Saturday, November 9, 2013

Azz Matinee had never competed before last weekend, but the 22 year old French police officer was one of the most popular competitors at Musclemania® Physique Paris. At 6'1", 176 lbs., Azz has been training for 4 years and says he does cardio every day. "I never thought about competing before, but when my friend Michael Henrique started getting ready for the show, I thought, 'Why now?'," Azz explains. Thick, lean, thin skin and symmetrical, Azz actually has incredible bodybuilding potential, too. "I will see that I can do and gain some serious muscle size. I have never really trained for bodybuilding, but my bodies grows muscle quick." Azz says he will take 6 months off for training and will prepare for '14 MM Europe in Croatia.

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