Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dutchman Brian Claudio may not have placed among the Top 5 at Musclemania® Universe, but the natural bodybuilder still turned a lot of heads and is encourage with his competition future. He explains, "One week after MM Universe, I am back home in Europe Amsterdam. I got a lot of positive comments from a lot of friends, family and the rest of you out there! You guys are great, even the critics inspired me to continue. Yes, I am planning to do more MM shows across the world from east to west, north to south! It doesn't matter whether to be placed top 5, whether I enter the next show as #1, 12, 30 or 100. Hell, even if it is #3000, I still am Brian "Dutchboy" just going in his best shape and make sure that the crowd will not forget what they see regardless of the scores from the judges or what the critics have to say. I am still doing my damn best to make sure I'll inspire and make all of you out their believe that believing is achieving."

Good luck, Brian and we will see you at Musclemania® Europe in Paris.

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