Thursday, September 8, 2011

New British Kingdom

With nearly 10 competitors, MM Britain was an amazing event with the best natural bodybuilders competing.  Newcomer Roger Snipes (center) won and is now the newest member of the exclusive MM Pro Division.  Welcoming Roger to the fold was MM Universe Pro Champion Morris Mendez (left) who traveled from America for the festivities.

Also joining the show was MM World Pro Champion Ulisses Jr. (right) who lives and owns a high-end training studio in London.  He said following the show last night, "I had a great time guest posing with Morris yesterday. I didn't think the stage was big enough for both of us but we made it work, lol. It was a preview for the fans so i hope everyone liked it. Me & the legendary Mo Mendez will battle for the MM World Championships in Vegas. It was a pleasure meeting so many cool fans.

Morris had a more mystical take to the whole weekend at MM Britain.  "Yes, Great Brain was the first to see the long awaited Clash of the Titans.  I was Perseus and Ulisses was Medusa, lol. Just an inside joke with me and Ulisses because of the length of his dread loxs lol. Much respect to this man for his accomplishments. He will be a formidable presence to compete against in Vegas."

Roger will now bump up against both Morris and Ulisses in Las Vegas where it will be a "Battle Royale!".

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