no less than 5 days a week in the off season and 6 days at contest time." Logan always brings to the stage a athletic looking physique appealing to mainstream bodybuilders.

Friday, April 3, 2015

At just 17 years old, Moroccan natural bodybuilder Abdellah Tayeb has developed an impressive physique. He's training for Musclemania® Middle East and at 5'9", 155 lbs., wants to compete in the Teenage Division. "I started training 3 years ago," Abdellah says. "I don't use any steroids and the supplements are too expensive. I just can't afford them. So, I eat as much solid food as possible." Abdellah says he goal for this season is simple. "I want to go to Cairo and get my trophy from Ulisses."
Looking at Musclemania® Pro Julian Navarro today, you got to scratch your head and ask why he doesn't plan on competing this season. "Size, its that simple!" he exclaims. The 5'7", 190 lbs., 24 year old is still super lean but confesses, MM Pro ranks is tough. "I need to be bigger if I am going to beat those guys." Julian placed 3rd at '14 MM Universe Pro Short Class and 10th at '14 MM World Pro Short Class. He says, "I don't want that happening again. I like winning!"
Greek natural bodybuilder Kwnstantinos Badidos has only competed once, but he's training now for MM Europe in Berlin in November. The 5'9", 200 lbs., 24 year old building engineer says he's been training for 10 years. "I keep a tight split routine, twice a day, 3 times a week," Kwnstantinos explains. "I like a lot of rest between workouts and feel it helps my muscle recuperate better."
Musclemania® Pro Henry Adell says, "I'm 3 months out from MM Universe! In the leaning out process, macronutrient manipulation is key. My workouts are already intense so they don't have to change much but forcing my body to use stored energy is important during this phase of body recomp. During the beginning of prep, adding cardio isn't yet a necessity but as my body adapts to the new macronutrient ratio by shedding fat and using it for energy, low intensity cardio will become essential for continued fat loss. Constantly checking body fat is important here because any sign of muscle loss should initiate a change in the ratio for the diet. Lose fat, not weight!"