Friday, June 1, 2012

MM Pro Gerald Pangan has not been seen on the contest circuit since last year's MM Universe in Miami. The 31 year old Filipino PT lives, works and trains in Kuwait and at 5'4", trains heavy all season. "I didn't get out of shape, but I really like training with heavy weights and growing," Gerald says. "I focused on my arms all season and they will complete my symmetry." Last year, he barely lost to MM Pro Dewayne Malone and says he's focused on beating him all year. "He never should have won and I am out to take him down this time," Gerald says of Dewayne. But, besides him, Gerald will also have to deal with other MM Pro LW's including Philadelphia phenom George Patton who could beat both Dewayne and Gerald if he keeps his size. June 16 - Miami! Be there in person or catch it all LIVE at

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