Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Texas Goliath & Musclemania Pro Griffin Datcher III is looking massive as usual but definitely leaner this off-season. He says, "It's about fine tuning the machine you've built. Once you have done that, you can step on the stage and know that your best is there for all to see. Until that time, you must evaluate what you presently have and build upon the foundation." "I have taken a little time off from the eating and training to enjoy the holidays but as soon as January 2 arrives, its all systems go. Right now, I'm still sitting at my contest weight, 250 lbs., and the plan is to remain there until I hit the Vegas show next year showing up bigger and much leaner than Miami. The next time I'm on stage, there will be no question about who is number 1. Until then, Push it to the limit!"

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