Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Musclemania® Pro Dickens Lambert just sent an update about his training progress:

It’s now the end of the month of March. My training is going extremely well! At this point in my training, I am contemplating whether I should compete at MM Universe in Miami or concentrate my efforts on MM Worlds in Las Vegas. Presently, my fitness training business is taking much of my time. It’s a positive problem I have to deal with. Furthermore, preparing many of my Bio3fitness athletes like MM American 5th Place HW Samuel Dixon, Short Class 1st Place Figure Macha Douard, 6th Place Medium Class Karine Pilon and 4th Place MM Isabelle Marois just to name a few, completely fills up my schedule. Their great success at the '11 Musclemania show in Las Vegas has led me to coach many more athletes for the 2012 contest season. That being said, I am now torn between wanting to compete with my fellow Musclemania® Pros and focusing on my athletes and developing my Bio3fitness company. Oddly, I have realized that my passion for excellence in the fitness and natural bodybuilding industry has created a great demand for my services which in return reduces my own time for my personal contest preparation. Regardless of this dilemma, I will attempt to do the impossible to be on stage with my MM iron brothers and continue be the example of personal excellence that has lured many natural fitness athletes from around the world to work with me. If I can’t be on the same stage as my fellow Musclemania® warriors, rest assured that my athletes will represent me and deliver an honourable fight worthy of the same excellence I always strive for and which also symbolizes the philosophy of the BIO3FITNESS health and fitness company.

Dickens Lambert
Musclemania Pro

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