Friday, August 15, 2014

Legendary Musclemania® Pro Ulisses swept the MM Universe Championships not by sheer size, shape and condition but a combination matched by an unparalleled stage presence.  The 19 year natural bodybuilder veteran says he never started lifting to be a career but just like training.  “I caught the bug after my first show and realized that I could really take this to another level,” Ulisses explains.  “Since then, I have never looked back.  Bodybuilding is my life and even involves my wife and kids.  It has become a family passion and is our livelihood.  Its what motivates me every morning to get up and push myself to greater plateaus to take care of my family and surpass my goals.
In 3 weeks, Egyptian star Eslam Zacky will be competing for the first time. The 5’7″, 175 lbs., Cairo dealership owner says he dropped from an overweight 185 lbs. to his thickly muscled physique. “I am really excited to compete at Musclemania,” Eslam says. “Getting stage is really something new for me, so I am looking forward to it.” Eslam will be among over 300 natural bodybuilders and sports models from through the Middle East competing in Cairo on August 29.
Musclemania® Mid America Donte Franklin looking insane. It looks like the 6′, 210 lbs., 23 year old car salesman is going to rock the stage this fall.  Donte started training when he was 13 years old.  “I always had this thing about wanting to look like a muscleman,” Donte says.  I started training at home in the garage.  I’d lift anything I could find or make.  It’s always been my passion.”  Donte will guest pose at MM Mid America in October and compete at MM America in Las Vegas.
Korean superstar Chul Soon took a splash after Musclemania® Universe in Florida in June. The 5’9″, 200 lbs., MM Pro followed-up show with 3 days of media shoots with magazine photographers. Chul returned to Korea a few days later and appeared on a nationally televised fitness entertainment show in which he acted the DJ throughout the 1-hour program. Next month, he will travel to Singapore as a special guest at MM Asia along with fellow MM Pro legend Ade Rai of Indonesia.
Never on stage before, Austrian bodybuilder Onome Egger says he’s training to become the best natural bodybuilder ever! The 6’2″, 225 lbs., 19 year old lifetime natural says, “I keep lifting, eating right and shaping my body until the time I think I am ready to compete. I’m in no rush.” But everyone around Onome keeps telling him he IS ready. Still a high school student, Onome plays American football, rides horses, mountain hikes and enjoys being active. But, we will have to wait until he decides which Musclemania® show he will compete. To be announced. – Follow Onome Egger
Moe Hadary is one of the favorites training for Musclemania® Physique Middle East in Cairo, Egypt in 3 weeks. The 6′, 210 lbs., retail sales supervisor is conditioned year round and says, “It is my dream win and then compete at MM World.” Moe has been training since he was 8 years old. “I used to visualize myself as a comic super hero and would lift things around the house to build my arms,” Moe explains. So, having a muscular physique was always something I dreamed about. Moe will be among 300+ competitors and will see if his superhero physique can take on the best if the Middle East’s physique.
Musclemania® Pro Sid Lindsey hasn’t competed since winning the ’12 MM Universe in Miami. Currently, he serves in the US Air Force and trains on base in Korea and hasn’t compete for two years. At 5’10″, 225 lbs., Syd is one of the most impressive natural bodybuilders to take the stage. The former high school and college football star started lifting to build strength for sports, but switched to bodybuilding when he entered the military. Hopefully Sid he will be competing again, soon.