Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Keeping It Clean

Next season, Musclemania will begin implementing Year Round Urinalysis Testing for MM Pros. Selected on a random basis with just 48 hours notice, athletes will be directed to a local facility near their home for collection. Samples will be shipped to a licensed and certified US based laboratory for testing. Any MM Pro with a positive test result will be suspended from competition for two years. Second time offenders will be receive a life time ban. Musclemania takes pride in producing natural shows worldwide and spreading healthy, drug-free alternatives to conventional bodybuilding competitions.

Looking Like a Winner

After placing 2nd at the '10 MM Universe Pro in Miami, he waited 18 months to grow before deciding to compete again. MM Pro Ricky Syamsuri worked on his symmetry, conditioning and gained 5 lbs. of muscle on his 5'7" frame before heading to '11 MM World Pro in Las Vegas. He looked like a winner just a few days before the show but his water spilled enough before showtime to surrender the LW title to Mexico MM Pro Genaro Alvarado.

Junior Champions

MM America Junior Championships featured two amazing 21 year old college students. Terrance Harris (left) 1st Place, Phoenix and Rolliz Pangilnan (right) 3rd Place, Las Vegas both weighed 162 lbs. and 5'7" and 5'6", respectively, and are in their first year competing. Already with impressive symmetry and size, they have a solid foundation for next year when they intend on bringing a bigger physique to the stage.

Dicken's Redemption

Easily the most ripped man on stage, MM Pro Dickens Lambert brought his 'A' game to MM World taking 3rd HW Class just behind Morris Mendez and Ulisses Jr. Bigger and fuller than last year when he left Las Vegas disappointed in 9th Place, Dickens showed everyone that he can bring the complete package. This married father of two knows diet and nutrition better than anyone. And, if the Canadian star continues to fill out and naturally maximize his physique's potential, Dickens could easily take the #1 spot next season.

One of the highlights last weekend in Las Vegas was the new Fitness America Championships - Men's Division. With incredibly energized routines, these guys literally had the audience standing on their feet cheering! David Zuma (2nd left) from Costa Rica was outstanding with a powerful, athletic, entertaining and fun performance. Taking 2nd Place was Fitness South African Champion Llewellyn Cordier (2nd right) was tall (6'3"), massive, strong but agile and creative. Canadian bodybuilder Creg Taylor (left) threw the ladies into a tizzy with his gyrating dance moves earning him 3rd Place. And, Florida hip hop master Ricardo Sylvester (right) had moves that were over the top rivaling any MTV dance crew. The competitors were judged 50% Performance Round and 50% Swimsuit Round. Next season, all US and international events will host Fitness Universe - Men's Divisions.

Leightweight Showdown

MM Pro World LW Class Top 5 Finalists was an intense battle between Genaro Alvarado (2nd left) 1st Place, Mexico and Ricky Syamsuri (2nd right) 2nd Place, Indonesia. At 5'4", 160 lbs., Genaro looked massive and flawless symmetrical plus in incredible shape. Also a classical looking bodybuilder, Ricky carried 165 lbs. at 5'7" but was not as tight as Genaro. George Patton (left) 3rd Place was impressive with 5 lbs. more muscle and Fred Mompo (right) 4th, France was ripped more than anyone. Genaro went on to vie for the overall MM World Pro title but was over powered by a bigger, taller and conditioned Morris Mendez.

The Blame Game

What happened to MM Pro Jeff Beckham? At 6'2", 235 lbs., here's a giant among natural bodybuilders and when he's in shape can conquer any drug free competition. Yet last weekend in Las Vegas, once again, he didn't show his best on stage. If only he could master his conditioning, MM World Pro Champions Morris Mendez and Ulisses Jr. could be dethrone. Booted out of the Top 5, Jeff's first response was obvious. "Politics in body building is serious!" But then he got over the blame game saying, "We are want to place high but sometimes its just not our time." Once Jeff got back home to New York, he didn't waste any time getting back to work. "I'm back in the gym already - time off?! Who does that? I'm on my grind! Cardio year round. I'm on it. My Vegas placing created a monster!" It's the sign of a champion.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

First timer Nick Bennett was convinced to make MM America his first competition. The 21 year old Tampa college senior has been training for bodybuilding since high school and has torn his ACL three times! At 5'7", 152 lbs., Nick was ripped and took 2nd Place in the MM Junior LW Class. His contest foray will be MM Universe in Miami in June where he wants to win the Junior Division.

Legendary Rivalry

In probably one of the closets MM contests ever, Ulisses JR. barely lost out to Morris Mendez in Las Vegas last weekend. Both have incredible physiques and are legendary lifetime natural bodybuilders. But in the end, the judges said that Morris was tighter and in better condition. Both Morris and Ulisses were heavier that their most recent contests - by 3 lbs. - but Morris' density looked more conditioned. Ulisses was holding some water, especially in his legs which is where the bulk of his 12 month development was most apparent. But, it was oh so close and surely Ulisses can come back and chase down Morris. When and where, only they know. But there's no doubt that the rivalry continues!

Road to Victory

He's sights were set on MM World at the beginning of the year and 11 months later all the hard work paid off. MM America LW Winner Law Payne crushed his competition and now moves up into the MM Pro ranks. The 5'7", 160 lbs. trainer stayed focused all season after closely loosing the MM New England and MM Universe. Law is a former All-State High School wrestler and has two college degrees and a Masters physical education.

Model Muscle Man

In his MM Pro debut, Korean Chul Soon moved right up into the Top 5 knocking off established veterans like JEFF BECKHAM (6th), BILL SIMPSON (8th) and LOGAN MICHAELS (9th). Weighing 15 lbs. bigger than last year, Chul said he kept his training heavy all season, ate 6-7 meals a day and did not over diet again. He still needs bigger arms, hamstings and calves, but what a different a year made for Chul. Only MORRIS MENDEZ (1st), ULISSES JR. (2nd) and DICKENS LAMBERT (3rd) placed above him

Fitness America Men Debut

The Fitness America Championships new Men's Division was a big success with performers from Central America, Africa, Canada and the US. David Zuma from Costa Rica won with an incredible fitness performance and equally built physique. The 28 year old full time acrobatic performer was stunning and had the audience literally on their feet cheering. David will compete at Fitness Universe Championships in Miami in June.

Ten Years to Victory

New MM America Champion Eric Perkins hadn't competed at a MM show for ten years preferring to stay close to his Texas home. So, the 5'11", 198 lbs. trainer surprised everyone with powerful size and athletic lines. The married father of two now plans on making his MM Pro debut at MM Universe in Miami in June.

Las Vegas Musclefest

The world's best natural bodybuilders stormed Las Vegas last weekend at the Fitness America Weekend. Nearly 600 competitors from throughout the world competed including Eric Perkins (2nd left) of Texas who returned after 10 years to win the MM America Championships. Genaro Alvarado (left) claimed the MM Pro World LW Class and Morris Mendez (2nd right) the MM Pro HW and Overall. South African sensation Shamin Adams (right) was a total surprise and won the MM World Championships.

King Mo!

It came down to a posedown between MM Pro HW's MORRIS MENDEZ and ULISSES JR. Two incredible physiques, both weighing over 200 lbs. on stage for the first time, but Morris was in better condition and got the judges nod. It was the most intense natural bodybuilding posedown ever!
The closer he gets to showtime, the crazier he looks. MM Pro Genaro Alvarado says, "I have been doing cardio like never before. I got my whole family coming to show, a lot of them from Mexico, so I got to look good." As of this afternoon, the '09 MM World Champion says his 5'4" body is weighing 163 lbs.
Classic symmetry is his ace card and MM MW sensation Law Payne will being his game plan to Las Vegas this weekend. The 27 year old masters degree graduate is out to win following 2nd Place finishes at the '11 MM New England and '11 MM Universe. "I am on my game and no one's going to beat me," said Law. At 5'7", 165 lbs., ripped and ready the show just may be his.
He's been competing for 20 years and always makes an impact on stage. Robert Gibbs will be competing this weekend at Musclemania America in Las Vegas and wants to take down the LHW Class. With his crazy thick muscle bellies, he always looks powerful. And, as the younger brother of Flex Wheeler, you know Robert's condition will be ripped
He took off the whole year to simply grow. But now MM Pro Bill Simpson is ready to show what 12 months of heavy duty training and eating can do for a physique. Symmetry, mass and posing will give Bill the edge. At 5'10", 195 lbs., he will compete next weekend at MM World in the Pro Tall Class against the best natural bodybuilders anywhere.
Big Bad MM Pro Jeff Beckham just sent this photo to prove he's really in shape this time for MM World next weekend. The two-time MM Superbody Champion hasn't been his best at the last couple of outings. Besides showing that he can stay away from Hot Pockets and other indulgences the day before a show, Jeff will be battling against Morris Mendez (USA), Ulisses Jr. (USA), Dickens Lambert (Canada), Laxman Reedy (India). Bill Simpson (USA), Antwaun Smith (USA) and other Tall Class natural stars.
MM Pro Ricky Syamsuri just arrive from Indonesia as he makes his way to MM World in Las Vegas. The 35 year old star says, "Here I am working out @ 11:30 PM in San Francisco touching up my condition & getting over jet lag." Ricky has taken 18 months since '10 MM Universe where he took 2nd Place. But, he says, "I am nearly 10 lbs. bigger and my diet has been tight all season. It will be a new me on stage next weekend." At 5'7", Ricky will be taking on other MM Pro Short Class stars like Genaro Alvarado (Mexico), Nick Navarro (USA), Radju (India), Ed Mascecelli (USA), Fred Mumpo (France) and many others. Over 500 competitors from around the world will be on stage at Fitness America Weekend in Las Vegas.
Canadian sports model Joseph Ng has been training hard & heavy for Model America next weekend. The 21 year old student is a popular choice among Canadian photographs and has appeared in numerous ad campaigns and commercials. At 5'6", 145 lbs. Joe maintains a lean, muscular and athlete physique year round and will take on the world's best sports models in Las Vegas.

Media Moves

MM Pro Chul Soon appeared last year on a Korean variety & comedy television show and participated in a spoof skit. The 27 year old sports model and natural bodybuilder has been in demand among Korean media since becoming MM Pro last year. Chul will make his MM Pro debut next weekend at MM Pro World in Las Vegas. He will lead a 20 member strong Team Korea on stage.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gigante Genaro

Just got some new cell phone shots from MM Pro Genaro Alvarado. As he prepares for MM World Pro in Las Vegas next weekend, the 5'4", 172 lbs., Mexican sensation is looking in his best shape ever! He will take on other MM Pros including Nick Navarro (USA), Fred Mumpo (France), Radju (India), Ricky Syamsuri (Indonesia) and other Short Class natural stars. As well, Genaro's sister, brother-in-law and friends from his town in Mexico will also be competing in the Open Classes. With many of Genaro's twelve brothers and sisters and their families traveling to Las Vegas to cheer them on, it will be an Alvarado Family Weekend!

Reddy for Show Time

MM Pro Laxman Reddy of India made a guest appearance last week and looked amazing! The 6', 210 lbs., 25 year old vendor will be making his MM Pro debut next weekend in Las Vegas and take on favorites like Dickens Lambert, Antwaun Smith, Ricky Syamsuri, Jeff Beckham and many other Tall Class sensations. See Laxman and over 500 natural competitors on the WORLDWIDE LIVE HD BROADCAST on Nov 18 & 19.

Pure After Party

Parties during the Fitness America Weekend include PURE at Ceasars Palace! The Official After Party on Saturday night, November 19 begins at midnight. FREE tickets will be available at the show on Saturday night for all FAW competitors and family, friends and fans are also invited. Have fun, dance, drink, eat and meet the best natural athletes in the world!

Party Time

MM Pro Antwaun Smith will host the Musclemania Party at the Cathouse at Luxor in Las Vegas. Everything's on Friday night, November 18 and open to all Fitness America Weekend competitors, family, friends and fans.  Two other parties are also scheduled in Las Vegas including the Welcome Party (Thursday night at the Golden Nugget) and After Party (Saturday night at Pure at Ceasars Palace).  The show will feature over 500 amazing natural Musclemania, Fitness, Ms. Bikini, Figure and Model America competitors.

Lean, Mean Machine

After a four year absence from competition, Texas bred Amin Shahry will return to the stage in Las Vegas. The 27 year old gym manager says he's ready to take down his competition. "I am not going to be bigger, but a better quality bodybuilder. Still around 190 lbs., but everything is looking thick and dense," he says. At 5'6", Amin has grown and matured his physique since first competing at the '05 MM World. Then just 20 years old, he was a fraction of the bodybuilder he's become.

My Ultimate Best

MM Pro Dickens Lambert returns to MM World Pro with some personal perspectives about his preparation, training and his competition. 

"In a few weeks, I will hit the stage with some of the best natural bodybuilders in the world. I will have the honour to be on the same stage with natural bodybuilding superstars like Morris Mendez, Ulisses Jr. , Jeff Beckman, Antwaun Smith just to name a few. They will bring their best package and I will bring mine. I believe it will be the greatest natural bodybuilding showdown that the world has ever seen. It will be written in fitness & bodybuilding history books. In order to truly make this showdown an historic event, we must all bring a new element to the stage that the world has never seen.

For this amazing showdown, I am getting ready to be the ultimate best of me. I’m doing everything that I naturally can to bring a better me to the MUSCLEMANIA stage: I’m taking the best supplements on the market, I have clearly designed my workouts to focus on bringing a new and improved package to Las Vegas. Since these training adjustments, I have reached a level of intensity that I never thought would be possible. My nutritional plan is so on point that I have calculated that I will be contest ready only a few hours ahead of time in order to have the fullness and extreme definition that can only last a short period of time. In this context, timing will be very important. I will either make it or break it. I’M GOING ALL IN. The stakes are extremely elevated and my chances of missing the target are eminent but I’m not afraid to take this risk. However, if I succeed in my meticulous calculations, my package will be more than worthy to stand beside the great ones with whom I will have the honour to share the stage. Let the natural bodybuilding version of the story of David and Goliath be rewritten.

The best of the best at their best, nothing less!"

More from Dickens soon.

Cultural Muscle Mix

At MM New York last weekend, Ysmar Pino of Venezueka (L) & Mohammed Sherif of Egypt (R) traveled long distances to be part of one of natural bodybuilding's biggest events. Both bodybuilders said they feel like outcasts in their countries because natural bodybuilding is new and generally rare among the gym crowd. Said Mohammed, "I really enjoyed the competition and my 3rd Place trophy. I am looking forward to be a pro natural bodybuilder as here in US this is not avaliable in Egypt where the sponsors are only for competitiors who take steroids. I want to be a part of Team MM."

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chul's New Look

Korean sensation CHUL SOON will be making his MM Pro debut at MM World in Las Vegas. No more the fitness model, he has added nearly 18 lbs. since last year and says, "I am committed to bodybuilding. I like modeling, but I really want to grow. I stayed out of competition for the whole year to grow. And, did not force diet like the past few shows. So, I kept a lot more muscle this year."

New York Showman

MM Pro MORRIS MENDEZ surprised everyone last Saturday at MM New York. Still dieting down for MM World in three weeks, he looked amazing and the crowd went nuts for the MM Universe Pro Champion. He shared the guest posing dias with fellow MM Pros JEFF BECKHAM, NICK NAVARRO and SANYA AMAYA.

Heavyweight in Vegas!

He's down for it! MM HW star ADRAIN CHILDERS is coming to Las Vegas! The 6'3", 255 lbs. behemoth has decided to bring his enormous physique to MM America. He says, "I got me diet down this time and not going to do anything to screw it up. I know what to do this time." The Texas bred vitamin store manager says he's learned about his own body since his MM America appearance last year. For news about Adrain over the next two weeks. For more news, visit,

Geared Up

Still dieting for MM World, MM Pro ULISSES JR. just sent this new shot before his work out yesterday. "I am so geared into this show. So much sacrifice," he says. Ulisses is hanging around 215 lbs. and is training at a few different gyms to keep every workout fresh. He's got 3 weeks to get into top shape.