Saturday, June 21, 2014

I had a good discussion with a friend of mine about the difference between greed and ambition. It was her opinion that once a person had obtained more than they need, any further aspirations to acquire more were the result of greed. I found this hard to accept as I placed myself in the scenario; I could not accept that my desires to achieve more, were linked to something so negative as greed. I explained to her that my desire to achieve more, were linked to my philosophy that life should not grow stale; goals need to be continually set and worked towards. When I achieve a goal it may be worth x amount, however the satisfaction comes not from the value, but from acknowledgement that I implemented a method to the best of my ability, and it came to fruition. This in-turn fuels a fire to set a bigger goal. It is coincidental that a bigger goal yields a greater value of accomplishment, my intention to achieve the goal does not stem from greed, but from an excitement of self belief, that I am capable and therefore, should go for bigger and better than I once aimed for.
I would love to read your opinions on this.
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Nathan Mozango after his arm workout this afternoon looked insane! The 5’8″, 183 lbs., 19 year old college student is training for his first competition, Musclemania® Paris in October. “I have been following a really clean diet since January,” he explains. “I load up on protein, the real food kind – chicken and fish. I take in some protein powder, too. I keep the carbs only to what I need for energy. I can’t believe how I keep growing and staying tight at the same time.”
Classic! New Colombian star Alexander Rendon Fitness Model is mastering posing to the extreme. “I practice after every training session, every day,” he explains. At 5’10″, 185 lbs., 20 years old, Alex says, “I feel that you really don’t know your weaknesses until you pose and expose them. I don’t want to hide anything from myself. When I compete, I want to be ready.” And, when Alex says “when” he competes, be mindful he still has never seen a stage!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

At 24 years old, Adnan Ali has worked for 5 years to develop his physique. “I always liked lifting weights,” explains Adnan. “My father got me started, but I did not need much pushing. I took right to it.” At 6′, 215 lbs., Adnan says he’s maintaining 6% bodyfat while working on his weaknesses. “I am planning to compete at Musclemania® Asia in Singapore, so am staying real lean, eating clean and working on my symmetry.” Adnan will be on stage with over 100 of Asia’s best natural bodybuilders.
Musclemania® announces hGH testing will be part of MM Universe next week in Florida. MM Pros competing at the show will be subjected to the blood test for human growth hormone which was first introduced at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. The laboratory selected for MM testing is one of the two approved in the US by the World Anti-Doping Agency and the hired outside company administering the collection will follow strict WADA protocol and chain of custody procedures. Results will be reported within 10-14 days following the show. In addition to hGH testing, MM Pros and Open competitors will continue to be subjected to urinalysis testing for anabolic steroids, diuretics and other banned substances. Those results will be reported within 48 hours and prior to the show. MM continues to lead the sport of natural bodybuilding and honoring its commitment to its athletes and fans worldwide.
Could this guy be the new natural phenom?! Check out Henry Adell from Milaukee. The 6’1″, 230 lbs., 30 year old personal trainer has been competing in untested shows but is lifetime natural. “I have been winning those show, but I just want to move up the natural ranks,” Henry says. “So, I win an untested pro qualifier, then what? Such a waste of time. Its not where I want to be headed.” Henry will take his physique to Musclemania® Universe in Florida next week and compete among the best naturals in the world. “It will be a challenge like I haven’t faced before, but I am ready.” Watch Henry and all of the natural stars on stage LIVE on from Ft. Lauderdale on June 28.
Musclemania® Pro Dewayne J Malone (Center) is a regular sports fitness host on some of Houston’s major television stations. The husband and father of 4 brings to the viewers a sense of normalcy and relevance about bodybuilding and a healthy lifestyle including training, nutrition, rest and recreation. “Its all about a lifestyle approach,” Dewayne explains. “If fitness is part of your daily regimen, then its fun and something you look forward to.” Dewayne will be exhibiting and promoting his Against All Odds training programs at MM Universe, Space City, Paris, Texas and America this season.
Musclemania® Mexico Junior Champion Patricio Diaz was seen as the underdog when he showed up for the show last weekend. The 5’2″, 135 lbs., 18 year old student was competing for the first time. But Patricio’s fervor and tenacity conquered the bigger and older guys. “I was so surprised when they announced my name!, he says. “I trained so hard for this show because it is the only natural one. I don’t want to use drugs and MM let’s me shine. I got started training two years ago and am so happy today.” Patricio says he’s training now for MM Latino in October in Mexico City.
Musclemania® Pro Ulisses brings his classic physique to stage in 3 weeks. The natural legend will compete against the world’s best bodybuilders at MM Universe in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale. “I have always wanted to win both the Universe and World and I think I ready to do it,” Ulisses says. “I am bigger, leaner and improved my symmetry since Las Vegas (last November).” Ulisses will take on Asian sensation Chul Soon, Europe star Benjamin Radic, Canadian phenom Samuel Dixon, French classic Antony Bessala and many other MM Pro Tall Class stars.
Musclemania® Pro Simeon Panda begins his LA Media Trip with scheduled magazine, newspapers, television and video shoots scheduled. “I am looking forward to it,” Simeon says. “The last time I went there was an exciting experience and I got a great reception from everyone. Now, I have improved my physique and hope to impress the media even more.” Simeon will post updates throughout the week from Los Angeles.
’13 Musclemania Europe Champion Mehdi Larijani is training for his MM Pro debut in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale next month. The 5’11″, 27 year old, Iranian bodybuilder says, “I know my reputation back home is on the line at this show. I chose MM shows a long time ago because I have always lifted natural, no drugs. So, it will be a great challenge for me to compete to with the great guys like Ulisses and Chul Soon”. Medhi is currently training in Norfolk, VA during his 3 month stay in the US.
Valentino Harris is a Milwaukee legend who as a lifetime natural bodybuilder and power trainer actually competes in powerlifting meets, too. He has only competed in untested shows around the Midwest and claims, “That’s all the shows around here.” But, now the 5’6″, 195 lbs. trainer says he’s switching to Musclemania® shows. “I would have competed in MM shows before, but they are always too far away.” Valentina says he goal to become MM Pro this season.
Musclemania® Pro Antony Bessala may seem to be lounging around, but the 6’1″, 210 lbs., French natural bodybuilder says he’s in the best shape of his life for MM Universe. “I was so close to winning the overall in Las Vegas,” he explains referring to the ’13 MM World Pro in which Ulisses took the Medium Class and show. “I have added mass in the right areas and really have a lot better symmetry. I leaving nothing to chance and want my time again vs. Ulisses!”
He says he’s been competing in lots of local & regional shows, but lifetime natural Henry Adell is an unknown outside of Wisconsin and Illinois. Well, the 6′, 230 lbs, 30 year old personal trainer is finally taking beyond his borders and comfort zone and will be competing at Musclemania® Universe a few weeks. Henry says, “I’m 3 weeks out from the show! I’ve never been hungrier to prove myself and to represent little Milwaukee on a global platform. Being onstage with some of the worlds greatest natural competitors has been a dream of mine for a long time. 3 weeks, it’s getting real!”
Kulbila Agyarko Samuel keeps developing and making effective use of his spartan, homemade gym in Ghana. The 5’8″, 185 lbs., 24 year old is training for Musclemania® Africa in Kenya on September 6. “It will be my very first show and I am excited to show what I have done,” Samuel explains. “I have put my whole life into bodybuilding and making due with what I have. No supplements, just solid, home grown food here on our farm.” Samuel is living the true natural bodybuilder lifestyle.