Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MM Pro Genaro Alvarado, Mexico's #1 natural bodybuilder, has kicked in his off-season for MM World in Las Vegas. The 35 year old father of 3 is currently weighing 173 lbs. He says his training and diet is more intense than ever. "I just ordered a month's worth of beef and chicken, a bag of brown rice and a ton of supplements. I am eating 8 meals a day and I just started split routines with cardio in the morning. I don't want to get out of shape while I try to gain more muscle." Genaro won the '11 MM Pro LW title but lost the overall to HW Morris Mendez. "I want to win it this year," he said. "Those guys may weigh more than me, but my physique will be perfect this year. I want to give the judges every reason to give it to me."

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