Saturday, December 13, 2014

With just three shows experience, Musclemania® America Physique Champion Perry Hoskin is shaking up the sports model muscle scene. The 5’11″, 185 lbs. barber says its become his new passion. “I have a couple of entrepreneur endeavors which all have taken a back seat to my training. I really want to enter the fitness field. I’ve stopped personal training to work on me for no pay. But it’s my passion for sure. I played amateur and semi pro football for years then left to play arena football in Salt Lake City and cracked my sacrum before the season even started. So I came home to Texas and working out took the place of my football games.”
Raghu Ramappa is a popular figure in the Bangalore, India film industry and won Musclemania® India LW Championships last weekend. He says “I was always a hardcore enthusiast of bodybuilding. My Dad was a competitive bodybuilder and I wanted to follow his footsteps. I was in the industry and competing for four years, until 2006. But being natural and trying to win shows where ‘enhanced’ freaks competer is was close to impossible. I was distraught and gave up on competing. But when I recently learned about MM and natural bodybuilding was coming to India, it gave me hope. I’ve been training harder than ever to get back into prime form. And thanks to my Dad, my biggest inspiration, who at 62 years recently won a local competition, I’ve managed to win my first show after 8 years! My Dad is still in the reality television show ‘Big Boss’ (in India) and we haven’t spoken in months. He doesn’t even know the result yet. When he asked the television crew to call me, they refused and the entire state of Karnataka was shocked to see him break down on live television. He was always known to be a strong person, so this came as a shock and I couldn’t sleep all night. The ZEE TV network said it was to surprise him later when we get my pictures and complete posing routines. I hope to get them soon so he can celebrate my victory.”
Just a week after returning from Los Angeles, Musclemania® Pro Ulisses is looking like he’s ready for another show. The 5’11″, 195 lbs., London based legend will start the New Year endorsing Isolabs Nutrition. Ulisses will also make appearances at FIBO, Rimini Wellness and other European sports expos.
Musclemania® Paris Junior & Overall Champion Deelan Duriez (R) was a complete surprise to everyone at the show. Seen here being congratulated by MM Pro Simeon Panda (L), the 5’9″, 185 lbs., 20 year old student competed in the show last year, but did not crack the Top 5. “I went home and started planning to return as new bodybuilder,” Deelan says. “I changed my diet, trained twice a day, concentrated on my symmetry, a lot of things were different this year.” Although Deeland technically qualifies as a MM Pro, he’s opted to return to the open ranks next year and will compete at MM Universe in June. “I may have won the Paris show, but I am just 20 and just don’t think I am ready for the Pros,” he explains.
He didn’t win or even make the Top 5. But, the 6’2″, 230 lbs., heavyweight Daniel Babcock says he depleted too much for Musclemania® America in Las Vegas last month. “I had photo shoots the week before the show and just didn’t time it out very well. Thick, lean and symmetrical, Daniel has impressive potential, especial for a tall HW. He explains, “It’s pretty amazing how the body over compensates and taken in everything after being on an extended diet. Any bit of nutrients it gets goes straight to use and your muscles become beyond full.” Daniel isn’t sure in what show and where he’ll compete next, but wherever it is, no one should take their off this guy. He’s going to be a threat.
The inaugural Musclemania® India took place today with over 100 of the country’s top natural competitors! Introducing natural bodybuilding into the country was a challenge since there had never been any such show before. Said promoter Tharun Sholarajan, “We started getting so many guys wanting to jump into the show that we initiated an application process. It was real simple – we had them send in photos and if they were obviously on juice, we directed them to another show happening in Mumbai today which was an open to anyone. It thinned the ranks a bit, but we had a pretty clean show off the top. Then, we had urinalysis testing conducted before the start of the show today. We should get the results back within a week or two. I was real proud that stuck to the MM tradition and ran a tight show, nice and clean. And especially since it was the first natural show in the country!” Next season, MM will expand in India with shows in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Daniel Roman says he’ll be competing at Musclemania® Colombia in February. The popular 5’6″, 183 lbs., 21 year old college student stays in contest shape all year, so he says competing will be nothing more than dropping a little water. “I always eat clean,” Daniel claims. “When I eat any junk, I feel like crap. I just can’t eat outside my diet even if I want to! I train super heavy and eat just enough carbs to get the energy I need, but nothing more.”