Saturday, April 6, 2013

The career rivalry continues between two of the sport's best natural bodybuilders.  Since they first competed aginst each other at Musclemania® Atlantic, MM Pros Morris Mendez and Ulisses Jr.have battled each other on stage many times with unparalleled size, symmetry and condition.  In their most outing in 2011, they were fierce fighting for the MM World Pro title.  But, in the end, it was Morris' condition that snatched the title from Ulisses.  According to Ulisses, "That will never happen again.  I am so focused on conditioning this season.  I am staying really lean and gaining muscle.  Whenever Mo decides to compete again, he'll have to face me mano a mano."  But last season, it was Morris' turn to loose because of lack of condition when he walked into MM Universe in Miami and took for granted the show was his.  MM Pro Dickens Lambert, known for his lean, ripped conditioning, toppled everyone on stage.  "Man, it never should have happen," Morris says.  "I was working too much and just didn't get the meals in I needed.  And, I missed out on two a day workouts which really work for me."  Neither Morris or Ulisses have publically stated at what shows they will emerge this season.  But one thing is for certain, their 15 year battle continues to thrive!

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