Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mixing a unique blend of beauty and muscularity, Jenny Gaidoukevitch brings a special class of ladies on the Musclemania® stage. The Belarus native is always a Top 5 Finalist. Jenny started to train in 1998 with a motivation that stemmed from a personal dissatisfaction with her looks. "I used to be  really fat," she explains. "I had two children and did not having exercised at all. My lifestyle was sedentary - working as a software engineer and playing piano as a hobby. Then, at age 29, I turned to weight training and lost more than 20 kg. (44 lbs.). I went to the best trainers and sport clubs in Holland to learn as much as possible about training, fitness, fighting and bodybuilding. And I completed my certification as a personal trainer. Then I opened my own sport club - Late in 2007, I began competing, appearing in more then 15 bodybuilding and figure shows in the last couple of years." "Now I am doing a lot of weight training and I train many other people from professional athletes to businessmen and house wives, helping them to achieve their goals from improving competition results, to just getting fit and figure correction. I also train at Amsterdam's best kickboxing school, Vos Gym. It's very handy to be strong if you like fighting! :) In general, a strong body gives you a strong mind - handy for whatever you do in life!" Currently, Jenny is training for MM Universe in Miami and MM Europe in Paris.

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