Monday, January 23, 2012

MM Pro Matt Liller updated his blog at yesterday. The 5'10", 220 lbs. law student is training for MM Universe in Miami in June and he does not intend to make his MM Pro debut just a showing. He explains below.

Time to Define My Goals

I recently took a course on leadership & achievement that had a series of guest speakers. Despite their different backgrounds and areas of expertise, there was one common theme: you must have defined goals. Heeding this advice, I shall not only define my goals, but make them very public.

Goal #1: Top Five Finish at MM Pro Universe

I'm certainly not dieting for 25 weeks to travel to Miami and get a "participation" award. I know that with the improvements I have made to my physique I'm capable of finishing in the top five. Also, although I certainly don't know the show's format at this time, there is a chance that only the top five will get to perform their posing routines. Getting to perform an individual routine on a pro stage is something I've dreamed about for a long time, and would mean a lot. Keep in mind that there could be 5 guys in the heavyweight pro division that have won pro shows before...I'm planning to step on some toes to accomplish this one.

Goal #2: Be The Most Conditioned Guy On Stage

For the most part, how big you are is out of your control (genetics mostly define this). However, your level of conditioning is completely in your control. My 25 week diet serves only to accomplish this purpose. If I am not the most conditioned man in the pro division (regardless of final placing), I will consider the entire journey a total failure.

Goal #3: Establish Myself As A Top Musclemania Pro

Largely, this will be done by accomplishing goals 1 and 2. If I finish in the top 5 and am the most conditioned on stage, that will establish me among the top in the sport. The caveat: this cannot be a one-time good performance...

There it is in black and white. Now there are no questions, and everyone will be able to know if I accomplish my goals this June.

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