Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chilean Natural Champion Eduardo Navarette continues his off-season training for MM South America in Argentina in November. The 26 year old university student says he been trying a new regimen and techniques. He explains, "I'm currently on the "Strenght + Hypertrophy" stage in which on one exercise I combine a series of between 1-5 reps with another with 6-12 reps, accordingly."

"My current weight is 235 pounds and my body fat is 12%. About my diet, what I can tell you know is that I'm focusing on short terms results in keeping lean mass during my bulking period. I don't want to go over 13% because that way when it comes to lower the amount of carbs I can train with a lot more intensity
and bring a quality physique with excellent definition to the stage."

Eduardo will represent Team Chile at MM South America and meet over 100 other of the continents best natural bodybuilders.

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