Tuesday, February 28, 2012

As a USAF Sargeant, '11 MM New Mexico Junior & Open HW Champion Chris Wescott has been deployed to Africa and won't be back stateside until the summer. But, the challenging assignment has not hindered his training. As you can read below, Chris is up to his military obligations and has made it into a training bonaza!

"What's up people?!?! I am back like I never left! I haven't been writing for the past couple of months because of my schedule and everything, but I figured I will start up again now that we are approaching the 2012 competition season. 

In January, I was deployed to Africa. So right now I am in Africa and focusing on the Musclemania Texas and Musclemania America in November. My goal for this year is to obtain a MM Pro card and hopefully I will be able to do so. I am still receiving nutritional advice from MM Pro Dewayne Malone and I am steadily seeing gains. I switched to Nutrabio supplements this year too because they are the only company that can honestly say they produce pharmaceutical grade supplements.

I left the U.S in January and we headed to Germany for a little bit. It was cool going there because I always wanted to visit Germany and I had some friends up there that I hung out with. The flights weren't that bad because they bumped me up to first class as we crossed the Atlantic and it was BOMB.COM! The only part of traveling that sucked was the military planes - man, they didn't even have real seats on them!

The gym here is a small tent with the bare necessities like benches, barbells, pull-up bar, dumbbells and cardio equipment. Notice how in the latter sentence I did not include a squat rack a.k.a & curl rack!!! LOL, we have to mount a barbell on something similar to a dip bar/ab station and it is not sturdy at all! My first attempt at squats here was a complete FAILURE. I ended up popping the 3rd vertebrae on my spine, but its not that sore anymore. The thing can only hold up to 315 lbs., so I never put more than that on the bar. The old school movements like deadlifts, squats, bench and barbell rows have become my "bread and butter". Down here we also have a pulldown/pushdown machine at our hotel, so most of the time I will just hit up those exercises when I get home. I am currently on an upper body/lower body split.

I am eating about 3,500-4,000 calories a day. Even though I don't have a kitchen, grocery store and other commodities, I still find a way to eat my 10 meals a day! Well here is how I did it. About 2 months before I deployed, I began buying more and more extra bags of brown rice when I went to Wal-Mart and stashed t
hem away in my cupboard. When I received my last paycheck, I purchased 50 cans of chicken, almonds, canned veggies and tuna to last me a while down here. My bag weighed about 150 lbs. with all of the rice and chicken in there so I had to divide some up into my troop's bag at the airport. I also had a lot of support from some friends who sent me some food and it really comes in handy! I cook all of the rice in a microwaveable rice cooker and rock out like that everyday. Cheat days SUCK now because there isn't much food to cheat with. I end up scrounging up some candy, ramen and hamburgers and be satisfied with that. All in all, training, nutrition and supplementation is good!

I work 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM and the job is easy most of the times, but there are some days where we are SLAVING! The locals love us and really embrace us with open arms. Every time we visit the guards at the gate they all offer us their seats and want to shake our hands like a thousand times!

There isn't much else to talk about right now, but I will keep you all updated as time goes by!"

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