Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Blame Game

What happened to MM Pro Jeff Beckham? At 6'2", 235 lbs., here's a giant among natural bodybuilders and when he's in shape can conquer any drug free competition. Yet last weekend in Las Vegas, once again, he didn't show his best on stage. If only he could master his conditioning, MM World Pro Champions Morris Mendez and Ulisses Jr. could be dethrone. Booted out of the Top 5, Jeff's first response was obvious. "Politics in body building is serious!" But then he got over the blame game saying, "We are want to place high but sometimes its just not our time." Once Jeff got back home to New York, he didn't waste any time getting back to work. "I'm back in the gym already - time off?! Who does that? I'm on my grind! Cardio year round. I'm on it. My Vegas placing created a monster!" It's the sign of a champion.

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