Monday, December 5, 2011

Genaro's Looming Challenge

MM World Pro LW Champion Genaro Alvarado says he's already back into training for next season. "I was so excited after Las Vegas. I wanted to go back to the gym on Monday, but my brother told me to relax and enjoy the win," he said. At 5'4", 160 lbs., he explains he knows he still have his work cut out to take the overall title. "I know I won the beat guys, but how am I ever going to beat MORRIS (MENDEZ) and the heavies?," he fretted jokingly. But, at the Universe in June, Genaro will have to deal with GERALD PANGAN who is the same height but 20 lbs. heavier. He nearly beat Mendez this year, so Genaro will meet his match and much more.

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