Tuesday, May 22, 2012

As last year's MM Texas Junior Champion Chris Chigbou was a favorite at last weekend's MM Lone Star. He had registered and paid the entry fee. But, despite having one of the most amazing natural junior physiques anywhere, Chris was a no show and no one knew why or could reach him. Then, today we learned the absence.

According to Chris, "For those of you who were wondering how I did this weekend at Musclemania® Lonestar, I didn't even compete. I was attacked by two men in ninja attire, which left me slightly injured yet unable to pose properly. Despite the relentless efforts I made to try to continue, I was forced to sit out of this competition. Words cannot describe the absolute ANGUISH I feel about the situation. After weeks upon weeks of dieting, brutal training and exquisite outbursts of hunger rage, has it really come to this?! NOTHING TO SHOW FOR MY SUFFERING!!?? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

Well, let's see if Chris makes it to MM Universe next month to challenge the Junior Division. Let's hope he doesn't get mugged by a bunch of Ms. Bikini babes on the way to the show.

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