Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Training for The British Myth Simeon Panda doesn't stop event on weekends. The 6'1", 220 lbs. former rugby player was hitting the gym last Sunday. Simeon plains, "My legs are feeling pumped after yesterday's killer leg session. I did 7 sets of squats ranging from 60 - 260 kg, lots of volume. I did 20 reps on 140 kg for the first time, 10 reps on 180 kg twice! After all the squats, I hit the quads from different angles and hit hams. I love legs day best day of the week, hence why I do them twice!" "There is an art to bodybuilding, a slow painful grueling process that involves almost endless repetition and utmost patience. Some of us want it but don't have what it takes, I'm on the want to, need to and will do." Simeon will be at BodyPower Expo in Birmingham, England this weekend. Then, he's taking the stage for the first time next month at MM Europe in Rome and MM Universe in Miami Beach.
Model Mexico Champions Fernando Valdez and Karen Rodriguezat last weekend's show in New Mexico City. Fernando is a full time university student and was also the 2012 winner.  Karen is a customer service representative and was on stage for the first time.  Fernando has appeared on Mexico television shows, advertising campaigns and news features and profiles.  With nearly 400 competitors, the 10th Anniversary, two-day show was the biggest ever. Both will travel to Miami Beach next month to compete at Model Universe Championships.
Still hanging at 270 lbs., 6'7" Florida natural star Aaron Reedcontinues preparing for MM Universe in Miami Beach next month. He says, "I have been training like crazy! I am doing lots of twice-a-day workouts. This is definitely my best yet. I am eating more carbs than I did last year to maintain more mass. Last year i only did cardio twice-a-week on top of my insane workouts. We will see if that changes this year. I wouldn't want to get ripped too fast - I still have 7 weeks. The little changes make a big difference."
French natural star Greg Vong is heavier, lean and more symmetrical than ever! The 5'8", 184 lbs., 32 year old trainer has stayed lean all season since competing at last year's MM Universe. Now aiming toward MM Paris in October, he training to jumped on stage over 185 lbs.
MM Pro Yoon Jung Muc says he's almost ready for MM Universe in Miami Beach next month. The 6', 215 lbs. personal trainer and athletic coach will travel with and be part of Team Korea. Yoon won the '11 MM Universe and says he wants to cap the show by winning MM Pro Division win.
MM Pro Ssasho Ognenovski surprised everyone by talking 2nd Plce at '12 MM World Pro LW Class, his MM Pro debut. Lean, muscular and symmetrical, the 5'10", 195 lbs. Australian gym owner stumped a lot of favorites. But, Sasho says he's taking the year to work on his physique. "I'm laying low this season and away from the competition stage to add some more quality muscle," he explains. "I can already see the changes happening. As usual I want to bring better improved physique next time I step onstage." Sasho will make a special guest appearance at MM Australia in October.
Although he hasn't competed for two years, MM Pro Syed Fazli Ali is hanging lean at 205 lbs. The Malaysian superstar says he's been busy doing commercials, advertising campaigns, endorsement promotion tours and personal appearance throughout his country. But, the 5'10", 37 year old trainer says, "I have competed in Musclemania for over 10 years and it is part of my brand. Maybe this year I will get back on stage and show what two years of training can do for a physique." Syed always brings a classic presence to any show and is one of the most competitive MM Pros today.
'12 MM Superbody Junior Champion Julian Navarro keeps getting thicker and leaner as he heads toward MM Universe in Miami Beach next month. The 5'8", 175 lbs., 22 year old college student will face many of the world's best natural junior bodybuilders at the show. "I will be ready for anyone," Julian says. "I have trained hard all year, even though I had 5 classes this quarter. I packed all of meals everyday before school and been real disciplined with my nutrition. Like never before. I will be bigger and harder!"
Novice bodybuilder Julian Raigosa has competed in some small Colombia shows, but the 5'9", 195 lbs., 23 year old personal trainer says he's bumping up his game. "I've decided to stop wasting time and am training for Musclemania. Some of my friends have gone to the US to compete and told me about the show. So, I am working on getting lean and still making new muscle. I think my physique can make it." Julian trains in a small town near Cali, but he uses the challenge of limited gym facilities to his advantage. "I don't worry about it," he says. "If I need to train arms, I add whatever I need to any bar and start curling. I am doing that for my hamstrings now, too." We'll have updates about Julian, soon, as he improves.
Big Adrain Childers continues to wreak havoc in the gym. The '11 MM America HW Runner-Up has stayed lean in the off-season which has lasted 18 months since he last competed. At 6'3", 265 lbs., the Texas nutrition store manager knows his supplementation better than most and with 13 years experience of hard core natural bodybuilder, Adrain is seasoned in the gym, too. But, still there's no news yet when this towering star will compete again.
MM Europe junior star Ovidiu Voicu is looking crazy! With 5 weeks until he takes the stage at MM Europe in Rome, the 5'6", 175 lbs., Romanian personal trainer says his diets is on track and training still heavy. "I haven't dropped my weights but still added more reps," Ovi explains. He trains in a small town in central Romania with his brother and says he's taught himself everything about bodybuilding training. "I am 100% natural, never used any drug and I am glad I made the decision to become a natural bodybuilder."
12 MM Europe HW Champion Ben Radic says he's maintained 102 kg. (224 lbs.) despite working to open his own gym in Slovenia. He explains, "I've been working everyday with clients, opening my gym in 10 days and dieting and training hardcore 2 times per day. Tomorow I will go to Rimini, Italy for the Wellness Expo for my sponsor, Nutrend." Big Ben will compete at MM Europe in Rome and MM Universe in Miami Beach, both next month.
'12 Model Mexico Champion Fernando Valdez appears in this month's edition of Fisico y Fitness, Mexico's #1 fitness magazine. He will be competing again at this next weekend's show in Mexico City. But, at 5'11", 185 lbs., the 21 year old Fernando says things will be different. "I learned a lot about dieting and really conditioned my physique." He will be competing with nearly 400 others on stage. Watch the two-day show LIVE on on Sat and Sun at 1 PM ET.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

British natural star Simeon Panda is weighing 222 lbs., leaner and thicker than ever. The London bodybuilder says, "Trained earlier today, got to my boys this evening with nothing planned so squeezed in another quick session on arms in my boys home gym. It reminded me of the years I spent training at home. I trained at home for at least 4 years before I discovered the gym. I used to train at random times all day. I loved the pump and didn't want to lose it." Simeon's got 6 weeks until MM Europe in Rome and 2 months for MM Universe in Miami Beach.

Since getting back into serious competition training, MM Pro Bradley Aubry has transformed his physique into a 5'6", 185 lbs., lean machine. "I have laid low for the past couple of years to take care of my business and family," Bradley says. "But, I'm back big time now! I am taking my training to another level and will deliver something special on stage in Miami." Bradley just shot with Luis Rafael and will represent Florida natural bodybuilders at MM Universe in June.

Mexican civil engineer Ivan Vera has added over 10 lbs. of muscle since last year's MM Mexico. Now, the 32 year old natural bodybuilder is a week away from a repeat performance. At 6', 210 lbs., will bring to the stage a complete, symmetrical physique.Watch MM Mexico LIVE on on May 11-12 from Mexico City.

Trevor & Aaron Hairston (L-R) made their debut appearance at Model New England at Foxwoods Resort Casino. The brothers who finished 3rd and 1st, respectively, own some professional sports teams in Connecticut which help people with self improvement and personal development. "We use sports as a vehicle to empower lives and encourage overall health and wellness," Aaron explains. "Over the last few years, we have connected with many resources that help us re-open doors for some and fuel dreams for many." The Hairstons also own a training facility called The Body Lab. "We use state of the art science and technology to help people achieve ultimate health and performance," Aaron says. "We are strong believers in all-natural health and wellness solutions and continue to support life and all that it can be!" Both Trevor and Aaron will compete at Model Universe in Miami Beach in June.