Tuesday, August 21, 2012

German natural bodybuilder Alon Gabbay is plowing through the summer and developing his physique. At 5'10", 186 lbs. and 6% bodyfat, here's his latest update:

"I'm enjoying the summer and feeling good. I have been able to put on a little bit of weight and maintain low body fat as I'm on a low carb diet. Basically I only eat carbs around my workouts. I work out 2 times per day, morning cardio on an empthy stomach and in the evenings I hit the gym for a weight training session followed by 25 minutes of spinning. Right after my morning run I eat a full meal that consists of oats, goat milk, blueberries, 2 scoops of protein shake and some nuts. I really love this meal as it tastes good and keep my energy levels high up until my evening workout.

I am going to stick to this diet for now and see how much I can improve. I want to gain at least 5 more kg while keeping this low body fat."

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