Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One of the highlights last weekend in Las Vegas was the new Fitness America Championships - Men's Division. With incredibly energized routines, these guys literally had the audience standing on their feet cheering! David Zuma (2nd left) from Costa Rica was outstanding with a powerful, athletic, entertaining and fun performance. Taking 2nd Place was Fitness South African Champion Llewellyn Cordier (2nd right) was tall (6'3"), massive, strong but agile and creative. Canadian bodybuilder Creg Taylor (left) threw the ladies into a tizzy with his gyrating dance moves earning him 3rd Place. And, Florida hip hop master Ricardo Sylvester (right) had moves that were over the top rivaling any MTV dance crew. The competitors were judged 50% Performance Round and 50% Swimsuit Round. Next season, all US and international events will host Fitness Universe - Men's Divisions.

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