Monday, July 9, 2012

Although never on stage, 25 year old Alon Gabbay is creating a stir in the natural European bodybuilding scene with an amazing physique popular on-line presence. Born in Germany, raised in Israel and now living back in Germany, he's been into natural bodybuilding since he was 16. Alon says, "I am absolutely dedicated and in love with the sport and the power it is represents." Beginning today, Alon posts weekly updates about his training, nutrition, diet and upcoming goals. "I'm going a little higher on my calorie intake than usual at the moment. Trying to put on some weight. You should expect some nice gains in the next few weeks, I promise! Basically I'm getting into the best shape of my life. After 9 years of hard work, I still see results in the gym and I want to get my physique into extreme condition and maximize my potential as much as I can. I'm doing a lot of drop sets and super sets at the moment. I always believe it is good to change things as much as I can getting my body "weak" in the gym, showing it no chance but to build up, instead of the lazy nature of storing fat. My body fat is pretty low, around 6%, which is where I keep it all year long. You won't see me more than lets say 8% of body fat, you will never see me without a six pack. I'm a true believer of clean bulk and watching my diet carefully. Each pound / kg is making a huge difference, not on paper but in the mirror, and that's what counts! So, my friends, I'm happy and proud to let you know that I'm associated with Musclemania® as it represents who I am and what I'm doing. I'm happy there is this high level of professional organization for us, natural bodybuilders. I will keep updating you on my progress." Alon's next update and photos will be posted next week.

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