Saturday, December 17, 2011

Back with Zeal

MM Pro Dickens Lambert came into Las Vegas with zeal last month and claimed 3rd Place at MM World Pro Championships. He weighed the same last year when he bombed out in 9th Place, but this time the audience saw a whole new bodybuilder. Here are some comments Dickens just sent:

"It was a make it or break it situation on November 18th-19th 2011. I had to calculate every little detail in regards to my diet, training, water consumption to be at my best and compete with the best natural bodybuilders in the world for the Musclemania event. As I said in previous posts, I would either fail in my attempt to bring my best overall package or succeed and surpass myself physically as never before and ultimately bring a beautiful harmony of extreme muscle fullness as well as never before seen conditioning. The result of my experiment: Mission Accomplished. I did it! I was full, round and extremely ripped. My distinctive physique and stage presence sent a positive message to the world: Mass is not everything! The message was so strong and clear that numerous fans from around the world have been contacting me to congratulate me on bringing an overall package that only a few men have successfully brought to the natural stage. Humbly, I am glad people appreciate my unique but small package. I must say, I was truly honored to have been compared to more massive natural bodybuilding superstars like 1st Place Morris Mendez and 2nd Place Ulisses Jr. at the show. I placed 3rd at this world class MM Pro event and I am more motivated than ever to be compared to these superstars again. I’m already meticulously planning my next mission: Add more natural mass to my small frame. Is it possible? Desire, Intense trainings, Proper nutrition and careful planning will give me the answers in the next months to come. TIME TO TRAIN!"

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