Saturday, April 21, 2012

In his latest update, MM Pro Dickens Lambert explains he's got two big current challenges. "I’m writing this update a week before my wife gives birth to our third child. I have started my contest preparation as if I had definitely decided to compete at the Musclemania® Universe in Miami. Since I’m well aware that my wife and kids will always take first place before my competition ambitions, my plan is to hit the stage with the best natural bodybuilders in the world even though I know I may have to forfeit my efforts. Nonetheless, I miss being onstage with Ulisses Jr., Morris Mendez, Jeff Beckham, just to name a few. My objective is to bring the same definition and roundness I brought to MM World in Las Vegas last November. This physical ideal is gradually starting to come to surface. My body is starting to transform. I want to be on the MM stage so bad! My sponsors - Metropolis Gym, Allmax Nutrition, Via Rail and others - are very supportive of my goal. They, too, believe that it is possible to mix family and competitive fitness. The competition preparation itself will be my greatest personal fight ever because I will have to assist my wife more than ever as I get myself contest ready for Miami. If I hit the stage in Miami, be sure that my wife’s mental & physical strength as well as her never ending encouragements sustained by the support of our Bio3Fitness athletes and sponsors will play a huge part in the realization of this ultimate feat. Regardless of the outcome, whether I step onstage to compete with my fellow MM brothers or decide to step back and watch my iron brothers compete, my wise choices will surely make me victorious." Dickens Lambert Musclemania® Pro

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