Monday, January 30, 2012

Just in from MM Pro Griffin Datcher III who dominates a show when he walks in. At 6'3", he commands attention, but that doesn't mean anything if his physique isn't ready on the day. Apparently he knows it, too, as he prepares for MM Universe.

"I'm not playing this time around", Griffin asserts. "I'm coming for the top spot come June. I have new ideas and plans for my pro debut. I'm eating, sleeping and more eating for the Miami show. With my weight holding steady at 265 lbs., I am on target for my goal. The hardest part of course is feeding this big body what it needs to maintain and gain. On top of getting other competitors ready for shows and training over 20 clients for various goals, I keep my #1 goal - the Universe title!! Get ready because here I come! You can't build the house if you don't put in the labor. Special thanks to my fellow competitor Dewayne Malone for helping me through the process."

Surely we'll be hearing more from Griffin again, soon.

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