Sunday, April 21, 2013

British Musclemania star Simeon Panda torn up the gym during last Friday's arm training session! He's got 8 weeks to MM Europe in Rome, 10 weeks to MM Universe in Miami Beach. The 26 year old computer accounting engineer is 6'1", 228 lbs. yet is getting thicker and leaner by the day. "I'm not gaining any weight," Simeon says. "But, I am gaining muscle. I have kept my diet strict all year, actually for the past 3 years. I just never come off of it."
'12 Musclemania Superbody Junior Champion Julian Navarro has been training off-season heavy since September and just two weeks ago started his competition diet. The 22 year old Temple University student says he's probably gained 10-12 lbs. of muscle and will on the MM Universe stage at 180 lbs. "I'll finish my finals in a couple of weeks and then will have two full months of serious show training, diet and lots of sleep", Julian says. The Philadelphia native is part of Team Patton.
'12 MM New England HW Champion Jordan Michail started competing 4 years ago. Now, the 29 year old trainer says he's back to get MM Pro status. "I have trained all year, since last year's show. I've added mass, improved my symmetry and just as lean." At 5'10", 215 lbs., former high school and collegiate football player switched to bodybuilding after an injury and never went back to the gridiron. Once again, Jordan will take the stage at MM New England next week at Foxwoods Resort Casino where he hopes to walk away the overall champion.
'11 MM America HW star Adrain Childers just keeps getting bigger and leaner during his 18 month off-season. The 6'3", 255 lbs., 34 year old trainer still hasn't let on if and when he will compete again. But, with his physique looking crazier by the day, Adrain's got to have something planned this season. But, we'll just have to wait until he steps on stage to know.
'12 Model Superbody Nick Morrell walked into the show unknown and left a Champion. The 5'10", 185 lbs., Pennsylvania personal trainer says that now he's taking everything a lot serious than before. "I have been sticking to a clean diet all year round with one cheat meal a week," Nick explains. "I vary my workouts every week and have continued to make gains in size and strength this season. I plan on showing my face again in Miami (Model Universe)." Nick will also be one of the hosts at Superbody in Atlantic City in September.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

'12 Model Mexico Champion Fernando Valdez wasn't satisfied with the athletic model look and took the year to transform his physique into a lean machine. "I got serious," Fernando says. "Last year was my first time competing. After winning, I realized that if I was really going to make it as a sports model, I had to change everything . . my diet, my training, my lifestyle. I am ready now to take on all the past Mexico winners and then to Miami." The 5'11", 195 lbs., 23 year old college student will be competing at the 10th Annual Model Mexico next month but with a new body. Then, Fernando's on to Model Universe in Miami Beach. You can watch Fernando and over 300 Mexican competitors LIVE on
Congrats to Model Universe star Tyler Mc Peak who just landed an endorsement deal with Champion Nutrition. He will be appearing in their advertisements and representing the company at sporting events around the country. The 27 year old Tennessee personal trainer spent a year doing New York commercial shoots, but didn't like the thin, runway look and has been on a 3 year training regimen adding muscle and conditioning. Tyler says, "I'm back and ready for sports modeling and, maybe, some stage time, too."
He may never have even seen a bodybuilding competition, but Barkat Ali has already developed an impressive natural physique. The 5'6", 160 lbs. Quetta, Pakistan native says the other guys in the gym laugh at him because he takes his lifting so seriously. "I have never used any supplements because they are hard to get here and very expensive," Barkat explains. "But, I am training hard and want to get to 80 kg. (176 lbs.). I want bodybuilding to help me move from this area and live a better life." Team Pakistan will include over 10 bodies at MM Universe in Miami Beach. "Next year, I want to join them and be in Musclemania," Barkat says.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The career rivalry continues between two of the sport's best natural bodybuilders.  Since they first competed aginst each other at Musclemania® Atlantic, MM Pros Morris Mendez and Ulisses Jr.have battled each other on stage many times with unparalleled size, symmetry and condition.  In their most outing in 2011, they were fierce fighting for the MM World Pro title.  But, in the end, it was Morris' condition that snatched the title from Ulisses.  According to Ulisses, "That will never happen again.  I am so focused on conditioning this season.  I am staying really lean and gaining muscle.  Whenever Mo decides to compete again, he'll have to face me mano a mano."  But last season, it was Morris' turn to loose because of lack of condition when he walked into MM Universe in Miami and took for granted the show was his.  MM Pro Dickens Lambert, known for his lean, ripped conditioning, toppled everyone on stage.  "Man, it never should have happen," Morris says.  "I was working too much and just didn't get the meals in I needed.  And, I missed out on two a day workouts which really work for me."  Neither Morris or Ulisses have publically stated at what shows they will emerge this season.  But one thing is for certain, their 15 year battle continues to thrive!
As a veteran bodybulder and competitor, MM Pro Andrea Toscanohas become a respected natural Italian star. The 5'6", 167 lbs. machine metal worker has won 10 Italian shows and the '11 MM Universe MW Class. He says, "I have been passionate about lifting weights and the overall bodybuilding lifestyle for 13 years." Andrea will be a guest star at MM Europe in Rome on June 16. He will also be competing at MM Universe in Miami Beach on June 28-29. Both shows will be featured LIVE on
Despite the naysayers spouting off about Simeon Panda's sudden appearance on the natural bodybuilding scene, he's kept his comments to himself . . . until now, that is. "Another pic taken during yesterday's arms workout," he says. "So many comments on my last picture, but this one made me laugh. 'There is nothing natural looking about your physique.' Of course to you there isn't! The limits of what some of you think a natural bodybuilder can achieve is laughable and tragic. I am natural bodybuilder. But, if you think for a second that I will be confined to your preconceived parameters of what the apex of a natural bodybuilder's physique can look like, you are completely mistaken and I will frustrate you with every improvement be it aesthetics, strength or power. To the fans who draw inspiration from what I'm doing, keep getting better. That is what all about progress, progress progress."
Musclemania Pro Yun Jong Muk 윤종묵 has turned his title into a quick business enterprise. Since winning the '11 MM Universe, the 6', 215 lbs., 27 year old trainer has develop a sports supplement line and runs a series of training schools. Yun is training for his return to MM Universe, his third time to Miami Beach and he says he wants to win, again, but this time in the MM Pro Division.
British Bomber Ty Ogedegbe has been blasting the weights training for MM Universe. He says, "I'm now bigger better & stronger, looking to bring 10 kilos more of muscle to Miami." At 5'8", 193 lbs., Ty won one of the biggest natural shows in England last season. And, his popularity is growing. He announced, "I just got a sponsorship deal with Reflex nutrition, a well known brand here in the UK & Europe."
Canadian powerhouse Sam Dixon is a mad man in the gym preparing for his MM Pro debut in Miami Beach. He says, "I am stepping up the standards and training like a freak! No time for games. Enough said. Next time I step on stage, I'm bringing the whole symmetrical package!" Sam will posedown against other great MM Pro HW's at MM Universe in June in the battle of his career.

Training partners Jason Borrego (L) and Nick Roybal (R) got attitude everyday in the gym preparing the Musclemania & Model America, respectively, in Las Vegas in November. Jason's working on density and conditioning while Nick's packing on size. The New Mexico trainers hooked up last year and have been feeding off each other.