Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Florida phenom Aaron Reed says he's back into heavy duty training. At 6'7", 235 lbs., he made an impressive debut appearance at last year's MM Universe. Now, he's jacked up his training regimen to take home the gold in Miami Beach in June. Aaron says, "I am finally back in a good groove. Anyway I still want my MM Pro card! I am training hard and expecting big things this year!" He's a former collegiate basketball player and WWE wrestler turned bodybuilder and, now, bodybuilders. Last year, Aaron published his training book "SuperNatural LIfestyle" in which he explains, "Competing as a natural athlete my meals are everything. With a little time I learned how to manipulate food For an unfair advantage. The best part about is I eat sugar, fat and protein daily. To learn more about Aaron's unconventional training and contest prep nutrition plans, visit his website at http://www.supernaturalphysiques.com/. You can meet Aaron in person at MM Universe - www.universeweekend.com.

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