Tuesday, April 10, 2012

With just a year of competition training, Kwesi Keller is already shaking things up. The 26 year old US Air Force Senior Airman has been based in Germany and been a Top 5 Finalist in two shows. Now, Kwesi is bumping up his contest plans
and will take on many of the world's best naturals at MM Universe in June. At 5'11", 245 lbs., he competes around 205 lbs. and does heavy powerlifting movements in both his off-season and competition training routines. His supplementation is complete consuming Carnivor beef protein, Carnivor BCAA, Carnivor glutamine, GNC Mens Multi Vitamin, GNC Vitamin C, GNC Triple Strength Omega Complex and GNC Total Lean CLA. Kwesi is college graduate majoring in Exercise Science and played football throughout school. More news, progress photos and videos of Kwesi soon as he prepares for his MM debut in Miami.

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