Saturday, April 6, 2013

Despite the naysayers spouting off about Simeon Panda's sudden appearance on the natural bodybuilding scene, he's kept his comments to himself . . . until now, that is. "Another pic taken during yesterday's arms workout," he says. "So many comments on my last picture, but this one made me laugh. 'There is nothing natural looking about your physique.' Of course to you there isn't! The limits of what some of you think a natural bodybuilder can achieve is laughable and tragic. I am natural bodybuilder. But, if you think for a second that I will be confined to your preconceived parameters of what the apex of a natural bodybuilder's physique can look like, you are completely mistaken and I will frustrate you with every improvement be it aesthetics, strength or power. To the fans who draw inspiration from what I'm doing, keep getting better. That is what all about progress, progress progress."

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