Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How could a guy with a physique like this never have competed or even seen a live bodybuilding competition?! But,John Jackson says he's always just trained to look and feel good. "I started lifting out in the yard in the projects. Then, I moved to a local hard core gym. Now, I train in the city. " The 5'10", 210 lbs. personal trainer grew up in Queens, New York and did a lot of calisthenics but never weight lifted. He says, "I never played any sports, just liked building my body." Well, John's finally decided to compete and bring his amazing physique to the stage for the first time. He will be in Atlantic City, New Jersey at MM Superbody on August 25. "I will be ready. Kind of scared, but if I am not ready now, I never will be!"

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ripped and ready, Brian Claudio will bring his 5'7", 180 lbs. physique to Model Universe next weekend in Miami. The 31 year old airline flight manager has competed in some Dutch modeling shows, but never in America. Brian says, "I have been in the sports industry for 20 years. I always try to innovative in my own way, being inspired by all kinds of sports and athletes and always creating my own style so I can motivate others!"

MM New Mexico HW Champ Chris Wescott (rear row, left) is coming home! The 23 year old, 6'2", 240 USAF Sgt. has been deployed in Africa for the past 6 months and will return stateside in a couple of weeks. Although his base was isolated, Chris was still able to train during the tour. "Hey, they got all the equipment I could ever want here, so I was able to really hit the weights and actually look bigger and better than when I got here," he says. Chris says he will be based in Texas for a while and is planning on competing at MM America in Las Vegas.
Italian natural bodybuilding star Andrea Toscano won the '11 MM Universe Open LW Class. Now, the 28 year old personal trainer is in final preparations for his MM Pro debut next weekend in Miami.

Andrea has been training since the 8th grade when he quit school and went to work. He went on to business success thrives on making bodybuilding part of his regimen. Andrea trains at a Parma, Italy gym and also on his farm in the Tuscany countryside.

Among his nutrition, Andrea believes in keeping the body fluid. "I drink a lot of water because it always flushes the toxins. Each day I drink 4-5 litres because 70% of our body weight is made up of water!"

Andrea says he's passionate about bodybuilding. "After winning in Miami, I did something that's insane for me - I tattooed two dumbbells on my wrists, which signify the passion that I have."

Dutch bodybuilder Jenny Gaidoukevitch will be taking the stage at MM Universe next weekend in Miami. A veteran MM competitor, she always brings a dynamic, conditioned and shapely physique to shows.
One week before show time and MM Pro Antwaun Smith is chowing down. He says, "Meal #4 - yellow rice and a chicken. It's carb up day!" Antwaun will be on stage at MM Universe next Friday and Saturday in Miami.
Truly one of the best Filipino bodybuilders ever, Jonathan Pateno was ripped and ready to compete at the '11 MM Universe and then was denied his US visa. Undaunted, he is back into serious training and preparing for MM World in November. The 5'6", 200 lbs. personal trainer has won virtually every Philippine competition and will now bring his 21" guns to the Musclemania® stage.
Big Ben Radic is already getting lean as he heads to MM Europe in Paris. The Slovenia personal trainer is still hanging around 100 kg. (220 lbs.) and says he is surprised how quick his condition is improving.
MM Pro Antawun Smith is getting better by the day as he prepares for next weekend's MM Universe in Miami. At 5'10", he is still holding 220 lbs. and hasn't dropped a pound for over 3 weeks!

MM Pro & Model America Top 5 Finalist Chul Soon has been busy doing television games shows, interviews, commercials and promotions. The 5'10", 195 lbs. Korean star says he's been very busy and unable to be 100% committed to his training but hopes to be ready for MM World in November.
Model Universe competitor Darrell Holloman caught a workout with MM Pro Ulisses Jr. during a visit to London this week. Still in amazing shape, Ulisses says he focused on developing and create an even more impressive physique before taking stage again. He says, "I want to be epic!" Weighing over 220 lbs., he is still in good condition which is how he wants to keep it all season.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MM Pro Syed Fazli hasn't competed since '11 MM Universe, but he still looks in great shape. Having developed one of the sports most classic natural physiques, he still hasn't indicated when he might bring it all back to the MM stage again.
Guatemalan Jancho is a lifetime natural bodybuilder who is training to compete at MM Central America and MM World in Las Vegas. At 5'6", 175 lbs., the restaurant worker says he's always been genetically muscular and heavier before. "I want to weigh at least 180 for the shows, so I got a lot of work to do," says Juancho.
Danny Cordero (L) & Rey Pancho (R) are legendary Filipino bodybuilders who competed in '04 MM Asia and many MM World shows. Danny now runs a fitness center in Dubai and Rey is a co-promoter of MM Philippines.
Boston trainer Chi Bang conquered '12 MM New England winning the LW Class and turning on the crowd. The 5'4", 143 lbs. personal trainer says beside his passion for bodybuilding, he is self professed globetrotter. Chi's diet was prepared by MM Pro Dwayne Dewayne J Malone, both of whom will be competing at MM Universe next weekend in Miami.
'11 MM Philippines Reynold Domalson may have planned to make his MM Pro debut in Las Vegas, but his pulled muscle turned out to be must more serious than initially thought. "I am really disappointed, but hey, it will just give me more time to get ready for next year," he says. Reynold will be a guest presenter at MM Philippines on December 1 in Manila.
MM Pro Matt Matthew Liller will soon be making his debut at MM Universe. The 5'10", 200 lbs. law school student hasn't competed since earning his MM Pro status two years ago, so everyone is expecting to see a new man on stage. Here's Matt's latest update.

"Although this photo was taken almost a month ago, you can see my level of conditioning was already stage ready. You have to play to your strengths. Some of the MM Pros have a very large frame and want to come in heavy. Others, like me, make our mark on conditioning. I said several months ago that nobody will 'out-condition' me on stage, and I am a man of my word! Looking forward to sharing the pro stage with the world's best."

'12 Model Mexico Juniors included (L-R) Jose Baldmar Corral (3rd), Fernanado Valdez (1st) and Jorge Luis Guerrero (2nd). Held last weekend in Mexico City, the show hosted over 300 competitors from throughout the country. Two more shows in Mexico this season include MM Prestige (Aug 18) and MM Latino (Nov 3-4).

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Former MM Delta Junior Champion Sam Laurent is back on the scene and ready to bring it to MM Universe in Miami. The 6', 200 lbs. orthopedic salesman has developed a solid, athletic physique with classic symmetry and lean muscle condition. Sam will be leading Team Louisiana including two new bodybuilders - a former powerlifting champion and 16 year first timer! Catch all of the action LIVE at - June 15-16 from Miami!
He was new on the bodybuilding scene when he won the '11 MM New York last October. But now Maik Wiedenbach is attracting a lot of attention in and outside of the natural competitive circuit. The 36 year old, 6'2", 230 lbs. New York City personal training service entrepreneur also is the author of "101 Fitness Myths". But, as Maik explains, he has always been an athlete. "I used to be World Cup swimmer and turned into a bodybuilder 7 years ago. I train high-volume, similar to Arnold, which only makes sense since I am German." Maik holds a Masters degree in History and Philosophy as well as a Balchelors in German Literature. He claims that bodybuilding is an art form. "My ambition is simply to create an aesthetically pleasing physique along the lines of Frank Zane or Bob Paris, something that's missing in today's bodybuilding." Maik's form of physical art will be on display at MM Superbody in Atlantic City on August 25. 
Lifetime natural Khalid Butt who trains in his own gym in central Pakistan lives bodybuilding. The 5'10", 200 lbs., 28 year old husband and father of two says he dreams of the day when he can compete in Musclemania®. "I have trained so hard for many years and always natural. I just want to go to America and compete in MM." If Khalid can get his US visa, he will compete at MM World in Las Vegas.
Back from a full year absence from the stage, MM ProDavid Lovelace is looking thicker than ever as he prepares for MM Universe. The 32 year old PT, won the '09 MM Universe Pro Division and beating out Jeff Beckham and other top competitors. But at 5'10", 195 lbs., it may be a different result in Miami this time with Morris Mendez on stage along with superheavies like Musclemania Pro Griffin Datcher III and a conditioned Jeff Beckham.
Big Griffin Datcher is hammer the weights preparing his 6'3", 250 lbs. physique to the stage. Here's his latest update: "I've got one question for all you Musclemaniacs out there, "Are you ready!" I am still training for the Universe, putting the final pieces together for my debut as a MM Pro. My weight has dropped a little but I should still be able to make the heavyweight mark at weigh in. I have cut my calories down from 6,000 to 3,000 and I have an occasional cheat snack about 4 times a week. I try to fit in 2 days of between 6,000 and 10,000 calories so I don't get to hungry and bite someones arm off. I look forward to getting on stage with some of the legends of natural bodybuilding and the newcomers such as myself. I know it will be like one big family reunion and can't wait. Until then, PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT!" You can see Big Griffin in action LIVE from Miami at This is a FREE broadcast, so plan to spend June 15-16 watching over 400 competitors from around the world.
Sports model and MM Pro Rico Elbaz continues his preparation for MM Universe. The personal trainer, martial artist and performer says his condition is the best ever and at 5'10", still holding 205 lbs. "I followed a strict diet all season - not more of the up and down diet," says Rico. "This has worked so much better for my body." Watch Rico and all of the natural bodybuilders competing on June 14-15 in Miami at
Texas natural star Ezra Dew brought down the house at MM Lone Star in Galveston! The 27 year old former US Marine and US Embassy guard swooped upon the stage escorted by 6 beautiful Texas belles and gave an amazing bodybuilding posing routine. At 5'9", 185 lbs., Izra's creative performance surely won over the judges and convinced him to compete at MM Universe in Miami in two weeks. Hopefully that means he'll be packing the Texas belles, too.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Team Power Muscle Cyprus will be competing at Musclemania, Figure and Model Universe in Miami. The 100% natural squad has been dedicated to the competition since January training together and helping one another with the nutrition, diet and general preparation. Representing Cyprus will be MM Pro Stavros Christodoulou (back, center) and Jaqueline Averkiou, Christofer Panagi and Melanie Poyiadji. Stavros is the '11 MM World HW Champion and will make his MM Pro debut in two weeks. If you're not in Miami, watch all of the exciting competition LIVE action, June 15-16 at
James Smith of Louisiana says he's still preparing for competition . . . he just doesn't know yet which one, yet. At 5'10", 210 lbs., 27 year old river barge hand competed in '11 MM Texas, he first competition. But, he says, "I want to win next time - no 2nd Place." James has only gained 20 lbs. of off-season weight since the contest in October, but his condition is getting leaner while developing lean muscle.
A super heavy weight like no other seen on stage before,Aaron Reed say's he's out to set a new standard in natural bodybuilding. The 6'7", 250 lbs. trainer says, "If you thought Hurricane Katrina was bad wait til you see yours truly cause the biggest SUPERNATURAL disaster of 2012 down in Miami two weeks from today on the Musclemania® stage for the first time in history. That's right boys, leave your drugs at home and come see if you got what it takes to play on my side of the fence." Learn more about Aaron and his book The Super Natural at
MM Pro Dewayne Malone is launching his own sports gear. The reigning MM Universe Pro LW Champion says its all designed with the bodybuilder in mind - tapered cut, extra strong threats and heavy, long lasting cotton. Dewayne will be be wearing some of his new threads when he arrives in Miami to defend his crown at MM Universe against Gerald Pangan, George Patton, Nick Navarro and other great naturals.
Making his MM debut in two weeks, heavyweight Kwesi Keller competed in Germany during his deployment. But, now the USAF Senior Airman has bumped up his game and will bring an even bigger physique. At, 5'9", 220 lbs., Kwesi says, "I am ready for this. I just need to drop some water and I am there." You can catch Kwesi and over 400 other incredible natural athletes LIVE straight from Miami on June 15-16 at
Just 21 years of age, Zain Imran has been training seriously for the past 6 months. The 5'6", 160 lbs. airline airport boarding agent says he's always lean and gaining muscle is a chore. "I never get any fat," Zain says. "I have always been muscular but my weight never passed 135 lbs. until I started training heavy and eating more." Zain is training for his debut at MM American in Las Vegas in November.
MM Pro Gerald Pangan has not been seen on the contest circuit since last year's MM Universe in Miami. The 31 year old Filipino PT lives, works and trains in Kuwait and at 5'4", trains heavy all season. "I didn't get out of shape, but I really like training with heavy weights and growing," Gerald says. "I focused on my arms all season and they will complete my symmetry." Last year, he barely lost to MM Pro Dewayne Malone and says he's focused on beating him all year. "He never should have won and I am out to take him down this time," Gerald says of Dewayne. But, besides him, Gerald will also have to deal with other MM Pro LW's including Philadelphia phenom George Patton who could beat both Dewayne and Gerald if he keeps his size. June 16 - Miami! Be there in person or catch it all LIVE at
MM Pro Antwaun Smith shows his classic shape as he goes into home stretch for MM Universe Pro next month. The 5'10", 210 lbs., '09 MM Universe Open Champion said today, "Less than 3 weeks out and still 13 lbs. heavier than last year. Just fine tuning. I'm ready, been ready for weeks. Miami - June 16th. I speak through my training. The man that I am. It's a shame they don't know, the harder they go at me, the harder I go. Let's do this!"
'11 MM Universe Champion Yoon Jong Muc says he's leaner than last season and ready for Miami. The 5'10", 205 lbs. PT will make his MM Pro debut next month after a full year of training. "I skipped the World so that I could really condition my body for the Pros," Muc says. "I knew I would be against (Morris) Mendez and the other big guys, so it was better to truly be ready for my first pro show." The Seoul native will be leading Team Korea delegation of 12 competitors! For more show info, visit