Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MM New England powerhouse Vinnie Hartshire is focused on taking MM Superbody next month in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The 6'2" courier company supervisor always arrives on stage big and beefy, but will he be in condition?

Vinnie explains, "I was unsure of what show would be next. After a back injury I was almost positive AC was out. I have been back in the mix with weights for about two weeks now and I keep seeing pictures of people going to AC. So today I said 'screw it'! I can rip it up in the gym and be ready for the show. My hat has been thrown into the ring, hotel room is booked and diet plan has begun. Currently at 229 lbs. and believe I can be a force to be reckoned with come show time. I am going to buckle down and work with Coach Knox and make this happen! I want that MM Pro card. I want it bad! And, at the very least I will put on one hell of a show."

Catch Big Vinnie LIVE and all of the amazing Musclemania®, Ms. Bikini, Model, Figure and Fitness competitors in action! Watch the Live Broadcast of the Superbody Championships, Saturday, August 25 from Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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