Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Building & Burning

MM Europe Junior Champion Rico Van Huizen isn't content with his win and is training harder than ever for the 2012 season. He says, "What I am currently focusing on is to get my ratio's on target, where I am building muscle and burning fat at the same time. Therefore, I have dropped a my carbs and raised my proteins. Protein 40% Carbs 40% Fat 20%. My weight is around the 85 kg (187 lbs.), 8,5% bodyfat."

Rico is also the Dutch Natural Junior Champion but is aiming higher this year. He explains, "My main focus is 2012 Musclemania Las Vegas (World). Why so far away before I get on stage? This is because I want to develop my body better, with more lean and mean muscle mass. I want to shock the people in the US and aim for a Top 2 placing! Also, I recently got an injury in my shoulder. So I have to train less heavy, but more reps to recover."

Rico will be competing against stiff US junior competitors, so it is wise that he take time to develop his physique and prepare for the MM Junior World Championships.

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