Sunday, February 17, 2013

'04 MM World Open and '06 MM World Pro Champion David Whittaker dominates on any stage he walks. And, after a 6 year absence, the 6'4", 247 lbs. goliath says its comeback time! "Trust me, I will be ready for any show," Dave says. "I'm my only competition. I'm not worried about who's next to me or who won in the last six years. Remember that I said this - I'm gonna surprise everyone! Don't blink the champ is back." Whatever show Dave decides to compete, he will have to fend against some veterans like MM Pro Morris Mendez, Ulisses Jr., Dicken Lambert, Dewayne Malone and a lot of new, pretty incredible new bodies to the MM Pro scene like Chul Soon, Griffin Datcher III, Matthew Liller, Sid Lindsey, Kwesi Keller, Pro-Law Payne, Ty O-g and many others.

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