Sunday, March 3, 2013

Peruvian Luis Bellatin says sometimes he feels alone in the gym. The 5'10", 210 lbs. nutrition vendor has been lifetime natural and developed his physique through discipline and hard work. "I swear, most of the bodybuilders are on drugs and get big so fast," Luis says. "But, I have never wanted to use that s@!t and take too much care for my health. I am happy with my physique and keep it pretty lean and muscular all year. I don't really get out of shape. You know when you're natural, there's need to get all fat looking like the steroid bodybuilders do." Nonetheless, Luis is training for some local shows this season and then, hopefully, he says its on to MM Latino in the fall. "My dream is to compete in Musclemania. I just wish there was a natural show here in Peru."

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