Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Ultimate Best

MM Pro Dickens Lambert returns to MM World Pro with some personal perspectives about his preparation, training and his competition. 

"In a few weeks, I will hit the stage with some of the best natural bodybuilders in the world. I will have the honour to be on the same stage with natural bodybuilding superstars like Morris Mendez, Ulisses Jr. , Jeff Beckman, Antwaun Smith just to name a few. They will bring their best package and I will bring mine. I believe it will be the greatest natural bodybuilding showdown that the world has ever seen. It will be written in fitness & bodybuilding history books. In order to truly make this showdown an historic event, we must all bring a new element to the stage that the world has never seen.

For this amazing showdown, I am getting ready to be the ultimate best of me. I’m doing everything that I naturally can to bring a better me to the MUSCLEMANIA stage: I’m taking the best supplements on the market, I have clearly designed my workouts to focus on bringing a new and improved package to Las Vegas. Since these training adjustments, I have reached a level of intensity that I never thought would be possible. My nutritional plan is so on point that I have calculated that I will be contest ready only a few hours ahead of time in order to have the fullness and extreme definition that can only last a short period of time. In this context, timing will be very important. I will either make it or break it. I’M GOING ALL IN. The stakes are extremely elevated and my chances of missing the target are eminent but I’m not afraid to take this risk. However, if I succeed in my meticulous calculations, my package will be more than worthy to stand beside the great ones with whom I will have the honour to share the stage. Let the natural bodybuilding version of the story of David and Goliath be rewritten.

The best of the best at their best, nothing less!"

More from Dickens soon.

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