Tuesday, May 8, 2012

'11 MM New Mexico HW Champion Chris Wescott is still on deployment in Africa and continues creative training with limited base facilities. Here's his latest update:

"Hello humans! I been on the move for the past week, but I decided to give ya'll a quick update and include the world on one of my discussions I had on Facebook (www.facebook.com/wescottlife). Well training has been going well, but it took a pit stop a couple of weeks ago when playing basketball. I just got done doing 10 sets of deadlifts and 10 sets of chin ups, and I still had some energy left, so I decided to shoot some hoops with the fellas. This instantly turned into a bad idea. I jumped up for a rebound and landed on someone else's foot; this caused my ankle to totally take a crap on me and left me with a severe sprain. Nothing too serious, but I took some time off the gym to let it heal. So after the week, I decided to hop back in the gym because the military was flying me to a REAL base in Africa to get a new I.D card. Well the original plans were to go to the base and come right back; 12hr trip. So I didn't bring any clothes or toiletries with me, just a laptop and headphones. So as I was boarding the C-130, the logistics sergeant approached me and told me that I was staying for 2 days and then a day layover somewhere else. It was bittersweet news because I never been to one of the cities and I was excited, but at the same time, I didn't bring any food with me, lol. Sooooo, I ended up going on a food porn spree and ate everything in sight! Later on that night, I woke up and was vomitting EVERYWHERE, I must have eaten too many tacos! I ran some errands, threw up a couple of more times and was finally able to keep some beef jerky and gatorade down. I met up with my homeboi later on that night, felt better, ate some more food and prepped to fly out the next morning. Today I arrived at the city and MAN is it a change of pace from the country I am deployed to now! Big buildings, malls CARS! Hhhahahah, I pulled out $60, got a full body massage, a pair of Ray Bans, souvenirs, a couple of drinks and a full meal and STILL had money left over; needless to say, the economy is horrible here. The gang and I just went to dinner and I decided to splurge and order a lobster, but little did I know that the shell would just contain dust. The manager was nice and let us order something else. SO THATS THE UPDATE ON MY LIFE---Lets get into some training stuff. I wrote this post on Facebook after a couple of my friends told me that they run 2-3 miles before a workout. Stuff like this pisses me off, so I vented via social media. Here is goes (make sure to check out www.cwescott.com too :)-----------Roundtable Discussion: CARDIO BEFORE or AFTER WEIGHTS?!ALOT of people I talk to tell me how they run X miles before weight training and they are trying to build muscle/gain strength. Even if you are trying to lose weight, this method seems PREPOSTEROUS to me....why!?!?!?!? Carbohydrate (glycogen) is your body's primary and preferred energy source.....what sense does it make to DEPLETE your energy before you enter a grueling workout?! Do you ever hear of Mayweather or Vick running miles before a big game/fight?!---NO, because they wouldn't be able to give their all. Anyone who has been on a low carb diet and tried to lift weights knows that  the “perceived exertion” rates (how hard exercise feels) is higher. Personally, I have been doing cardio post workout for years and have been able to achieve PHENOMENAL conditioning (check the picture below because when your primary fuel source is in short supply, this forces your body to tap into its secondary or reserve energy source; body fat. Yes some may say that even after a cardio session you can lift weights because your liver stores extra glycogen, but why not just do it on a full tank of gas?! Thats like me draining out my gas tank before a big road trip. Well this is open for discussion, I would like to hear others opinions."

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