Thursday, January 3, 2013

Australia Junior Natural Champion and popular sports model Denver Steyn was a '11 MM Junior World Top 5 Finalist, but skipped this season to concentrate on heavy duty trianing, developing more mass and balance his symmetry. He says, "I have had a solid off season with huge changes to my diet which has put me at 228 lb. I plan to come back to the Musclemania stage in the best condition of my life. I have a contest prep coach this time around which will make a huge difference in my conditioning. If all goes to plan I will be on stage at the Universe in Miami as well as the World in Las Vegas!" No longer a junior, Denver will face against the beasts in the LHW Class his next go around. But, with his added mass and new physique, it may be they who should watch out for this awesome Aussie!

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