Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dutch natural star Brian Claudio Guillermo Blijd continues his MM Blog this week . . .

"Here's my third blog on my road to the next Musclemania® show. Well I can start talking about what I plan on doing, how to start with that great workout, but hey guess what I'm not going to? Let me start by saying be constructive as you can be for yourself. A lot of folks mail me about how to get a great physique. And as good as I try I will reply with the answer for their search. But my question to you is are you willing to make that change in your lifestyle? Because there is more in life then just a great physique and walk around with it. You also represent who you are as a person. With a body like steel you must have a mind like steel. A great physique can only be great if you have a great mindset. Like I said last time, you also need a great constructed lifestyle with a lot of respect for yourself and others out there (even for those who do not want to share daylight with you, ignore them and stay far away from that shadow of not understanding or accepting you for the choices you make). Because they never had or will take that chance to do what you do! Make sure your lifestyle is constructive. Start by making your bed before you leave the house, eat that high protein breakfast, lunch, dinner, do that workout that you had planned in the beginning of the week with all the other workouts for the rest of the week. Do those things you need to do before you go to work and all the other activities that involve your role in life. Don't make a mess or go look for that extra trouble to put your mind under pressure. The more structure you get in life, the more creative you get in developing a great physique. And, yes, then it is possible to get those amounts of proteins you need on a daily base, And, yes, then you can get those exact carbs you need in and outside the gym for those results you want. Don't do it to prove to others that you can do it. To your parents, to your friends, the folks on the street that talk about you or those that stare at you, they look at you today and look at the other guy or girl tomorrow as a priority start by proving to yourself! It is your life, your movie and make sure that you have the leading role in it. And that will make you somewhere, somehow the star of your own life! So put effort in what you want to accomplish by getting that structure in life!"

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